2020 Topps Transcendent Collection Tennis Hall of Fame – Tennis Card Checklist

2020 Topps Transcendent Collection Tennis Hall of Fame

2020 Topps Transcendent Collection Tennis Hall of Fame is an ultra high-end release that is extremely limited in its production. With only 50 boxes being produced, this is one of the most limited releases of any sport this year. Collectors who are willing to take the plunge will each get a full base set, 32 autographs, and an Invitation to an exclusive Hall of Fame event in July 2020. The checklist features some of the biggest names ever to play professional tennis.

2020 Topps Transcendent – Product Breakdown

Release Date: April 1, 2020
Price: Approx. $12,000USD Per Hobby Box
Configuration: 82 Cards Per Box; 50 Total Boxes
Box Break: Full Base Set; 20 Transcendent Collection Autos #/25 or Less; 1 1952 SuperFractor Auto; 1 Cut Sig; 1 VIP Invitation

2020 Topps Transcendent – Transcendent Icons Base Set

Transcendent Icons Base Pete Sampras MOCK UP
50 Cards – Serial Numbered #/50 – Full Set Per Box

1 Rod Laver
2 Marat Safin
3 Roger Federer
4 Li Na
5 Jim Courier
6 Andre Agassi
7 David Hall
8 Kim Clijsters
9 Stan Smith
10 Jimmy Connors
11 Amélie Mauresmo
12 Martina Hingis
13 Ivan Lendl
14 Pete Sampras
15 Gustavo Kuerten
16 Stefan Edberg
17 Boris Becker
18 Roy Emerson
19 Yevgeny Kafelnikov
20 Chris Evert
21 Ion Tiriac
22 Charlie Pasarell
23 Michael Stich
24 Manuel Orantes
25 Martina Navratilova

26 Justine Henin
27 Françoise Dürr
28 Cliff Drysdale
29 Yannick Noah
30 Helena Suková
31 Pam Shriver
32 Naomi Osaka
33 Dennis Ralston
34 Michael Chang
35 Mark Woodforde
36 Rosie Casals
37 Virginia Wade
38 Björn Borg
39 Margaret Smith Court
40 Tracy Austin
41 Nancy Richey
42 Nick Bollettieri
43 John Newcombe
44 Gigi Fernández
45 Billie Jean King
46 Pat Rafter
47 Fred Stolle
48 Natasha Zvereva
49 Jan Kodeš
50 Steffi Graf

Autograph Sets

2020 Topps Transcendent – Framed Transcendent Collection Auto Set

Framed Transcendent Collection Auto Steffi Graff MOCK UP
51 Cards – Serial Numbered #/25 – 30 Per Box
Parallels: Emerald #/5; Red 1/1; Platinum 1/1

TCA-AA Andre Agassi
TCA-AM Amélie Mauresmo
TCA-BB Boris Becker
TCA-BBO Björn Borg
TCA-BJK Billie Jean King
TCA-CD Cliff Drysdale
TCA-CE Chris Evert
TCA-CP Charlie Pasarell
TCA-DH David Hall
TCA-DR Dennis Ralston
TCA-EG Evonne Goolagong
TCA-FD Françoise Dürr
TCA-FS Fred Stolle
TCA-GF Gigi Fernández
TCA-GK Gustavo Kuerten
TCA-HS Helena Suková
TCA-IL Ivan Lendl
TCA-JCO Jim Courier
TCA-JH Justine Henin
TCA-JIC Jimmy Connors
TCA-JK Jan Kodeš
TCA-JNE John Newcombe
TCA-KC Kim Clijsters
TCA-KR Ken Rosewall
TCA-MC Michael Chang

TCA-MH Martina Hingis
TCA-MN Martina Navratilova
TCA-MO Manuel Orantes
TCA-MS Michael Stich
TCA-MSA Marat Safin
TCA-MSC Margaret Smith Court
TCA-MW Mark Woodforde
TCA-NB Nick Bollettieri
TCA-NO Naomi Osaka
TCA-NR Nancy Richey
TCA-NZ Natasha Zvereva
TCA-PR Pat Rafter
TCA-PS Pete Sampras
TCA-PSH Pam Shriver
TCA-RC Rosie Casals
TCA-RE Roy Emerson
TCA-RF Roger Federer
TCA-RL Rod Laver
TCA-SE Stefan Edberg
TCA-SG Steffi Graf
TCA-SS Stan Smith
TCA-TA Tracy Austin
TCA-TR Tony Roche
TCA-VW Virginia Wade
TCA-YK Yevgeny Kafelnikov

