2019 Rittenhouse The Orville Season 1 – Entertainment Card Checklist

2019 Rittenhouse The Orville Season 1

2019 Rittenhouse The Orville Season 1 is an entertainment card release that is dedicated to the comedic sci-fi release created by Seth MacFarlane. The series is a parody of Star Trek and offers 2 autographs per box, as well as some inserts and a possible memorabilia hit. As is the case with all Rittenhouse releases, there are certain cards that are exclusive to certain promotions, as well as some incentive autographs that are given with case purchases.

2019 The Orville Season 1 – Product Breakdown

Release Date: April 17, 2019
Price: Approx. $75USD Per Hobby Box
Configuration: 5 Cards Per Pack; 24 Packs Per Box; 12 Boxes Per Case
Box Break: 2 Autographs; 5 Inserts

2019 The Orville Season 1 – Base Set

72 Cards

1 Old Wounds
2 Old Wounds
3 Old Wounds
4 Old Wounds
5 Old Wounds
6 Old Wounds
7 Command Performance
8 Command Performance
9 Command Performance
10 Command Performance
11 Command Performance
12 Command Performance
13 About a Girl
14 About a Girl
15 About a Girl
16 About a Girl
17 About a Girl
18 About a Girl
19 If the Stars Should Appear
20 If the Stars Should Appear
21 If the Stars Should Appear
22 If the Stars Should Appear
23 If the Stars Should Appear
24 If the Stars Should Appear
25 Pria
26 Pria
27 Pria
28 Pria
29 Pria
30 Pria
31 Krill
32 Krill
33 Krill
34 Krill
35 Krill
36 Krill

37 Majority Rule
38 Majority Rule
39 Majority Rule
40 Majority Rule
41 Majority Rule
42 Majority Rule
43 Into the Fold
44 Into the Fold
45 Into the Fold
46 Into the Fold
47 Into the Fold
48 Into the Fold
49 Cupid’s Dagger
50 Cupid’s Dagger
51 Cupid’s Dagger
52 Cupid’s Dagger
53 Cupid’s Dagger
54 Cupid’s Dagger
55 Firestorm
56 Firestorm
57 Firestorm
58 Firestorm
59 Firestorm
60 Firestorm
61 New Dimensions
62 New Dimensions
63 New Dimensions
64 New Dimensions
65 New Dimensions
66 New Dimensions
67 Mad Idolatry
68 Mad Idolatry
69 Mad Idolatry
70 Mad Idolatry
71 Mad Idolatry
72 Mad Idolatry

Autographs and Relic Sets

2019 The Orville Season 1 – Auto Set

Auto Seth MacFarlane

38 Cards – Autographs Combine to Average 1:12 Packs

Antonio D. Charity as Advocate Kagus
Barry Livingston as Tom
Brett Rickaby as Lurenek
Brian Thompson as Drogen
Catherine Shu as Hoshel
Christine Corpuz as Dr. Janice Lee
Dylan Kenin as Krill Captain Haros
Erica Tazel as Baleth
Gavin Lee as Henry Park
Giorgia Whigham as Lysella
J. Paul Boehmer as Navarian Ambassador
James Horan as Sazeron
James Morrison as Kemka
JD Cullum as Calivon Zoo Administrator
Jeremy Guskin as Furry Alien
Larry Joe Campbell as Chief Engineer Steve Newton
Lenny Von Dohlen as Valondis
Makabe Ganey as Coja
Max Burkholder as Tomilin

Michaela McManus as Teleya
Patrick Cox as The Ogre
Paul Vogt as Blavaroch
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez as Fadolin
Ralph Garman as Kanoot
Rena Owen as Heveena/Gondus Elden
Robert Knepper as Hamelac
Robert Picardo as Ildis Kitan
Sean Cook as Dr. Derek Ashton
Seth Austin as The Clown
Steven Culp as Willks
Tim Mikulecky as Lt. Harrison Payne
Full Bleed

Adrianne Palicki as Commander Kelly Grayson
Kelly Hu as Admiral Ozawa
Mark Jackson as Isaac
Penny Johnson Jerald as Dr. Claire Finn
Peter Macon as Lt. Commander Bortus
Rob Lowe as Darulio
Scott Grimes as Lt. Gordon Malloy
Seth MacFarlane as Captain Ed Mercer

2019 The Orville Season 1 – Dual Auto Set

1 Card – Autographs Combine to Average 1:12 Packs

Philip Anthony-Rodriguez and Eric Tazel


2019 The Orville Season 1 – Incentive Auto Set

Case Incentive Dual Auto Rob Lowe, Adrianne Palicki
2 Cards – Not Found in Packs

6-Case: Robert Picardo / Molly Hagen – Dual Auto
9-Case: Adrianne Palicki / Rob Lowe – Dual Auto


2019 The Orville Season 1 – Relic Set

10 Cards

RC01 Capt. Ed Mercer
RC02 Cmdr. Kelly Grayson
RC03 Dr. Claire Finn
RC04 Lt. Gordon Malloy
RC05 Lt. Cmdr. Bortus

RC06 Lt. Alara Kitan
RC07 Lt. John Lamarr
RC08 Lt. Cmdr. Steve Newton
RC09 Teleya
RC10 Krill Captain Haros

Insert Sets

2019 The Orville Season 1 – Bridge Crew Set

8 Cards – 1:24 Packs
Parallels: Mirror (1:288 Packs)

CC1 Captain Ed Mercer
CC2 Commander Kelly Grayson
CC3 Doctor Claire Finn
CC4 Lieutenant Gordon Malloy

CC5 Lieutenant Commander Bortus
CC6 Lieutenant Alara Kitan
CC7 Lieutenant Commander John Lamarr
CC8 Isaac

2019 The Orville Season 1 – Off-Duty Set

7 Cards – 1:24 Packs

D1 Captain Ed Mercer
D2 Commander Kelly Grayson
D3 Doctor Claire Finn
D4 Lieutenant Gordon Malloy

D5 Lieutenant Commander Bortus
D6 Lieutenant Alara Kitan
D7 Lieutenant Commander John Lamarr

2019 The Orville Season 1 – Quotable Set

14 Cards – 1:24 Packs



2019 The Orville Season 1 – The Orville Ship Set

9 Cards – 1:24 Packs



2019 The Orville Season 1 – Tour The Orville Set

10 Cards – 1:24 Packs
Notes: *T10 Exclusive to Rittenhouse Rewards

T01 The Bridge
T02 Briefing Room
T03 Captain’s Office
T04 Corridors
T05 Crew Quarters

T06 Engineering
T07 Shuttle Bay
T08 Sickbay
T09 Simulator
T10 Captain’s Quarters*

2019 The Orville Season 1 – Case Topper Set

1 Card

CT1 The Anhkana


2019 The Orville Season 1 – Promo Card Set

Not Found in Normal Packs

P1 General Distribution
P2 Non-Sport Update Magazine
P3 Album Exclusive
P4 Facebook Fan Exclusive


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2019 Rittenhouse The Orville Season One Adrianne Palicki Auto

Price $ 20.5

Number of Bids: 12

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Right now on Ebay:
2019 Rittenhouse The Orville Season One Jason Alexander as Olix Auto

Price $ 4.25

Number of Bids: 4

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