2019 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection – Wrestling Card Checklist

2019 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection

2019 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection takes the ultra high-end release from the MLB over to the world of professional wrestling. As probably the most expensive wrestling card release in history, the product must offer a lot in order to draw collectors in. The release includes no less than 50 hard signed autographs, including the first ever official Vince McMahon signed card. It also offers an autographed replica title belt, cut signatures, and a ticket to Wrestlemania 35, along with a VIP meet and greet with WWE superstars prior to the event. Each box also includes a hand drawn sketch autographed by artist Rob Schamberger. A box of 2019 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection will set buyers back about $13,000USD.

2019 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection – Product Breakdown

Release Date: February 13, 2019
Price: Approx. $13,000USD Per Hobby Box
Configuration: 53 Cards; 1 Signed Belt; 1 Wrestlemania Ticket; 1 VIP Invitation Per Box
Box Break: Complete Set of 50 Transcendent Collection Autos; 1 Kiss Card Auto; 1 Cut Signature; 1 Auto Sketch; 1 Signed Replica Title Belt; 1 Wrestlemania 35 Ticket; 1 VIP Party Invitation

2019 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection – Transcendent Collection Auto set

Transcendent Collection Auto Vince McMahon
50 Cards – Serial Numbered #/25
Parallels: Blue #/15; Purple #/10; Black #/5; Gold 1/1; Red 1/1

A-AB Alexa Bliss – WWE
A-AC Adam Cole – NXT
A-AJ AJ Styles – WWE
A-AL Aleister Black – NXT
A-AS Asuka – WWE
A-BB Brie Bella – WWE
A-BE Becky Lynch – WWE
A-BH Bret “Hit Man” Hart – WWE Legends
A-BK Billie Kay – WWE
A-BL Brock Lesnar – WWE
A-BO Bobby Lashley – WWE
A-BR Bobby Roode – WWE
A-BS Braun Strowman – WWE
A-BY Bayley – WWE
A-CA Carmella – WWE
A-CF Charlotte Flair – WWE
A-CJ Chris Jericho – WWE
A-DA Dean Ambrose – WWE
A-DB Daniel Bryan – WWE
A-EL Elias – WWE
A-FB Finn Balor – WWE
A-JC John Cena – WWE
A-JG Johnny Gargano – NXT
A-KO Kevin Owens – WWE
A-LL Lex Luger – WWE Legends
A-LV Liv Morgan – WWE

A-MA Maryse – WWE
A-MJ Mickie James – WWE
A-MM Mr. McMahon – WWE
A-MR Mandy Rose – WWE
A-NA Naomi – WWE
A-NB Nikki Bella – WWE
A-NT Natalya – WWE
A-PG Paige – WWE
A-PR Peyton Royce – WWE
A-RD Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat – WWE Legends
A-RO Randy Orton – WWE
A-RRR Ronda Rousey – WWE
A-SA Stone Cold Steve Austin – WWE Legends
A-SB Sasha Banks – WWE
A-SH Shane McMahon – WWE
A-SJ Samoa Joe – WWE
A-SM Stephanie McMahon – WWE
A-SN Shinsuke Nakamura – WWE
A-SR Seth Rollins – WWE
A-ST Sting – WWE Legends
A-SW Shawn Michaels – WWE Legends
A-TH Triple H – WWE
A-TS Trish Stratus – WWE Legends
A-UN Undertaker – WWE

2019 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection – Auto Kiss Card Set

Auto Kiss Card Asuka
4 Cards – Serial Numbered #/10
Parallels: Black #/5; Gold 1/1; Red 1/1

K-AS Asuka
K-BB Brie Bella
K-NB Nikki Bella
K-PR Peyton Royce


2019 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection – Championship Auto Replica Titles Set

5 Replica Titles – 1 Per Box

Dean Ambrose
Jeff Hardy
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Seth Rollins


2019 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection – Oversized Tribute Cut Signatures Set

