2019 UD Spider-Man Far From Home – Entertainment Card Checklist

2019 UD Spider-Man Far From Home

2019 UD Spider-Man Far From Home is the latest in the line of releases dedicated to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This release focuses on the latest Spider-Man movie, which deals with the aftermath of Avengers Endgame on Spidey. This set is notable as the first to offer Jake Gyllenhaal autographs. Gyllenhaal is accompanied on the auto list by stars including Tom Holland, Cobie, Smulders, and Remy Hii. There are also sketch cards available as hits, these feature hand drawn 1/1 artists sketches.

2019 UD Spider-Man Far From Home – Product Breakdown

Release Date: December 18, 2019
Price: Approx. $100USD Per Hobby Box
Configuration: 5 Cards; 15 Packs Per Box; 12 Boxes Per Case
Box Break: 2 Hits (Auto, Sketch, Premium Insert); 15 Inserts

2019 UD Spider-Man Far From Home – Base Set

100 Cards

1 Tony Stark in Memoriam
2 Peter Parker’s Plan of Action
3 Maria Hill in Mexico
4 The Earth Elemental Erupts
5 Aunt May’s Fundraiser
6 Happy’s Blip Beard
7 Stark Relief Foundation
8 Ghosting Nick Fury
9 A Respite from the Storm
10 Peter’s To-Do List
11 Packing for the Trip
12 Baggage Claim
13 Chaperones
14 Seat Assignments
15 Brad Davis
16 Ned Leeds
17 Mr. Harrington’s Confession
18 Ned Leeds & Betty Brant
19 Welcome to Venice
20 The Floating City
21 Not Exactly Like The Brochure
22 A Necklace for MJ
23 Mission Accomplished
24 Exploring Venice
25 Picture Perfect
26 High Tide
27 Bound for Trouble
28 Rogue Wave
29 Ready for Anything
30 Water Elemental
31 Waterlogged
32 Deluge
33 Enter: Mysterio
34 Breaking News
35 Call to Aunt May
36 Seeking the Truth
37 Missing in Action
38 Speculation
39 Nick Fury
40 Keeping an Eye on Spider-Man
41 Midnight Rendezvous
42 E.D.I.T.H.
43 Revelations
44 Tracking the Anomalies
45 Geeking Out
46 Nick Fury & Dimitri
47 Bus Tour to Prague
48 Rest Stop
49 Compromising Position
50 Imminent Threat

51 Target: Brad Davis
52 Drone Strike
53 Baby Goats
54 Hijacked Vacation
55 Cause for Concern
56 With Great Power…
57 Gaining Perspective
58 Bearing the Burden
59 Power & Responsibility
60 Change of Plans
61 Night at the Opera
62 Bailing Out on MJ
63 Festival of Lights
64 Molten Menace
65 Stealth Suit
66 Ferris Wheel of Terror
67 The Power of Mysterio
68 Scaling New Heights
69 Critical Mass
70 Prague in Ruins
71 Second Thoughts
72 Reconciliation
73 Decisions
74 Passing on the Torch
75 Last Night in Prague
76 Confessions
77 Suspicions Realized
78 Truth and Consequences
79 Seeing is Believing
80 Illusion of Truth
81 The Netherlands
82 Gut Check
83 Suit Up
84 Touring in London
85 Paragliding
86 Perfect Storm
87 Nowhere to Run
88 Avengers-Level Threat
89 The Shard
90 On a Web and a Prayer
91 Battle on the Bridge
92 Your Chariot Has Arrived
93 New Plan
94 Target Acquired
95 The Armory
96 Armed & Dangerous
97 Brad Davis Disgraced
98 Message Recieved
99 He’ll Call You
100 Ride of Her Life

