2019 Leaf Metal Perfect Game All-American Classic – Baseball Card Checklist

2019 Leaf Metal Perfect Game All-American Classic

2019 Leaf Metal Perfect Game All-American Classic Baseball covers the premier event of the high school baseball season. The set offers an all autograph format of the top high school players in the country, many of whom are hoping to make it to the MLB. This serves as an opportunity for collectors to grab some early signatures of tomorrow’s top stars. Several of the sets also add relic pieces to the cards for an extra bit of excitement.

2019 Leaf Metal Perfect Game – Product Breakdown

Release Date: May 15, 2020
Price: Approx. $91USD Per Hobby Box
Configuration: 8 Cards Per Pack; 1 Pack Per Box; 15 Boxes Per Case
Box Break: 1 Auto Relic; 7 Additional Autos

2019 Leaf Metal Perfect Game – Base Metal Auto Rainbow Foil Set

Base Metal Auto Purple Nate Savard
55 Cards
Parallels: Blue #/30; Purple #/25; Pink #/20; Black #/15; Green #/10; RWB #/10 (*Only Rosario, Klassen, McLean); Red #/5; Orange #/2 (Bonus/Promo); Gold 1/1; Gold Super 1/1; Printing Plates 1/1 (Bonus/Promo)
Wave Parallels: Silver #/12; Blue #/10; Purple #/8; Pink #/6; Black #/5; RWB #/5 (*Only Rosario, Klassen, McLean); Green #/4; Red #/3; Gold #/2; Orange 1/1 (Bonus/Promo) Gold Super Black 1/1 (*No Rosario, Klassen, McLean)

BA-AF1 Alex Freeland
BA-AH1 Austin Hendrick
BA-AJV AJ Vukovich
BA-AR1 Alejandro Rosario*
BA-AS1 Alex Santos
BA-BF1 Brandon Fields
BA-BH1 Ben Hernandez
BA-BJ1 Blaze Jordan
BA-CB1 Carter Baumler
BA-CD1 Chase Davis
BA-CH1 Cade Horton
BA-CH2 Calvin Harris
BA-CM1 Carson Montgomery
BA-CM2 Coby Mayo
BA-CW1 Cayden Wallace
BA-DB1 Drew Bowser
BA-DC1 Dylan Crews
BA-DF1 Daxton Fulton
BA-DR1 Drew Romo
BA-DS1 Daniel Susac
BA-EH1 Ed Howard
BA-GK1 George Klassen*
BA-JB1 Jace Bohrofen
BA-JB2 Jack Bulger
BA-JD1 Jake Deleo
BA-JJ1 Jared Jones
BA-JK1 Jared Kelley
BA-JO1 Jack O’Dowd

BA-JT1 Jordan Thompson
BA-JV1 Jake Vogel
BA-JW1 Jordan Walker
BA-KH1 Kyle Harrison
BA-KP1 Kevin Parada
BA-KS1 Kevin Sim
BA-MA1 Mick Abel
BA-MB1 Michael Brooks
BA-MB2 Michael Brown
BA-MC1 Maxwell Carlson
BA-MG1 Mac Guscette
BA-MT1 Milan Tolentino
BA-MZ1 Mario Zabala
BA-NM1 Nolan McLean*
BA-NS1 Nate Savino
BA-PCA Pete Crow-Armstrong
BA-RB1 Ryan Bruno
BA-RH1 Ryan Hagenow
BA-RH3 Robert Hassell III
BA-RK1 Ronan Kopp
BA-RM1 Robert Moore
BA-SW1 Slade Wilks
BA-TS1 Tyler Soderstrom
BA-VM1 Victor Mederos
BA-WS1 Will Sanders
BA-YM1 Yohandy Morales
BA-ZV1 Zac Veen

2019 Leaf Metal Perfect Game – Patch Auto Set

Patch Auto Jordan Walker
55 Cards – Serial Numbered #/10
Parallels: Pink #/8; Orange #/5; Platinum #/3; Lavender #/2; Charcoal 1/1; Gold 1/1; Printing Plates 1/1 (Bonus/Promo)

PA-AF1 Alex Freeland
PA-AH1 Austin Hendrick
PA-AJV AJ Vukovich
PA-AR1 Alejandro Rosario
PA-AS1 Alex Santos
PA-BF1 Brandon Fields
PA-BH1 Ben Hernandez
PA-BJ1 Blaze Jordan
PA-CB1 Carter Baumler
PA-CD1 Chase Davis
PA-CH1 Cade Horton
PA-CH2 Calvin Harris
PA-CM1 Carson Montgomery
PA-CM2 Coby Mayo
PA-CW1 Cayden Wallace
PA-DB1 Drew Bowser
PA-DC1 Dylan Crews
PA-DF1 Daxton Fulton
PA-DR1 Drew Romo
PA-DS1 Daniel Susac
PA-EH1 Ed Howard
PA-GK1 George Klassen
PA-JB1 Jace Bohrofen
PA-JB2 Jack Bulger
PA-JD1 Jake Deleo
PA-JJ1 Jared Jones
PA-JK1 Jared Kelley
PA-JO1 Jack O’Dowd

