2021 Leaf Memories College – Football Card Checklist

2021 Leaf Memories College Football

2021 Leaf Memories College Football is a set that focuses on NCAA players and alumni. Like many Leaf sets, the release only offers autographs, with 7 cards being included in every box. The set offers cards based on 4 different years of Leaf Baseball design, and is available in multiple parallel versions. Many of the cards act as Amateur Rookie Cards (ARC) for the included players, however there are also some Extended Rookie Cards (XRC) like Trevor Lawrence. With 7 signed cards per box, which could provide decent value as a long term investment for player collectors. A full player-by-player breakdown can be found at Breakninja.com.

2021 Leaf Memories – Product Breakdown

Release Date: April 2022 TBA
Price: Approx. $150USD Per Hobby Box
Configuration: 7 Cards Per Box; 12 Boxes Per Case
Box Break: 7 Autos

2021 Leaf Memories – 1960 Base Auto Set

1960 Base Auto Purple Spectrum Trevor Lawrence MOCK UP
54 Cards
Spectrum Parallels: Bronze #/99 or Less; Platinum #/50 or Less; Green #/35 or Less; Red #/30 or Less; Purple #/25 or Less; Black #/10 or Less; Silver #/5 or Less; Gold 1/1

BW-AR1 Anthony Richardson ARC
BW-BRJ Brian Robinson Jr. ARC
BW-BY1 Bryce Young ARC
BW-CJS C.J. Stroud ARC
BW-CS1 Carson Strong ARC
BW-CT1 Casey Thompson ARC
BW-CO1 Chris Olave ARC
BW-DJU D.J. Uiagalelei ARC
BW-DEK D’Eriq King ARC
BW-DWE D’Wayne Eskridge XRC
BW-DR1 Desmond Ridder ARC
BW-DS2 DeVonta Smith XRC
BW-DL1 Drake London ARC
BW-EM1 Elijah Mitchell XRC
BW-EM2 Elijah Moore XRC
BW-EG1 Eric Gray ARC
BW-GK1 George Karlaftis ARC
BW-GM1 Graham Mertz ARC
BW-GM2 Grayson McCall ARC
BW-HD1 Hudson Card ARC
BW-IS1 Isaiah Spiller ARC
BW-JC1 Jacob Copeland ARC
BW-JH1 Jadon Haselwood ARC
BW-JP1 Jaret Patterson XRC
BW-JB1 Javon Baker ARC
BW-JD1 Jayden Daniels ARC
BW-JS1 Jeff Sims ARC

BW-JR1 Jeremy Ruckert ARC
BW-JM2 Joe Montana
BW-JM1 John Metchie III ARC
BW-KB2 Kayshon Boutte ARC
BW-KT2 Kayvon Thibodeaux ARC
BW-KB1 Kennedy Brooks ARC
BW-KW1 Kenneth Walker III ARC
BW-KH1 Kyle Hamilton ARC
BW-KT1 Kyle Trask XRC
BW-MJ1 Mac Jones XRC
BW-MM1 Malachi Moore ARC
BW-MW2 Malik Willis ARC
BW-MC2 Matt Corral ARC
BW-MC1 Michael Carter XRC
BW-PF1 Pat Freiermuth XRC
BW-PJ2 Patrick Jones II XRC
BW-PJ1 Phil Jurkovec ARC
BW-QE1 Quinn Ewers ARC
BW-SR2 Spencer Rattler ARC
BW-TJV T.J. Vasher XRC
BW-TT1 Taulia Tagovailoa ARC
BW-TL1 Trevor Lawrence XRC
BW-TS1 Tyler Shough ARC
BW-WL1 Will Levis ARC
BW-ZE1 Zach Evans ARC
BW-ZH1 Zach Harrison ARC
BW-ZF1 Zay Flowers ARC

2021 Leaf Memories – 1990 Base Auto Set

1990 Base Auto Black Bryce Young MOCK UP
141 Cards
Spectrum Parallels: Bronze #/99 or Less; Platinum #/50 or Less; Green #/35 or Less; Red #/30 or Less; Purple #/25 or Less; Black #/10 or Less; Silver #/5 or Less; Gold 1/1