2020 Topps Transcendent – 1952 Topps SuperFractor Auto Set

1952 Topps SuperFractor Auto Andre Agassi MOCK UP
50 Cards – Serial Numbered 1/1 – 1 Per Box

TSA-AA Andre Agassi
TSA-AM Amélie Mauresmo
TSA-BB Boris Becker
TSA-BBO Björn Borg
TSA-BJK Billie Jean King
TSA-CD Cliff Drysdale
TSA-CE Chris Evert
TSA-CP Charlie Pasarell
TSA-DH David Hall
TSA-DR Dennis Ralston
TSA-EG Evonne Goolagong
TSA-FD Françoise Dürr
TSA-FS Fred Stolle
TSA-GF Gigi Fernández
TSA-GK Gustavo Kuerten
TSA-HS Helena Suková
TSA-IL Ivan Lendl
TSA-JCO Jim Courier
TSA-JH Justine Henin
TSA-JIC Jimmy Connors
TSA-JK Jan Kodeš
TSA-JNE John Newcombe
TSA-KC Kim Clijsters
TSA-MC Michael Chang

TSA-MH Martina Hingis
TSA-MN Martina Navratilova
TSA-MO Manuel Orantes
TSA-MS Michael Stich
TSA-MSA Marat Safin
TSA-MSC Margaret Smith Court
TSA-MW Mark Woodforde
TSA-NB Nick Bollettieri
TSA-NO Naomi Osaka
TSA-NR Nancy Richey
TSA-NZ Natasha Zvereva
TSA-PR Pat Rafter
TSA-PSA Pete Sampras
TSA-PSH Pam Shriver
TSA-RC Rosie Casals
TSA-RE Roy Emerson
TSA-RF Roger Federer
TSA-RL Rod Laver
TSA-SE Stefan Edberg
TSA-SG Steffi Graf
TSA-SS Stan Smith
TSA-TA Tracy Austin
TSA-TR Tony Roche
TSA-VW Virginia Wade
TSA-YK Yevgeny Kafelnikov

2020 Topps Transcendent – Oversized Cut Signatures Set

Oversized Cut Signature Arthur Ashe MOCK UP
39 Cards – Serial Numbered 1/1

TCS-AA Arthur Ashe
TCS-AG Althea Gibson
TCS-AM Alice Marble
TCS-BA Bunny Austin
TCS-BN Betty Nuthall
TCS-BR Bobby Riggs
TCS-BT Bill Talbert
TCS-BTI Bill Tilden
TCS-DB Don Budge
TCS-DD Dwight Davis
TCS-DHA Doris Hart
TCS-DR Dorothy Round
TCS-ES Eleonora Sears
TCS-EV Ellsworth Vines
TCS-FP Fred Perry
TCS-FPA Frank Parker
TCS-GM Gardnar Mulloy
TCS-HHJ Helen Hull Jacobs
TCS-HHW Hazel Hotchkiss Wightman
TCS-HK Henri Cochet

TCS-HW Helen Wills
TCS-JB Jean Borotra
TCS-JBR John Bromwich
TCS-JD Jaroslav Drobný
TCS-JK Jack Kramer
TCS-JVR John Van Ryn
TCS-KG Kathleen Godfree
TCS-KM Ken McGregor
TCS-LB Louise Brough
TCS-LH Lamar Hunt
TCS-LHO Lew Hoad
TCS-MB Maria Bueno
TCS-MOD Margaret Osborne duPont
TCS-MR Mervyn Rose
TCS-PBA Pauline Betz Addie
TCS-PG Pancho Gonzales
TCS-PS Pancho Segura
TCS-SP Sarah Palfrey
TCS-TS Ted Schroeder

2020 Topps Transcendent – Oversized Dual Cut Signatures Set

11 Cards – Serial Numbered 1/1

DCS-BP Fred Perry / Don Budge
DCS-BT Bill Tilden / Don Budge
DCS-DB Louise Brough / Margaret Osborne duPont
DCS-GB Althea Gibson / Louise Brough
DCS-HB Louise Brough / Doris Hart
DCS-KG Pancho Gonzales / Jack Kramer
DCS-KR Bobby Riggs / Jack Kramer
DCS-RB Don Budge / Bobby Riggs
DCS-TSE Bill Talbert / Pancho Segura
DCS-TV Bill Tilden / Ellsworth Vines
DCS-VB Ellsworth Vines / Don Budge


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