PA-JT1 Jordan Thompson
PA-JV1 Jake Vogel
PA-JW1 Jordan Walker
PA-KH1 Kyle Harrison
PA-KP1 Kevin Parada
PA-KS1 Kevin Sim
PA-MA1 Mick Abel
PA-MB1 Michael Brooks
PA-MB2 Michael Brown
PA-MC1 Maxwell Carlson
PA-MG1 Mac Guscette
PA-MT1 Milan Tolentino
PA-MZ1 Mario Zabala
PA-NM1 Nolan McLean
PA-NS1 Nate Savino
PA-PCA Pete Crow-Armstrong
PA-RB1 Ryan Bruno
PA-RH1 Ryan Hagenow
PA-RH3 Robert Hassell III
PA-RK1 Ronan Kopp
PA-RM1 Robert Moore
PA-SW1 Slade Wilks
PA-TS1 Tyler Soderstrom
PA-VM1 Victor Mederos
PA-WS1 Will Sanders
PA-YM1 Yohandy Morales
PA-ZV1 Zac Veen

2019 Leaf Metal Perfect Game – Perfect Logo Patch Auto Set

55 Cards
Versions: Cap #/2; Pants 1/1; Sock 1/1

AF1 Alex Freeland
AH1 Austin Hendrick
AJV AJ Vukovich
AR1 Alejandro Rosario
AS1 Alex Santos
BF1 Brandon Fields
BH1 Ben Hernandez
BJ1 Blaze Jordan
CB1 Carter Baumler
CD1 Chase Davis
CH1 Cade Horton
CH2 Calvin Harris
CM1 Carson Montgomery
CM2 Coby Mayo
CW1 Cayden Wallace
DB1 Drew Bowser
DC1 Dylan Crews
DF1 Daxton Fulton
DR1 Drew Romo
DS1 Daniel Susac
EH1 Ed Howard
GK1 George Klassen
JB1 Jace Bohrofen
JB2 Jack Bulger
JD1 Jake Deleo
JJ1 Jared Jones
JK1 Jared Kelley
JO1 Jack O’Dowd

JT1 Jordan Thompson
JV1 Jake Vogel
JW1 Jordan Walker
KH1 Kyle Harrison
KP1 Kevin Parada
KS1 Kevin Sim
MA1 Mick Abel
MB1 Michael Brooks
MB2 Michael Brown
MC1 Maxwell Carlson
MG1 Mac Guscette
MT1 Milan Tolentino
MZ1 Mario Zabala
NM1 Nolan McLean
NS1 Nate Savino
PCA Pete Crow-Armstrong
RB1 Ryan Bruno
RH1 Ryan Hagenow
RH3 Robert Hassell III
RK1 Ronan Kopp
RM1 Robert Moore
SW1 Slade Wilks
TS1 Tyler Soderstrom
VM1 Victor Mederos
WS1 Will Sanders
YM1 Yohandy Morales
ZV1 Zac Veen

2019 Leaf Metal Perfect Game – Quad Patch Auto Set

Quad Patch Auto Austin Hendrick
55 Cards – Serial Numbered #/5
Parallels: Orange #/4; Platinum #/3; Lavender #/2; Charcoal 1/1; Gold 1/1; Printing Plates 1/1 (Bonus/Promo)

MA-AF1 Alex Freeland
MA-AH1 Austin Hendrick
MA-AJV AJ Vukovich
MA-AR1 Alejandro Rosario
MA-AS1 Alex Santos
MA-BF1 Brandon Fields
MA-BH1 Ben Hernandez
MA-BJ1 Blaze Jordan
MA-CB1 Carter Baumler
MA-CD1 Chase Davis
MA-CH1 Cade Horton
MA-CH2 Calvin Harris
MA-CM1 Carson Montgomery
MA-CM2 Coby Mayo
MA-CW1 Cayden Wallace
MA-DB1 Drew Bowser
MA-DC1 Dylan Crews
MA-DF1 Daxton Fulton
MA-DR1 Drew Romo
MA-DS1 Daniel Susac
MA-EH1 Ed Howard
MA-GK1 George Klassen
MA-JB1 Jace Bohrofen
MA-JB2 Jack Bulger
MA-JD1 Jake Deleo
MA-JJ1 Jared Jones
MA-JK1 Jared Kelley
MA-JO1 Jack O’Dowd

MA-JT1 Jordan Thompson
MA-JV1 Jake Vogel
MA-JW1 Jordan Walker
MA-KH1 Kyle Harrison
MA-KP1 Kevin Parada
MA-KS1 Kevin Sim
MA-MA1 Mick Abel
MA-MB1 Michael Brooks
MA-MB2 Michael Brown
MA-MC1 Maxwell Carlson
MA-MG1 Mac Guscette
MA-MT1 Milan Tolentino
MA-MZ1 Mario Zabala
MA-NM1 Nolan McLean
MA-NS1 Nate Savino
MA-PCA Pete Crow-Armstrong
MA-RB1 Ryan Bruno
MA-RH1 Ryan Hagenow
MA-RH3 Robert Hassell III
MA-RK1 Ronan Kopp
MA-RM1 Robert Moore
MA-SW1 Slade Wilks
MA-TS1 Tyler Soderstrom
MA-VM1 Victor Mederos
MA-WS1 Will Sanders
MA-YM1 Yohandy Morales
MA-ZV1 Zac Veen