Oversized Tribute Cut Signatures Andre the Giant
26 Cards – Serial Numbered 1/1

C-AG Andre The Giant
C-BBB Bam Bam Bigelow
C-BH Bobby Heenan
C-BJS Big John Studd
C-BS Bruno Sammartino
C-BVV Vader
C-CH Mr. Perfect
C-DR Dusty Rhodes
C-EG Eddie Guerrero
C-FB Freddie Blassie
C-GM Gorilla Monsoon
C-GS George Steele
C-JN Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart

C-JS Chief Jay Strongbow
C-JYD Junkyard Dog
C-KV Kerry Von Erich
C-ME Miss Elizabeth
C-MY Mae Young
C-PB Paul Bearer
C-RR “Ravishing” Rick Rude
C-RRR Rowdy Roddy Piper
C-RS “Macho Man” Randy Savage
C-SM Sherri Martel
C-UG Umaga
C-UM Ultimate Warrior
C-YK Yokozuna

2019 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection – Oversized Dual Tribute Cut Signatures Set

Oversized Dual Tribute Cut Signatures Sherri Martel, Macho Man Randy Savage
24 Cards – Serial Numbered 1/1

DC-AB Andre The Giant / Bobby “The Brain” Heenan
DC-BC Paul Bearer / Vader
DC-DS George “The Animal” Steele / Junkyard Dog
DC-EM Miss Elizabeth / Sherri Martel
DC-ES George “The Animal” Steele / Miss Elizabeth
DC-HH Mr. Perfect / Bobby “The Brain” Heenan
DC-NWO1 Curt Hennig / Dusty Rhodes
DC-NWO2 “Macho Man” Randy Savage / Curt Hennig
DC-PE Kerry Von Erich / “Rowdy” Roddy Piper
DC-PG Eddie Guerrero /  “Rowdy” Roddy Piper
DC-PW Ultimate Warrior /  “Rowdy” Roddy Piper
DC-RE Dusty Rhodes / Miss Elizabeth
DC-RS “Macho Man” Randy Savage / Sherri Martel
DC-SB George “The Animal” Steele / “Classy” Freddie Blassie
DC-SE “Macho Man” Randy Savage / Miss Elizabeth
DC-SH Bobby “The Brain” Heenan / Big John Studd
DC-SN Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart / “Macho Man” Randy Savage
DC-SR Bruno Sammartino /  “Rowdy” Roddy Piper
DC-SS Bruno Sammartino / Chief Jay Strongbow
DC-SW Ultimate Warrior / “Macho Man” Randy Savage
DC-VB Bam Bam Bigelow / Vader
DC-VM Vader / “Macho Man” Randy Savage
DC-YU Umaga / Yokozuna
DC-YV Vader / Yokozuna


2019 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection – Auto Sketch Set

Auto Sketch Triple H
50 Cards – 1 Per Box – Serial Numbered 1/1
Drawn and Signed by Rob Schamberger

1 Adam Cole
2 AJ Styles
3 Aleister Black
4 Alexa Bliss
5 Asuka
6 Bayley
7 Becky Lynch
8 Billie Kay
9 Bobby Lashley
10 Bobby Roode
11 Braun Strowman
12 Bray Wyatt
13 Bret Hart
14 Brie Bella
15 Charlotte Flair
16 Daniel Bryan
17 Dean Ambrose
18 Dolph Ziggler
19 Drew McIntyre
20 Elias
21 Ember Moon
22 Finn Balor
23 Jeff Hardy
24 John Cena
25 Johnny Gargano

26 Kairi Sane
27 Kane
28 Kevin Owens
29 Kofi Kingston
30 Matt Hardy
31 Naomi
32 Nikki Bella
33 Randy Orton
34 Ric Flair
35 Ricochet
36 Roman Reigns
37 Ronda Rousey
38 Samoa Joe
39 Sasha Banks
40 Seth Rollins
41 Shawn Michaels
42 Shinsuke Nakamura
43 Sting
44 Stone Cold Steve Austin
45 The Miz
46 The Rock
47 Tommaso Ciampa
48 Triple H
49 Trish Stratus
50 Undertaker

2019 Topps WWE Transcendent Collection – VIP Experience Package

  • 1 Ticket To Wrestlemania 35
  • 1 VIP Meet and Greet Invitation


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