2018 Upper Deck Aliens – Entertainment Card Checklist

2018 Upper Deck Aliens

2018 Upper Deck Aliens is a entertainment card release that looks exclusively at the 1986 Aliens movie, the first trading card set to do so. While other Aliens releases have looked at the series as a whole, and at the 1979 original as a stand-alone, this is the first set to exclusively deal with James Cameron’s 1986 sequel. Other Aliens release have seen some success in their ePack form, and assuming that this release also sees a digital release, than it should also generate some buzz.

2018 Upper Deck Aliens – Product Breakdown

Release Date: September 12, 2018
Price: TBA
Configuration: 5 Cards Per Pack; 20 Packs Per Box; 12 Boxes Per Case
Box Break: 1 Actor Auto or Sketch; 1-2 Alien Skin Inserts; 1 Weylan-Yutani Plexiglass Business Card; 4 Alien Blood Parallels; 1-2 Synthetic Blood Parallels

2018 Upper Deck Aliens – Base Set

Base Blood Parallel
100 Cards
Parallels: Alien Blood (1:5 Packs); Synthetic Blood #/99; Acid Blood Die-Cut #/25

1 Hypersleep
2 Area Is Clear
3 Ripley Found
4 57 Years
5 Bad Dream
6 Time Of Her Death
7 Inquest Hearing
8 License Suspended
9 Terra Formars
10 Hadleys Hope
11 Don’t Ask
12 Take A Look Inside
13 Mayday
14 I’m Not A Soldier
15 Alright/ I’m In
16 Hyper Sleep Chamber
17 Look Into My Eye
18 Bishop Trick’s
19 Stay Away From Me Bishop
20 I Hope Your Right
21 Power Loader
22 Move It Out
23 Ready To Get It On
24 Rough Air Ahead
25 Everybody On Line
26 Somebody Wake Up Hicks
27 Down And Clear
28 Hudson Run A Bypass
29 Keep It Tight People
30 You’re Up
31 Good One Hudson
32 Nobody’s Home
33 Are You All Right?
34 Discovering The Lab
35 Behind Us
36 Don’t Be Afraid
37 You’re Going To Be Ok
38 Rebecca
39 Pretty One Too
40 My Name Is Newt
41 Hello Bishop
42 They Ain’t Paying Us By The Hour
43 Nice and Easy
44 I Only Work Here
45 Nobody Touch Nothing
46 C’mon Let’s Have Them
47 Cocoon
48 Keep It Moving
49 Chestburster
50 Pull Your Team Out Gorman

51 C’mon!!
52 Talk To Me
53 That’s An Order
54 Drake C’mon
55 Ripley Driving
56 What Happened to Gorman
57 That’s The Only Way To Be Sure
58 No Offense
59 Hold On A Second
60 Game Over
61 17 Days
62 Hudson Just Relax
63 Move Like We Got A Purpose
64 Scary Dreams
65 For Luck
66 Who’s Laying The Eggs
67 I Made A Bad Call
68 There Wall To Wall In There
69 We Got Problems
70 I May Be Synthetic But I’m Not Stupid
71 They’re Retreating
72 Personal Friend Of Mine
73 How Do You Feel?
74 It’s Ok
75 Help!
76 Stay Here
77 Close Call With Facehugger
78 It Was Burke
79 Gorman Watch Burke
80 It’s Game Time
81 Give Me The Light
82 Come On You Too
83 Ship Is On It’s Way
84 Ripley!
85 Stay Still
86 She’s Alive
87 We Are Not Leaving
88 Hicks Do Not Let Him Leave
89 Evacuate Immediately
90 Sub-Level 03
91 Newt In A Bind
92 Ovomorphs
93 Queen
94 Flame Thrower
95 Elevator
96 Gate 28
97 Punch It Bishop
98 Bishop You Did Ok
99 Get Away From Her
100 Sleep Tight