2019 Leaf Metal Perfect Game – Direct Autographs Set

55 Cards – Serial Numbered #/5
Parallels: Black #/4; Blue #/3; Red #/2; Purple 1/1; Printing Plates 1.1 (Bonus/Promo)
Notes: Only 1-2 of Each Color in the Product

DI-AF1 Alex Freeland
DI-AH1 Austin Hendrick
DI-AJV AJ Vukovich
DI-AR1 Alejandro Rosario
DI-AS1 Alex Santos
DI-BF1 Brandon Fields
DI-BH1 Ben Hernandez
DI-BJ1 Blaze Jordan
DI-CB1 Carter Baumler
DI-CD1 Chase Davis
DI-CH1 Cade Horton
DI-CH2 Calvin Harris
DI-CM1 Carson Montgomery
DI-CM2 Coby Mayo
DI-CW1 Cayden Wallace
DI-DB1 Drew Bowser
DI-DC1 Dylan Crews
DI-DF1 Daxton Fulton
DI-DR1 Drew Romo
DI-DS1 Daniel Susac
DI-EH1 Ed Howard
DI-GK1 George Klassen
DI-JB1 Jace Bohrofen
DI-JB2 Jack Bulger
DI-JD1 Jake Deleo
DI-JJ1 Jared Jones
DI-JK1 Jared Kelley
DI-JO1 Jack O’Dowd

DI-JT1 Jordan Thompson
DI-JV1 Jake Vogel
DI-JW1 Jordan Walker
DI-KH1 Kyle Harrison
DI-KP1 Kevin Parada
DI-KS1 Kevin Sim
DI-MA1 Mick Abel
DI-MB1 Michael Brooks
DI-MB2 Michael Brown
DI-MC1 Maxwell Carlson
DI-MG1 Mac Guscette
DI-MT1 Milan Tolentino
DI-MZ1 Mario Zabala
DI-NM1 Nolan McLean
DI-NS1 Nate Savino
DI-PCA Pete Crow-Armstrong
DI-RB1 Ryan Bruno
DI-RH1 Ryan Hagenow
DI-RH3 Robert Hassell III
DI-RK1 Ronan Kopp
DI-RM1 Robert Moore
DI-SW1 Slade Wilks
DI-TS1 Tyler Soderstrom
DI-VM1 Victor Mederos
DI-WS1 Will Sanders
DI-YM1 Yohandy Morales
DI-ZV1 Zac Veen

2019 Leaf Metal Perfect Game – Gameday Auto Set

55 Cards – Serial Numbered #/5
Parallels: Black #/4; Blue #/3; Red #/2; Purple 1/1; Printing Plates 1.1 (Bonus/Promo)
Notes: Only 1-2 of Each Color in the Product

GD-AF1 Alex Freeland
GD-AH1 Austin Hendrick
GD-AJV AJ Vukovich
GD-AR1 Alejandro Rosario
GD-AS1 Alex Santos
GD-BF1 Brandon Fields
GD-BH1 Ben Hernandez
GD-BJ1 Blaze Jordan
GD-CB1 Carter Baumler
GD-CD1 Chase Davis
GD-CH1 Cade Horton
GD-CH2 Calvin Harris
GD-CM1 Carson Montgomery
GD-CM2 Coby Mayo
GD-CW1 Cayden Wallace
GD-DB1 Drew Bowser
GD-DC1 Dylan Crews
GD-DF1 Daxton Fulton
GD-DR1 Drew Romo
GD-DS1 Daniel Susac
GD-EH1 Ed Howard
GD-GK1 George Klassen
GD-JB1 Jace Bohrofen
GD-JB2 Jack Bulger
GD-JD1 Jake Deleo
GD-JJ1 Jared Jones
GD-JK1 Jared Kelley
GD-JO1 Jack O’Dowd

GD-JT1 Jordan Thompson
GD-JV1 Jake Vogel
GD-JW1 Jordan Walker
GD-KH1 Kyle Harrison
GD-KP1 Kevin Parada
GD-KS1 Kevin Sim
GD-MA1 Mick Abel
GD-MB1 Michael Brooks
GD-MB2 Michael Brown
GD-MC1 Maxwell Carlson
GD-MG1 Mac Guscette
GD-MT1 Milan Tolentino
GD-MZ1 Mario Zabala
GD-NM1 Nolan McLean
GD-NS1 Nate Savino
GD-PCA Pete Crow-Armstrong
GD-RB1 Ryan Bruno
GD-RH1 Ryan Hagenow
GD-RH3 Robert Hassell III
GD-RK1 Ronan Kopp
GD-RM1 Robert Moore
GD-SW1 Slade Wilks
GD-TS1 Tyler Soderstrom
GD-VM1 Victor Mederos
GD-WS1 Will Sanders
GD-YM1 Yohandy Morales
GD-ZV1 Zac Veen

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