2020 Leaf Trinity Baseball – Baseball Card Checklist

2020 Leaf Trinity Baseball

2020 Leaf Trinity Baseball is a late release from the company known for sets that contain only autographs. This release is small compared to the licensed releases from Topps, but like Leaf’s other baseball lines, it offers a great selection of up and coming players, including some players already making waves in the MLB. Hobby boxes offer a total of 6 signed cards each, and a full breakdown can be found at Breakninja.com.

2020 Leaf Trinity Baseball – Product Breakdown

Release Date: June 25, 2021
Price: Approx. $135USD Per Hobby Box
Configuration: 6 Cards Per Pack; 1 Pack Per Box; 12 Boxes Per Case
Box Break: 6 Autos

2020 Leaf Trinity Baseball

2020 Leaf Trinity Baseball – Base Auto Bronze Set

98 Cards – Redemptions Noted
Spectrum HoloFoil Parallels: Platinum #/50 or #/25; Green #/25 or #/20; Red #/15; Purple #/10; Spectrum Silver #/5; Spectrum Gold 1/1; Printing Plates 1/1 (*No Franco)

A-AC1 Antonio Cabello XRC
A-AC2 Armando Cruz XRC
A-AH1 Austin Hendrick XRC
A-AL1 Asa Lacy XRC
A-AS1 Aaron Sabato XRC
A-AW1 Alika Williams XRC
A-AW2 Austin Wells XRC
A-BD1 Brennen Davis XRC
A-BH1 Ben Hernandez XRC
A-BJ1 Blaze Jordan XRC
A-BL1 Bayron Lora XRC
A-BM1 Bobby Miller XRC
A-CC1 Carlos Colmenarez XRC
A-CH1 Cole Henry XRC
A-CH2 Cristian Hernandez XRC
A-CM2 Carmen Mlodzinski XRC
A-CM3 Coby Mayo XRC
A-CM4 Chris McMahon XRC
A-CP1 Connor Phillips XRC
A-CR1 Christian Roa XRC
A-CVE C.J. Van Eyk XRC
A-CW1 Cole Wilcox XRC
A-DC1 Dylan Carlson
A-DC2 Diego Cartaya XRC
A-DD1 Dillon Dingler XRC
A-DF1 Dax Fulton XRC
A-DML Dylan MacLean XRC
A-DR1 Drew Romo XRC
A-EH1 Ed Howard XRC
A-EH2 Emerson Hancock XRC
A-EP1 Erick Pena XRC
A-EP2 Everson Pereira XRC
A-FT Fernando Tatis Jr.
A-GM1 Garrett Mitchell XRC
A-GP1 Geraldo Perdomo XRC
A-HB1 Hunter Brown XRC
A-HH1 Hudson Haskin XRC
A-HK1 Heston Kjerstad XRC
A-HY1 Hector Yan XRC
A-IH1 Ivan Herrera XRC
A-JD1 Jasson Dominguez
A-JD3 Jarren Duran XRC
A-JF1 Justin Foscue XRC
A-JJ1 Jared Jones XRC
A-JK1 Jared Kelley XRC
A-JL1 Justin Lange XRC
A-JR1 Julio Rodriguez
A-JS1 Jared Shuster XRC
A-JS2 Jonathan Stiever XRC

A-JW1 Jordan Walker XRC
A-KA1 Keegan Akin XRC
A-LA1 Luisangel Acuna XRC
A-LD1 Lewin Diaz XRC
A-LG1 Luis Garcia XRC
A-LG2 Luis Gil XRC
A-LM2 Luis Matos XRC
A-LP1 Liover Peguero XRC
A-LR1 Luis Rodriguez XRC
A-LT1 Leody Taveras XRC
A-MA1 Mick Abel XRC
A-MA2 Maximo Acosta XRC
A-ML1 Marco Luciano
A-MM1 Max Meyer XRC
A-MU1 Misael Urbina XRC
A-MV1 Miguel Vargas XRC
A-MW1 Masyn Winn XRC
A-MY1 Miguel Yajure XRC
A-NB1 Nick Bitsko XRC
A-NG1 Nick Gonzales XRC
A-NG2 Nick Garcia XRC
A-NL1 Nick Loftin XRC
A-NM1 Noelvi Marte
A-NY1 Nick Yorke XRC
A-OP1 Oswald Peraza XRC
A-PB1 Patrick Bailey XRC
A-PCA Pete Crow-Armstrong XRC
A-PM1 Pedro Martinez XRC
A-RA1 Ronald Acuna
A-RC1 Roansy Contreras XRC
A-RD1 Reid Detmers XRC
A-RG3 Richard Gallardo XRC
A-RH1 Robert Hassell XRC
A-RM2 Ronny Mauricio
A-RV1 Ricky Vanasco XRC
A-RZ1 Ryan Zeferjahn XRC
A-SC1 Seth Corry XRC
A-SC2 Slade Cecconi XRC
A-ST1 Spencer Torkelson XRC
A-TB1 Tanner Burns XRC
A-TS1 Tyler Soderstrom XRC
A-WF1 Wander Franco – Redemption*
A-WP1 Wilderd Patino XRC
A-YC1 Yoelqui Cespedes XRC
A-YC2 Yiddi Cappe XRC
A-YG1 Yoendrys Gomez XRC
A-YS1 Yolbert Sanchez XRC
A-ZDL Zach DeLoach XRC
A-ZV1 Zac Veen XRC