2018 Upper Deck Aliens – Actor Reactor Auto Set

Actor Reactor Auto Carrie Henn
15 Cards – Overall Odds 1:38 Packs
Group A Odds – 1:2358 Packs
Group B Odds – 1:1179 Packs
Group C Odds – 1:295 Packs
Group D Odds – 1:46 Packs

AR-BI Lance Henriksen as Bishop C
AR-BU Paul Reiser as Carter Burke B
AR-CB Paul Reiser as Carter Burke B
AR-CD Cynthia Scott as Corporal Dietrich D
AR-CF Colette Hiller as Corporal Ferro D
AR-ER Sigourney Weaver as Ripley A
AR-JJ Christopher Henn as Timmy Jorden (Newt’s brother) D
AR-JO Carrie Henn as Newt C
AR-LB Lance Henriksen as Bishop C
AR-LG William Hope as Lieutenant Gorman D
AR-PD Mark Rolston as Private Drake D
AR-PR Ricco Ross as Private Frost D
AR-PS Daniel Kash as Private Spunkmeyer D
AR-RI Sigourney Weaver as Ripley A
AR-RJ Carrie Henn as Newt C


2018 Upper Deck Aliens – Actor Reactor Auto Inscription Set

15 Cards – Overall Odds 1:193 Packs
Group A Odds – 1:915 Packs
Group B Odds – 1:549 Packs
Group C Odds – 1:441 Packs

AR-BI Lance Henriksen “Bishop” B
AR-BU Paul Reiser “I Made A Bad Call” A
AR-CB Paul Reiser “Carter Burke” A
AR-CD Cynthia Scott “Corporal Dietrich” C
AR-CF1 Colette Hiller “Corporal Ferro” B
AR-CF2 Colette Hiller “We’re in the pipe, five by five” B
AR-JJ Christopher Henn “Timmy Jorden” C
AR-JO Carrie Henn “Can I dream?” B
AR-LB Lance Henriksen “Not Bad… For A Human” A
AR-LG William Hope ‘Lieutenant Gorman” C
AR-PD1 Mark Rolston “Private Drake” A
AR-PD2 Mark Rolston “They ain’t payin’ us enough for this, man” B
AR-PF Ricco Ross “Private Frost” C
AR-PS Daniel Kash “Private Spunkmeyer” C
AR-RJ Carrie Henn “Newt” B


2018 Upper Deck Aliens – Actor Reactor Dual Auto Set

Actor Reactor Dual Auto Paul Reiser, William Hope
9 Cards – Overall Odds 1:540 Packs
Group A Odds – 1:10,440 Packs
Group B Odds – 1:1253 Packs
Group C Odds – 1:1044 Packs

DR-BB Lance Henriksen/Paul Reiser B
DR-BG Paul Reiser/William Hope B
DR-CD Colette Hiller/Daniel Kash C
DR-DD Mark Rolston/Cynthia Scott C
DR-FD Ricco Ross/Mark Rolston B
DR-FS Ricco Ross/Daniel Kash B
DR-JG Carrie Henn/William Hope C
DR-JJ Carrie Henn/Christopher Henn C
DR-RB Sigourney Weaver/Lance Henriksen A


2018 Upper Deck Aliens – Weyland-Yutani Plexi Business Card Auto Set

11 Cards – Overall Odds 1:180 Packs
Group A Odds – 1:6840 Packs
Group B Odds – 1:3420 Packs
Group C Odds – 1:570 Packs
Group D Odds – 1:297 Packs

WY-BI Lance Henriksen C
WY-CB Paul Reiser B
WY-CD Cynthia Scott D
WY-CF Colette Hiller D
WY-JJ Christopher Henn D
WY-LG William Hope C

WY-PD Mark Rolston C
WY-PF Ricco Ross D
WY-PS Daniel Kash D
WY-RI Sigourney Weaver A
WY-RJ Carrie Henn C

