2020 Topps The Mandalorian Journey of the Child – Entertainment Card Checklist

2020 Topps The Mandalorian Journey of the Child

2020 Topps The Mandalorian Journey of the Child is a set that is dedicated to the Star Wars spinoff series that is on Disney +. The set specifically focuses on “baby Yoda”, a character that has gained a mass popularity. The release is a small retail exclusive set that is available as a factory set, with a small insert set added.

2020 Topps The Mandalorian – Product Breakdown

Release Date: April 8, 2020
Price: Approx. $10USD Per Box
Configuration: 32 Cards Per Box; 40 Boxes Per Case
Box Break: Full Base Set; 5 Illustrated; 2 Inserts

2020 Topps The Mandalorian – Base Set

Base Speeder Bike Delight
24 Cards – Full Set Per Box
Parallels: Green: Red #/99; Blue #/50; Orange #/10; Steel 1/1

1 Enter the Child
2 An Unexpected Bounty
3 Along for the Ride
4 Taking Aim with the Mandalorian
5 Witness to the Mud Horn Fight
6 It’s Not a Toy
7 Imperial Drop-Off
8 Giving in to the Child
9 “Don’t Touch That.”
10 Not Staying Put
11 Breaking up the Fight
12 Into the Village
13 Saying Good-Bye

14 An Unexpected Passenger
15 A New Friendly Face
16 A Temporary Caretaker
17 The Child Revealed
18 Unwise Taunts
19 “I Told You That Was a Bad Idea”
20 Into the care of Kuiil
21 Meeting the Child
22 Running Towards the Razor Crest
23 Speeder Bike Delight
24 Looking Up
25 Blasting off with the Phoenix

2020 Topps The Mandalorian – Illustrated Set

Illustrated Baby Yoda
5 Cards – Full Set Per Box
Parallels: Green; Red #/99; Blue #/50; Orange #/10; Steel 1/1

1 Collar Up!
2 The Child
3 Star Wars and The Child
4 The Force is Strong with this Little One
5 The Illustrated Child


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