2019 Cryptozoic Rick and Morty Season 2 – Entertainment Card Checklist

2019 Cryptozoic Rick and Morty Season 2

2019 Cryptozoic Rick and Morty Season 2 is a celebration of the second season of Adult Swim‘s massively successful animated series. The previous card release for Rick and Morty proved to be very popular with fans, and Season 2 will likely prove to be equally well received. Hobby boxes each contain 1 actor autograph, and 1 original sketch card from a list of select artists. There is also a variety of insert sets that add to the release, as well as some cards that are only available through certain promotions or card shows. This appears to be a fun, and fairly affordable, set that fans should love.

2019 Cryptozoic Rick and Morty – Product Breakdown

Release Date: April 17, 2019
Price: Approx. $91USD Per Hobby Box
Configuration: 5 Cards Per Pack; 24 Packs Per Box; 12 Boxes Per Case
Box Break: 1 Autograph; 1 Sketch

2019 Cryptozoic Rick and Morty – Base Set

Base Parasite Extermination
45 Cards
Parallels: Silver Foil (1:3 Packs); Plumbus Deco Foil (1:8 Packs); Printing Plates 1/1

01 Teaching Grandkids A Lesson
02 Behind Bars
03 Locked and Loaded
04 Rick to the Rescue
05 Safe and Sound
06 No Code of Ethics
07 Roy: A Life Well Lived
08 Silent But Deadly
09 Jerryboree
10 Racial Insensitivity
11 Beta-Seven Arrives
12 Race War
13 Flying Under the Influence
14 Unity TV
15 Blim Blam
16 Romantic Excursion
17 Parasite Extermination
18 Bad Memories
19 Cromulon Invasion
20 A Man of Many Talents
21 The Ascension
22 Bird Culture Ethics
23 Planet Music

24 Peace Among Worlds
25 Keep Summer Safe
26 Miniverse
27 Science Vs. Science
28 Escape from the Teenyverse
29 Jerry’s Mytholog
30 Tiny Rick
31 Emo Streak
32 Get It Together
33 Teen Angst
34 Important Member
35 Human Wisdom
36 Purge Planet
37 Aspiring Screenwriter
38 Going Overboard
39 Dinner for the Elite
40 Feels Good
41 Exchanging Vows
42 The Real Tammy
43 Small World
44 Rick Locked Up
45 Cliffhanger


Hit Sets

2019 Cryptozoic Rick and Morty – Autograph Set

Autographs Justin Roiland
58 Cards – 1:24 Packs – Serial Numbered Cards Noted

AT-C Alan Tudyk as Chris #/300
BJ-MG Brandon Johnson as Mr. Goldenfold #/300
CK-A Chelsea Kane as Arthricia
CP-AJ Chris Parnell as Another Jerry #/25
CP-GJ Chris Parnell as Goatee Jerry #/25
CP-HJ Chris Parnell as Heroic Jerry #/25
CP-JS2 Chris Parnell as Jerry Smith #/25
CP-OJ Chris Parnell as Other Jerry #/25
CP-SH Chris Parnell as Shaved Head Jerry #/25
CP-TT Chris Parnell as Tank Top Wearing-Jerry #/25
CP-WJ Chris Parnell as Worm Jerry #/25
CS-TG Cassie Steele as Tammy Gueterman
GAW-AA Gary Anthony Williams as Assimilated Alien #4 #/250
GAW-BA Gary Anthony Williams as Business Alien #/250
GC-AD Gary Cole as Alien Doctor
JH-S Jess Harnell as Simon #/50
JK-BB John Kassir as Blim Blam
JR-C Justin Roiland as Cromulon #/25
JR-EM Justin Roiland as Eyeholes Man #/25
JR-MR Justin Roiland as Mr. Poopybutthole #/25
KD-RG Keith David as Reverse Giraffe
KD-TP Keith David as The President
KMR-F Kevin Michael Richardson as Frankenstein #/200
KMR-H Kevin Michael Richardson as Hamurai #/100
KMR-MR Kevin Michael Richardson as Mrs. Refrigerator #/200
KS-GN Kurtwood Smith as General Nathan
KW-J2 Kari Wahlgren as Jessica #/50
KW-RW Kari Wahlgren as Roy’s Wife #/50
ML-A Maurice LaMarche as Military Adviser #/25