2020 Leaf Trinity Baseball – Patch Auto Bronze Set

122 Cards
Spectrum HoloFoil Parallels: Platinum #/75; Green #/50; Red #/25; Purple #/10; Spectrum Silver #/5; Spectrum Gold 1/1; Printing Plates 1/1

PA-AC1 Antonio Cabello XRC
PA-AH1 Austin Hendrick XRC
PA-AJV AJ Vukovich XRC
PA-AL1 Asa Lacy XRC
PA-AM1 Austin Martin XRC
PA-AS1 Aaron Sabato XRC
PA-AS3 Alerick Soularie XRC
PA-AW1 Alika Williams XRC
PA-AW2 Austin Wells XRC
PA-BB3 Bryce Ball
PA-BC1 Burl Carraway XRC
PA-BD1 Brennen Davis XRC
PA-BE1 Bryce Elder XRC
PA-BH1 Ben Hernandez XRC
PA-BJ1 Blaze Jordan XRC
PA-BJ2 Bryce Jarvis XRC
PA-BL1 Bayron Lora XRC
PA-BM1 Bobby Miller XRC
PA-CA1 Cory Abbott XRC
PA-CB1 Clayton Beeter XRC
PA-CH1 Cole Henry XRC
PA-CM1 Casey Martin XRC
PA-CM2 Carmen Mlodzinski XRC
PA-CM3 Coby Mayo XRC
PA-CM4 Chris McMahon XRC
PA-CP1 Connor Phillips XRC
PA-CR1 Christian Roa XRC
PA-CS1 Casey Schmitt XRC
PA-CT1 Carson Tucker XRC
PA-CW1 Cole Wilcox XRC
PA-DC1 Dylan Carlson
PA-DC2 Diego Cartaya XRC
PA-DC3 Daniel Cabrera XRC
PA-DD1 Dillon Dingler XRC
PA-DF1 Dax Fulton XRC
PA-DR1 Drew Romo XRC
PA-DSK D’Shawn Knowles XRC
PA-EC2 Evan Carter XRC
PA-EH1 Ed Howard XRC
PA-EH2 Emerson Hancock XRC
PA-EP1 Erick Pena XRC
PA-EP2 Everson Pereira XRC
PA-FA1 Francisco Alvarez XRC
PA-FZ1 Freddy Zamora XRC
PA-GC1 Garrett Crochet XRC
PA-GM1 Garrett Mitchell XRC
PA-GP1 Geraldo Perdomo XRC
PA-GW1 Gage Workman XRC
PA-HB1 Hunter Brown XRC
PA-HH1 Hudson Haskin XRC
PA-HK1 Heston Kjerstad XRC
PA-HY1 Hector Yan XRC
PA-IH1 Ivan Herrera XRC
PA-IS1 Ian Seymour XRC
PA-JC1 Jeff Criswell XRC
PA-JD1 Jasson Dominguez
PA-JD3 Jarren Duran XRC
PA-JF1 Justin Foscue XRC
PA-JJ1 Jared Jones XRC
PA-JK1 Jared Kelley XRC