Autograph and Other Hit Sets

2019 UD Spider-Man Far From Home – Flash Mob Auto Set

11 Cards – 1:120 Packs
Group A Odds – 1:2340 Packs
Group B Odds – 1:691 Packs
Group C Odds – 1:220 Packs

FM-BJ Jacob Batalon (Fedora) C
FM-CS Cobie Smulders (Shield) C
FM-GJ Jake Gyllenhaal C
FM-HR Remy Hii (Looking Right) C
FM-HT Tom Holland (Peter Parker) A
FM-JB Jacob Batalon (Cap) C

FM-JG Jake Gyllenhaal A
FM-MH Cobie Smulders (Shield Looking Right) B
FM-RH Remy Hii (Looking Left) C
FM-SC Cobie Smulders (Shield Looking Left) B
FM-TH Tom Holland (Spider-Man) C

2019 UD Spider-Man Far From Home – Mysterious Markings Auto Set

11 Cards – 1:160 Packs
Group A Odds – 1:2340 Packs
Group B Odds – 1:751 Packs
Group C Odds – 1:252 Packs

MM-BJ Jacob Batalon (Straight Forward) C
MM-CS Cobie Smulders (Worried) C
MM-GJ Jake Gyllenhaal C
MM-HR Remy Hii (Looking Left) C
MM-HT Tom Holland (Peter Parker) B
MM-JB Jacob Batalon (Profile) C

MM-JG Jake Gyllenhaal B
MM-QB Jake Gyllenhaal A
MM-RH Remy Hii (Looking Right) C
MM-SC Cobie Smulders (Smug) B
MM-TH Tom Holland (Black Suit) A

2019 UD Spider-Man Far From Home – Obsidian Diamond Relics Set

8 Cards – 1:183 Packs

BD-1 Staircase
BD-2 Prague Hotel
BD-3 Enjoying Venice
BD-4 Walking Through Venice

BD-5 Get To Safety
BD-6 Opera House
BD-7 Prague Bridge
BD-8 MJ & Spider-Man

2019 UD Spider-Man Far From Home – Obsidian Diamond Auto Relic Set

5 Cards – Serial Numbered as Noted

BD-BD Remy Hii #/49
BD-CS Cobie Smulders #/49
BD-JG Jake Gyllenhaal #/49
BD-PP Tom Holland #/25
BD-TH Tom Holland #/10


2019 UD Spider-Man Far From Home – Sketch Set

63 Artists – 1:55 Packs – Serial Numbered 1/1

Adam Fields
Adrian Biblanias
Ahjay Cerezo
Al Milgrom
Alan Rodjal
Alex Kotkin
Andrei Ausch
Andrew Lopez
Angel Velasquez
Anthony Figaro
Aposcar Guevara Cruz
Brad Hudson
Bryan Tilman
Bryant Howerton
Cesar Flores
Chris Willdig
Criss Mitchell
Dave Strong
Denis Medri
Ed Mark F. Dela Cruz
Gerardo “Todd” Vertiz
Glen Canlas
Gordon Wills
Jared Hickman
Jason Montoya
Jayson Kretzer
Jeff Abar
Jeffrey Benitez
Joe Rubinstein
Johnathan Ruple
Jucylande Paula de Oliveria Jr.
Kazim Buyukun

Kenny Aitken
Kevin Cameron
Mai Irving
Mailon Karr
Marcia Dye
Marcio Cabreira
Mark Nasso
Marlon Fernandes
Marlon Sheep
Matias Streb
Matthew M. Skillern
Melike Acar
Michel Mulipola
Mick and Matt Glebe
Mike Hartigan
Mike Morrison
Mitch Ballard
Nicolas Quintas
Omar Soto
Paul Hill
Peter Clinton
Rodney Fyke
Sean Forney
Seth Ismart
Shea Zubair
Sherwin Santiago
Stirling Ford
Tom Amici
Vicente Moavero

Insert Sets

2019 UD Spider-Man Far From Home – Behind the Lens Set

10 Cards – 1:3.33 Packs

BTL-1 Finding The Shot
BTL-2 Action
BTL-3 Blue Screen
BTL-4 Rooftop
BTL-5 Backflip

