2018 Rittenhouse Lost in Space Archives Series 2 – Entertainment Card Checklist

Lost in Space Archives Series 2

2018 Rittenhouse Lost in Space Archives Series 2 follows up from the Series 1 product that was released earlier in the year. Like Series 1, this is a factory set style product, but Rittenhouse has increased the print run from 200 sets in Series 1 to 300 sets for Series 2. Each factory set includes 2 inscription autographs, a character art autograph, and either a sketch or autograph relic card. The price can be seen as a bit high, but with a low print run and a cult following, this could be a hit release.

Lost in Space Archives Series 2 – Product Breakdown

Release Date: October 24, 2018
Price: Approx. $190USD Per Box
Configuration: 53 or 55 Card Factory Box
Box Break: 2 Inscription Autos; 1 Character Art Auto; 1 Sketch or Auto Relic; 1 Art Set (7 or 9 Cards); 42 Base Episode Cards

Lost in Space Archives Series 2 – Base Set

42 Cards – Skip-Numbered with Series 1 

2 The Derelict
4 There Were Giants in the Earth
6 Welcome Stranger
8 Invaders from the Fifth Dimension
10 The Sky Is Falling
12 The Raft
14 Attack of the Monster Plants
16 The Keeper, Part 1
18 The Sky Pirate
20 War of the Robots
22 The Challenge
24 His Majesty Smith
26 All That Glitters
28 A Change of Space
30 Blast Off into Space
32 The Ghost Planet
34 Space Circus
36 The Android Machine
38 The Thief from Outer Space
40 West of Mars
42 The Wreck of the Robot

44 The Golden Man
46 The Questing Beast
48 Mutiny in Space
50 Rocket to Earth
52 Treasures of the Lost Planet
54 The Colonists
56 The Phantom Family
58 The Astral Traveler
60 Condemned of Space
62 Kidnapped in Space
64 The Space Primevals
66 The Haunted Lighthouse
68 Collision of the Planets
70 Deadliest of the Species
72 Two Weeks in Space
74 The Anti-Matter Man
76 Princess of Space
78 The Promised Planet
80 Space Beauty
82 The Great Vegetable Rebellion
84 The Epilogue

Lost in Space Archives Series 2 – Inscriptions Auto Set

Inscription Autos
3 Cards – 2 Per Set

  • Angela Cartwright as Penny Robinson
  • June Lockhart as Dr. Maureen Robinson
  • Mark Goddard as Major Don West


Lost in Space Archives Series 2 – Character Art Auto Set

Character Art Auto
3 Cards – 1 Per Set

  • Bill Mumy as Will Robinson
  • Mark Goddard as Major Don West
  • Marta Kristen as Judy Robinson


Lost in Space Archives Series 2 – Auto Relic Set

1 Card

  • Mark Goddard


Lost in Space Archives Series 2 – Art Card Set

Art Cards
1 Set Per Box

Juan Ortiz Character Art Set

Ron Gross Painted Art Set

Lost in Space Archives Series 2 – Sketch Set

15 Artists – 1 Sketch or Auto Relic Per Box – Each Sketch is 1/1

Adam and Bekah Cleveland
Amas Bansal
Andrew Garcia
Carlos Cabalerio
Charles Hall
Connie Faye
Dan Gorman
Danny Hayman

Huy Truong
Kevin Graham
Kristin Allen
Rich Molinelli
Roy Cover
Scott Rorie
Warren Martineck

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