ML-MG Maurice LaMarche as Military General #/25
ML-MP Maurice LaMarche as Miniverse President #/50
ML-ND Maurice LaMarche as NASA Director #/25
ML-R Maurice LaMarche as Rabbi #/25
RR-CN Ryan Ridley as Cousin Nicky #/50
RR-HV Ryan Ridley as Head Vampire #/25
RR-LK Ryan Ridley as Lighthouse Keeper #/50
RR-RD Ryan Ridley as Roy’s Doctor #/25
RR-TA Ryan Ridley as Tax Attorney #/50
SC-BS Sarah Chalke as Beth Smith #/100
SC-GB Sarah Chalke as Goddess Beth #/50
SC-PB Sarah Chalke as Plushy Beth #/100
SC-X Sarah Chalke as Xenobeth #/100
SC-G Scott Chernoff as Gear Head
SG-SS Spencer Grammer as Summer Smith #/300
TH-DG Tricia Helfer as Donna Gueterman #/250
TH-FR Tricia Helfer as Federation Robot #/250
TK-AI Tom Kenny as Alien Inmate #/50
TK-GN Tom Kenny as Gear Newscaster #/50
TK-H Tom Kenny as Hunter #/50
TK-NL Tom Kenny as Nazi Leader #/50
TK-P Tom Kenny as Pencilvester #/50
TK-PO Tom Kenny as Gear Police Officer #/50
TK-T Tom Kenny as TSA Gromflamite #/50
TK-WB Tom Kenny as Wedding Bartender #/50
TM-C Tress MacNeille as Caretaker
TM-RM Tress MacNeille as Roy’s Mother
TS-D Tara Strong as Doctor #/150
TS-T Tara Strong as Tinkles #/200

2019 Cryptozoic Rick and Morty – Sketch Card Set

Sketch Cards
136 Artists – 1:24 Packs – Each Card Serial Numbered 1/1

Achilleas Kokkinakis
Adam & Bekah Cleveland
Adam Everett Beck
Al Stefano
Alan Rodjal
Alex Mines
Alex Starling
Alex Yomare
Alfret Le
Andres Cruz
Andrew Fernandes
Andy Bohn
Anthony C Sciscioli
Aurelio C.
Autumn Frederickson
Barush Merling
Benjamin Glendenning
Bianca Thompson
Bill Maus
Brandon “B.Done” Blevins
Brandon Pyle
Brent Scotchmer
Brian DeGuire
Brian Kong
Brian Reindel
Bruce Gerlach
Bryan Abston
Caleb King
Carolyn Craggs
Cathy Razim
Cesar Flores
Chad Scheres
Chris Papantoniou
Chris Pilch
Christina Charbali
Christopher Chamberlain
Cleber Lima
Dan Borgoños
Dan Burn Webster
Dan Gorman
Dave “Pops” Tata
Dave Windett
David Angelo Roman
David Lee
David Namisato
Deborah Colares
Denver Brubaker
Diego Mendes
Edgar A. Hernandez
Edward Santia
Emanuel Braga
Eric White
Fabian Quintero
Gary Shipman
Geoff Munn
Gerald de Dios
Hanie Mohd
Holly Ringsell
Howie Noel
Huy Truong
Ian Yoshio Roberts
Irma Ahmed
Israel Arteaga
J Hammond
Jason Heil
Jason Montoya

Jason Saldajeno
Jeff Abar
Jeff Sornig
Jeffrey Benitez
Jessica Moore
Jim Mehsling
Jim ORiley
Jim Sabo
John “JAX” Jackman
John F Whitlock
John Ottinger
Jomar Bulda
Jose Carlos Sanchez
Joshua Wysocki
Julio Suarez
Justin Roiland
Karl Jones
Kate Carleton
Keegan Cahanes
Kristin Allen
Kyle Burles
Logan Monette
Lucy Fidelis
Luiza Ho
Luiza Simão
Luro Hersal
Magnus VonRobotsson
Mark Dos Santos
Mark Finneral
Mary “Zorilita” Bellamy
Matt Hebb
Matthew Sutton
Michael Munshaw
Mike Legan
Milk Studio
Mitch Ballard
Nathan Anderson
Neil Camera
Niall Westerfield
Norvierto Payupan Basio
Omar Soto
Orlando Baez
Pablo Diaz
Patrick Giles
Phil Gibson
Phil Juliano
Preston Asevedo
Rafael Sá
Rebecca Sharp
Remy “Eisu” Mokhtar
Rene Cordova
Rich Molinelli
Robert Jimenez
Roberto Duque
Roe Mesquita
Ruvel Abril
Sanna U.
shaow siong
Simone Arena
Stefanie Battalene
Steve Lydic
Steven Burch
Taylan Kurtulus
Vicente Moavero


Relic Sets

2019 Cryptozoic Rick and Morty – Totally Fabricated Fake Memorabilia Set

Totally Fabricated Fake Memorabilia Squanchy's Fur
20 Cards – 1:60 Packs

TF01 Squanchy’s Fur
TF02 Dinglebop
TF03 Confetti
TF04 Stealy’s Chloroform Rag
TF05 Beth’s Surgical Gloves
TF06 Plushy Beth
TF07 Yummy’ Yums Wrapper
TF08 Morty’s Tribal Mask
TF09 Rick’s Sombrero
TF10 Ricksgiving Float
TF11 Headism Hat

TF12 Fart’s Golden Poop
TF13 Gear Vomit
TF14 Roy’s Carpet
TF15 Tammy’s Wedding Ring
TF16 Zeep’s Alien Costume
TF17 Eyeholes
TF18 Never Past Bedtime Land
B1 Toy Antennae (Binder)
CE1 Rick’s Bloody Lab Coat #/100 (LACC only)