2018 Upper Deck Aliens – Alien Skin Set

Alien Skin Insert
25 Cards – Overall Odds 1:10 Packs

Base Alien Skin – 1:11
AS-1 The Implantation Process
AS-2 Chestburster Birth
AS-3 The Warrior Xenomorph
AS-4 The Double Jaw
AS-5 The Headbite
AS-6 Chestburster Gestation
AS-7 The Perfect Hunter
AS-8 Xenomorph Orthodontics
AS-9 Silent Hunters
AS-10 Xenomorph Phenotypes
AS-11 The Ovomorph
AS-12 Finding A Host
AS-13 Xenomorph Intelligence

AS-14 The Ovipositor
AS-15 The Queen’s Carapace
Alien Skin SP – 1:81

AS-16 Protecting The Queen
AS-17 Observational Learning
AS-18 The Exoskeleton
AS-19 Defending The Hive
AS-20 Invisible Eyes
Alien Skin SSP – 1:162
AS-21 Xenomorph Weaknesses
AS-22 The Queen’s Physiology
AS-23 Xenomorph Tails
AS-24 Xenomorph Communication
AS-25 Adaptable Aliens

2018 Upper Deck Aliens – Colonial Marines Set

10  Cards – 1:5 Packs

CSO-1 Ripley
CSO-2 Private Frost
CSO-3 Bishop
CSO-4 Private Drake
CSO-5 Corporal Ferro

CSO-6 Lt. Gorman
CSO-7 Corporal Dietrich
CSO-8 Bishop
CSO-9 Carter Burke
CSO-10 Ripley

2018 Upper Deck Aliens – Locked and Loaded Set

10 Cards – 1:5 Packs

ABA-1 M41A Pulse Rifle
ABA-2 M56 Smart Gun
ABA-3 M240 Flamethrower
ABA-4 Ithaca 37
ABA-5 Remington 87

ABA-6 Heckler & Koch VP70
ABA-7 M16A1
ABA-8 L85A1
ABA-9 Colt Commando
ABA-10 Lewis Gun (Modified)

2018 Upper Deck Aliens – Look Into My Eye Set

10 Cards – 1:5 Packs

EEH-1 USS Sulaco
EEH-2 M577 Armored Personnel Carrier
EEH-3 UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship
EEH-4 Caterpillar P-5000 Work Loader
EEH-5 M314 Motion Tracker

EEH-6 Narcissus
EEH-7 Bug Stomper
EEH-8 Daihotai Tractor
EEH-9 Bio Analyzer
EEH-10 Hyper Sleep Chamber

2018 Upper Deck Aliens – Weyland-Yutani Plexi Business Card Set

11 Cards – 1:23 Packs

WY-1 Ripley
WY-2 Rebecca “Newt” Jorden
WY-3 Private Frost
WY-4 Private Spunkmeyer
WY-5 Corporal Dietrich
WY-6 Bishop

WY-7 Carter Burke
WY-8 Private Drake
WY-9 Corporal Ferro
WY-10 Lt. Gorman
WY-11 Timmy Jorden

2018 Upper Deck Aliens – Sketch Set

51 Artists – 1:80 Packs – Each Card is 1/1

Alex Mines
Allen Geneta
Andrew Joynes
Anthony C. Sciscioli
Ashleigh Popplewell
Brent Scotchmer
Brett Farr
Bryan “SilverBaX” Sheppard
Carolyn Craggs
Charles Hall
Chris Meeks
Connie Faye
Danny Hayman
Darren Coburn-James
Darwin Alcazar
David Hindelang
Edgar A. Hernandez
Eric Fournier
Garrett Dix
George Vega
Ian MacDougall
Jason Parrott
Jay Manchand
John Bruce
John Haun
John Pleak

Jon Mangini
Jonty Gates
Karl Jones
Kursat Cetiner
Larry Haines
Lee Brown
Matt Stewart
Mohammad Jilani
Norvien Basio
Oscar Chavez
Patricio Carrasco
Patrick Scullin
Phil Back
Ronnie Crowther
Ryan Finley
Ryan Van Der Draaij
Scott Houseman
Scott Pyburn
Si Smithson
Solly Mohamed
Tiffany Groves
Tim Shay
Travis Kinnison
Trent Westbrook
Wayne Barnes

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