PA-JL1 Justin Lange XRC
PA-JM1 Jackson Miller XRC
PA-JR1 Julio Rodriguez
PA-JS1 Jared Shuster XRC
PA-JS2 Jonathan Stiever XRC
PA-JV1 Jake Vogel XRC
PA-JW1 Jordan Walker XRC
PA-JW2 Jordan Westburg XRC
PA-KA1 Keegan Akin XRC
PA-KH1 Kyle Harrison XRC
PA-KN1 Kyle Nicolas XRC
PA-LA1 Luisangel Acuna XRC
PA-LD1 Lewin Diaz XRC
PA-LM1 Luis Medina XRC
PA-LM2 Luis Matos XRC
PA-LP1 Liover Peguero XRC
PA-LR1 Luis Rodriguez XRC
PA-LT1 Leody Taveras XRC
PA-MA1 Mick Abel XRC
PA-MA2 Maximo Acosta XRC
PA-MB2 Mike Baumann
PA-MH1 Miguel Hiraldo XRC
PA-ML1 Marco Luciano
PA-MM1 Max Meyer XRC
PA-MU1 Misael Urbina XRC
PA-MV1 Miguel Vargas XRC
PA-MY1 Miguel Yajure XRC
PA-NB1 Nick Bitsko XRC
PA-NG1 Nick Gonzales XRC
PA-NG2 Nick Garcia XRC
PA-NL1 Nick Loftin XRC
PA-NM1 Noelvi Marte
PA-NS1 Nick Swiney XRC
PA-NY1 Nick Yorke XRC
PA-OM1 Orelvis Martinez XRC
PA-OP1 Oswald Peraza XRC
PA-PB1 Patrick Bailey XRC
PA-PCA Pete Crow-Armstrong XRC
PA-PH1 Petey Halpin XRC
PA-PM1 Pedro Martinez XRC
PA-RA1 Ronald Acuna
PA-RC1 Roansy Contreras XRC
PA-RD1 Reid Detmers XRC
PA-RG3 Richard Gallardo XRC
PA-RH1 Robert Hassell XRC
PA-RM1 Rafael Marchan XRC
PA-RM2 Ronny Mauricio
PA-RS1 Reid Schaller XRC
PA-RV1 Ricky Vanasco XRC
PA-RZ1 Ryan Zeferjahn XRC
PA-SC1 Seth Corry XRC
PA-SC2 Slade Cecconi XRC
PA-SI1 Sammy Infante XRC
PA-ST1 Spencer Torkelson XRC
PA-TB1 Tanner Burns XRC
PA-TH1 Tink Hence XRC
PA-TS1 Tyler Soderstrom XRC
PA-WB1 Werner Blakely XRC
PA-YS1 Yolbert Sanchez XRC
PA-ZDL Zach DeLoach XRC
PA-ZV1 Zac Veen XRC

2020 Leaf Trinity Baseball – Clear Auto Bronze Set

132 Cards – Serial Numbered #/40
Foil Parallels: Pink #/30; Platinum #/25; Green #/20; Red #/15; Purple #/10; Spectrum Silver #/5; Spectrum Gold 1/1

CA-AC1 Antonio Cabello XRC
CA-AC2 Armando Cruz XRC
CA-AH1 Austin Hendrick XRC
CA-AJV AJ Vukovich XRC
CA-AL1 Asa Lacy XRC
CA-AM1 Austin Martin XRC
CA-AS1 Aaron Sabato XRC
CA-AS2 Alex Santos XRC
CA-AS3 Alerick Soularie XRC
CA-AW1 Alika Williams XRC
CA-AW2 Austin Wells XRC
CA-BB3 Bryce Ball
CA-BC1 Burl Carraway XRC
CA-BD1 Brennen Davis XRC
CA-BE1 Bryce Elder XRC
CA-BH1 Ben Hernandez XRC
CA-BJ1 Blaze Jordan XRC
CA-BJ2 Bryce Jarvis XRC
CA-BL1 Bayron Lora XRC
CA-BM1 Bobby Miller XRC
CA-CA1 Cory Abbott XRC
CA-CB1 Clayton Beeter XRC
CA-CC1 Carlos Colmenarez XRC
CA-CH1 Cole Henry XRC
CA-CH2 Cristian Hernandez XRC
CA-CM1 Casey Martin XRC
CA-CM2 Carmen Mlodzinski XRC
CA-CM3 Coby Mayo XRC
CA-CM4 Chris McMahon XRC
CA-CP1 Connor Phillips XRC
CA-CR1 Christian Roa XRC
CA-CS1 Casey Schmitt XRC
CA-CT1 Carson Tucker XRC
CA-CW1 Cole Wilcox XRC
CA-DC1 Dylan Carlson
CA-DC2 Diego Cartaya XRC
CA-DC3 Daniel Cabrera XRC
CA-DD1 Dillon Dingler XRC
CA-DF1 Dax Fulton XRC
CA-DML Dylan MacLean XRC
CA-DR1 Drew Romo XRC
CA-DSK D’Shawn Knowles XRC
CA-EC2 Evan Carter XRC
CA-ED1 Ezequiel Duran XRC
CA-EH1 Ed Howard XRC
CA-EH2 Emerson Hancock XRC
CA-EP1 Erick Pena XRC
CA-EP2 Everson Pereira XRC
CA-FZ1 Freddy Zamora XRC
CA-GC1 Garrett Crochet XRC
CA-GM1 Garrett Mitchell XRC
CA-GP1 Geraldo Perdomo XRC
CA-GW1 Gage Workman XRC
CA-HB1 Hunter Brown XRC
CA-HH1 Hudson Haskin XRC
CA-HK1 Heston Kjerstad XRC
CA-HY1 Hector Yan XRC
CA-IH1 Ivan Herrera XRC
CA-IS1 Ian Seymour XRC
CA-JC1 Jeff Criswell XRC
CA-JD1 Jasson Dominguez
CA-JD3 Jarren Duran XRC
CA-JF1 Justin Foscue XRC
CA-JJ1 Jared Jones XRC
CA-JK1 Jared Kelley XRC