Insert Sets

2019 Cryptozoic Rick and Morty – Beth Knows Best Set

Beth Knows Best Stress Drinking
9 Cards – 1:6 Packs

BKB01 Squanchy Mom
BKB02 Battle-Ready Beth
BKB03 Dicks Out
BKB04 It’s Not God
BKB05 Commitment

BKB06 Mother of the Year
BKB07 Xenobeth
BKB08 Stress Drinking
BKB09 Goddess Beth

2019 Cryptozoic Rick and Morty – Character Cards Set

Character Cards Zeep Xanflorp
12 Cards – 1:3 Packs

C1 Unity
C2 Birdperson
C3 Krombopulos Michael
C4 Fart
C5 Ice-T
C6 Tammy Gueterman

C7 Mr. Poopybutthole
C8 Fourth-Dimensional Being
C9 Zeep Xanflorp
C10 Arthricia
C11 Glaxo Slimslom
C12 Revolio Clockberg Jr.

2019 Cryptozoic Rick and Morty – Crimes of Rick Sanchez Set

Crimes of Rick Sanchez Possesion of Narcotics
12 Cards – 1:6 Packs

CRS01 Guilty On All Charges
CRS02 Assault and Battery
CRS03 Enslavement
CRS04 Resisting Arrest
CRS05 Vandalism
CRS06 Trafficking Weapons

CRS07 Inciting a Riot
CRS08 Possession of Narcotics
CRS09 Drunk Driving
CRS10 Child Endangerment
CRS11 Indecent Exposure
CRS12 Assault with a Deadly Weapon

2019 Cryptozoic Rick and Morty – CZ STR PWR Set

CZ STR PWR Morty Smith
9 Cards
Versions: Red (1:144 Packs); Blue (1:288 Packs); Gold #/25; Black 1/1

SP1 Rick Sanchez
SP2 Morty Smith
SP3 Jerry Smith
SP4 Beth Smith
SP5 Summer Smith

SP6 Birdperson
SP7 Mr. Poopybutthole
SP8 Krombopulos Michael
SP9 Zeep Xanflorp

2019 Cryptozoic Rick and Morty – Face the Music Set

Face the Music Summer and Tinkles
9 Cards – 1:3 Packs

M01 Get Schwifty
M02 Get Schwifty
M03 Goodbye Moonmen
M04 Goodbye Moonmen
M05 Goodbye Moonmen

M06 Summer and Tinkles
M07 Summer and Tinkles Rap
M08 Let Me Out
M09 Head Bent Over

2019 Cryptozoic Rick and Morty – Interdimensional Cable II Set

Interdimensional Cable II The Adventures of Stealy
12 Cards – 1:3 Packs

IDC1 Man Vs. Car
IDC2 Eyeholes
IDC3 Jan Quadrant Vincent 16
IDC4 The Adventures of Stealy
IDC5 Lil’ Bits
IDC6 Opposite News with Michael Thompson

IDC7 Cooking Things with Pichael Thompson
IDC8 How They Do It
IDC9 Butthole Ice Cream Parlor
IDC10 Personal Space
IDC11 How Did I Get Here?
IDC12 Octopus Man

2019 Cryptozoic Rick and Morty – Metallic Cards Set

Metal Cards Zeep Xanflorp
9 Cards – Convention Exclusive – Not Found in Packs

M1 Krombopulos Michael
M2 Zeep Xanflorp
M3 Tammy Gueterman
M4 Rick Sanchez
M5 Cromulon

M6 Birdperson
M7 Morty Smith
M8 The President of the United States
M9 Unity

2019 Cryptozoic Rick and Morty – Stickers Set

Stickers Amish Cyborg, Mr. Poopybutthole
15 Cards – 1:3 Packs

S1 Amish Cyborg / Mr. Poopybutthole
S2 Baby Wizard / Scarface Bear
S3 Tinkles / Big Robot
S4 Pencilvester / Photography Raptor
S5 Mrs. Refrigerator / Ghost in a Jar
S6 Sleepy Gary / Hamurai
S7 Uncle Steve / Reverse Giraffe
S8 Cousin Nicky / Big Duck

S9 Sun w/ Sunglasses / Mr. Beauregard
S10 Rick and Morty Monster
S11 Wubba Lubba Dub-Dub
S12 Rick and Morty Alien
S13 Schrödinger’s Cat / Plumbus
S14 Jerryboree Flyer / Blips & Chitz Sign
S15 Screaming Sun / Cromulon

2019 Cryptozoic Rick and Morty – Promo Cards Set

Promos Morty in Space
8 Cards – Not Found in packs

P1 New York Comic-Con 2018
P2 Philly Non-Sports Card Show
P3 Box Break Promotion at Philly Show
P4 Non-Sport Update Magazine OCT/NOV 18
P5 Non-Sport Update Magazine OCT/NOV 18
P6 Non-Sport Update Magazine OCT/NOV 18
P7 GTS National Hobby Shop Day
P8 Emerald City Comic Con 2019


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