BTL-6 Happy
BTL-7 Wires
BTL-8 Discussing The Scene
BTL-9 Direction
BTL-10 Battleground

2019 UD Spider-Man Far From Home – Greetings From Abroad Set

15 Cards – 1:3.33 Packs

GFA-1 London
GFA-2 Great Britain
GFA-3 Venice
GFA-4 Italy
GFA-5 Underground
GFA-6 Road Trip
GFA-7 Bon Voyage
GFA-8 Prague

GFA-9 Far From Home
GFA-10 Lontano Da Casa
GFA-11 Queen’s Very Own
GFA-12 World Wide Web-Slinger
GFA-13 Europe
GFA-14 Map
GFA-15 England

2019 UD Spider-Man Far From Home – Mysterio Set

42 Cards – Includes 15 SP and 7 SSP

Base – 1:50
M-1 Heroes United
M-2 Good Talk
M-3 New Threat
M-4 Tour Bus
M-5 Tower Bridge Attack
M-6 Glider
M-7 Incoming
M-8 Super Elemental
M-9 Danger Zone
M-10 Change of Plans
M-11 Peter Parker aka Spider-Man
M-12 Brad Davis & Flash Thompson
M-13 Watching The News
M-14 Nick Fury in Peter Parkers hotel Room
M-15 Maria Hill in Mexico
M-16 Not of Thie Earth
M-17 Pep Talk
M-18 Spidey Sense
M-19 The Suit Makes the Man
M-20 Staving the Threat

Short Prints SP – 1:180
M-21 In the Armory
M-22 Happy and His Shield
M-23 Keeping an Eye on You
M-24 Step Up
M-25 Looks Can Be Deceiving
M-26 Incarcerated
M-27 Best Laid Plans
M-28 I’m Not Spider-Man
M-29 Ferris Wheel
M-30 Night Monkey
M-31 Mysterio vs. Water Elemental
M-32 Battle in Venice
M-33 Deluge
M-34 Water Elemental
M-35 More Than Meets the Eye
Super Short Prints SSP – 1:450
M-36 Molten-Menace
M-37 Mysterious Hero
M-38 Mysterio vs. Fire Elemental
M-39 Earth Elemental
M-40 Parker & Mysterio
M-41 A Lot In Common
M-42 Parker & Beck

2019 UD Spider-Man Far From Home – Primary Elements Set

5 Cards – 1:10 Packs

E-1 Earth
E-2 Super Elemental
E-3 Water
E-4 Fire
E-5 Mysterio


2019 UD Spider-Man Far From Home – Road Trip Set

30 Cards – Includes 10 SP and 5 SSP

Base – 1:25
RT-1 Double Decker
RT-2 Venice
RT-3 Peter & Ned in Venice
RT-4 On The Bus
RT-5 Goats!
RT-6 Packing
RT-7 Chaperones
RT-8 Local News
RT-9 Venice Hotel
RT-10 Cat
RT-11 Fury
RT-12 Strolling Through Venice
RT-13 A Gift
RT-14 Snapping Photos
RT-15 Unexpected Threat

Short Prints SP – 1:45
RT-16 Museum
RT-17 Happy
RT-18 Jail Cell
RT-19 The Opera
RT-20 Pit Stop
RT-21 Airport Security
RT-22 New Couple
RT-23 Mr. Harrington
RT-24 Getting Into Position
RT-25 Enjoying The Scenery
Super Short Prints SSP – 1:180
RT-26 Observation
RT-27 Black Dhalia
RT-28 Water Monster
RT-29 Black Suit
RT-30 Airport

2019 UD Spider-Man Far From Home – Travel Passports Set

10 Cards -1:3.33

PP-1 Peter Parker
PP-2 Michelle Jones
PP-3 Flash Thompson
PP-4 Ned Leeds
PP-5 Roger Harrington

PP-6 Nick Fury
PP-7 Happy Hogan
PP-8 Maria Hill
PP-9 Betty Brant
PP-10 May Parker

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