CA-JL1 Justin Lange XRC
CA-JM1 Jackson Miller XRC
CA-JR1 Julio Rodriguez
CA-JS1 Jared Shuster XRC
CA-JS2 Jonathan Stiever XRC
CA-JW1 Jordan Walker XRC
CA-JW2 Jordan Westburg XRC
CA-KA1 Keegan Akin XRC
CA-KA2 Kevin Alcantara XRC
CA-KH1 Kyle Harrison XRC
CA-KN1 Kyle Nicolas XRC
CA-LA1 Luisangel Acuna XRC
CA-LD1 Lewin Diaz XRC
CA-LG2 Luis Gil XRC
CA-LM1 Luis Medina XRC
CA-LM2 Luis Matos XRC
CA-LP1 Liover Peguero XRC
CA-LR1 Luis Rodriguez XRC
CA-LT1 Leody Taveras XRC
CA-MA1 Mick Abel XRC
CA-MA2 Maximo Acosta XRC
CA-MB2 Mike Baumann
CA-ML1 Marco Luciano
CA-MM1 Max Meyer XRC
CA-MU1 Misael Urbina XRC
CA-MV1 Miguel Vargas XRC
CA-MW1 Masyn Winn XRC
CA-MY1 Miguel Yajure XRC
CA-NB1 Nick Bitsko XRC
CA-NG1 Nick Gonzales XRC
CA-NL1 Nick Loftin XRC
CA-NM1 Noelvi Marte
CA-NS1 Nick Swiney XRC
CA-NY1 Nick Yorke XRC
CA-OM1 Orelvis Martinez XRC
CA-OP1 Oswald Peraza XRC
CA-PB1 Patrick Bailey XRC
CA-PCA Pete Crow-Armstrong XRC
CA-PH1 Petey Halpin XRC
CA-PM1 Pedro Martinez XRC
CA-RA1 Ronald Acuna
CA-RC1 Roansy Contreras XRC
CA-RD1 Reid Detmers XRC
CA-RG3 Richard Gallardo XRC
CA-RH1 Robert Hassell XRC
CA-RM1 Rafael Marchan XRC
CA-RM2 Ronny Mauricio
CA-RS1 Reid Schaller XRC
CA-RS2 Raimfer Salinas XRC
CA-RV1 Ricky Vanasco XRC
CA-RZ1 Ryan Zeferjahn XRC
CA-SC1 Seth Corry XRC
CA-SC2 Slade Cecconi XRC
CA-SI1 Sammy Infante XRC
CA-ST1 Spencer Torkelson XRC
CA-TB1 Tanner Burns XRC
CA-TH1 Tink Hence XRC
CA-TS1 Tyler Soderstrom XRC
CA-WB1 Werner Blakely XRC
CA-WF1 Wander Franco – Redemption
CA-WP1 Wilderd Patino XRC
CA-YC1 Yoelqui Cespedes XRC
CA-YC2 Yiddi Cappe XRC
CA-YS1 Yolbert Sanchez XRC
CA-ZDL Zach DeLoach XRC
CA-ZV1 Zac Veen XRC

2020 Leaf Trinity Baseball – Flashback Clear Auto Bronze Set

2 Cards – Serial Numbered #/99
Parallels: Platinum #/45; Green #/25; Red #/15; Purple #/10; Spectrum Silver #/5; Spectrum Gold 1/1

CA-LG1 Luis Garcia
CA-NM1 Noelvi Marte


2020 Leaf Trinity Baseball – Flashback 2019 Patch Auto Bronze Set

1 Card
Spectrum HoloFoil Parallels: Platinum #/35; Green #/20; Red #/10; Purple #/5; Silver #/3; Gold 1/1

PA-AK1 Alejandro Kirk


2020 Leaf Trinity Baseball – Flashback Clear Auto Bronze Set

1 Card
Spectrum HoloFoil Parallels: Platinum #/35; Green #/20; Red #/10; Purple #/5; Silver #/3; Gold 1/1

A-AK1 Alejandro Kirk

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