BA-AH2 Agiye Hall ARC
BA-AH1 Aidan Hutchinson ARC
BA-AA2 Andre Anthony ARC
BA-ABJ Anthony Brown Jr. ARC
BA-AR1 Anthony Richardson ARC
BA-AS3 Arian Smith ARC
BA-AS1 Austin Stogner ARC
BA-BG1 Braden Galloway ARC
BA-BT1 Brandon Thomas ARC
BA-BK1 Brant Kuithe ARC
BA-BRJ Brian Robinson Jr. ARC
BA-BY1 Bryce Young ARC
BA-CJS C.J. Stroud ARC
BA-CO2 Cade Otton ARC
BA-CR1 Cameron Rising ARC
BA-CS1 Carson Strong ARC
BA-CT1 Casey Thompson ARC
BA-CO1 Chris Olave ARC
BA-CRJ Chris Rodriguez Jr. ARC
BA-CH1 Christian Harris ARC
BA-CT2 Cole Turner ARC
BA-CB1 Connor Bazelak ARC
BA-DJU D.J. Uiagalelei ARC
BA-DEK D’Eriq King ARC
BA-DP1 D’Vonte Price ARC
BA-DWE D’Wayne Eskridge XRC
BA-DB1 David Bell ARC
BA-DH1 Daxton Hill ARC
BA-DL1 DeMarvin Leal ARC
BA-DR1 Desmond Ridder ARC
BA-DL2 Devin Lloyd ARC
BA-DS2 DeVonta Smith XRC
BA-DD1 Dontario Drummond ARC
BA-DL3 Drake London ARC
BA-DW1 Duece Watts ARC
BA-DC1 Dustin Crum ARC
BA-EM1 Elijah Mitchell XRC
BA-EE1 Emeka Egbuka ARC
BA-EE2 Emeka Emezie ARC
BA-EG1 Eric Gray ARC
BA-EE3 Erik Ezukanma ARC
BA-FGJ Frank Gore Jr. ARC
BA-FL1 Frank Ladson Jr. ARC
BA-GM2 Ga’Quincy McKinstry ARC
BA-GSJ Gee Scott Jr. ARC
BA-GK1 George Karlaftis ARC
BA-GM1 Graham Mertz ARC
BA-GM3 Grayson McCall ARC
BA-GB1 Greg Bell ARC
BA-HB1 Hank Bachmeier ARC
BA-HD1 Hudson Card ARC
BA-IS1 Isaiah Spiller ARC
BA-JJM J.J. McCarthy ARC
BA-JC1 Jack Coan ARC
BA-JC2 Jacob Copeland ARC
BA-JH1 Jadon Haselwood ARC
BA-JH3 Jaivon Heiligh ARC
BA-JT1 Jalen Tolbert ARC
BA-JW1 Jalen Wydermyer ARC
BA-JR2 Jaquarii Roberson ARC
BA-JP1 Jaret Patterson XRC
BA-JB2 Javon Baker ARC
BA-JW3 Javonte Williams XRC
BA-JD1 Jayden Daniels ARC
BA-JS1 Jeff Sims ARC
BA-JR1 Jeremy Ruckert ARC
BA-JE1 Jerrion Ealy ARC
BA-JM3 Joe Montana
BA-JEJ John Emery Jr. ARC
BA-JL1 John Lovett ARC
BA-JM1 John Metchie III ARC

BA-JJ2 Johnny Johnson III ARC
BA-JE2 Jojo Earle ARC
BA-JA1 Josh Ali ARC
BA-JW4 Josh Whyle ARC
BA-JM2 Joshua Moore ARC
BA-JF1 Julian Fleming ARC
BA-KB2 Kayshon Boutte ARC
BA-KR1 Keilan Robinson ARC
BA-KR2 Kelee Ringo ARC
BA-KB1 Kennedy Brooks ARC
BA-KW1 Kenneth Walker III ARC
BA-KH1 Kevin Harris ARC
BA-KE1 Kingsley Enagbare ARC
BA-KH2 Kyle Hamilton ARC
BA-KM1 Kyle McCord ARC
BA-KW2 Kyren Williams ARC
BA-LH1 Layne Hatcher ARC
BA-MJ1 Mac Jones XRC
BA-MM1 Malachi Moore ARC
BA-MC1 Malik Cunningham ARC
BA-MW1 Malik Willis ARC
BA-MT1 Master Teague III ARC
BA-MD1 Mataeo Durant ARC
BA-MC2 Matt Corral ARC
BA-MB1 Max Borghi ARC
BA-MM2 McKenzie Milton ARC
BA-MP2 Micah Parsons XRC
BA-MM3 Michael Mayer ARC
BA-MPJ Michael Penix Jr. ARC
BA-MT2 Michael Trigg ARC
BA-MI1 Mohamed Ibrahim ARC
BA-MP1 Mycah Pittman ARC
BA-ND1 Nakobe Dean ARC
BA-NS2 Nick Starkel ARC
BA-NS3 Noah Sewell ARC
BA-NS1 Nolan Smith ARC
BA-PJ1 Phil Jurkovec ARC
BA-PC1 Pierce Clarkson ARC
BA-QE1 Quinn Ewers ARC
BA-RW1 Rachaad White ARC
BA-RJ1 Rakim Jarrett ARC
BA-RR1 Reggie Roberson Jr. ARC
BA-RD1 Romeo Doubs ARC
BA-RR2 Ronnie Rivers ARC
BA-SH1 Sam Huard ARC
BA-SC1 Sean Clifford ARC
BA-SB1 Slade Bolden ARC
BA-SR1 Spencer Rattler ARC
BA-SS1 Spencer Sanders ARC
BA-TT1 Taulia Tagovailoa ARC
BA-TH1 Traeshon Holden ARC
BA-TD2 Travis Dye ARC
BA-TL1 Trevor Lawrence XRC
BA-TB1 Treylon Burks ARC
BA-TF1 Troy Franklin ARC
BA-TO1 Troy Omeire ARC
BA-TF2 Ty Fryfogle ARC
BA-TA1 Tyler Allgeier ARC
BA-TD3 Tyler Davis ARC
BA-TS2 Tyler Shough ARC
BA-TS3 Tyreke Smith ARC
BA-TD1 Tyrion Davis-Price ARC
BA-VM1 Vavae Malepeai ARC
BA-VJJ Velus Jones Jr. ARC
BA-WL1 Will Levis ARC
BA-XW1 Xavier Worthy ARC
BA-ZE1 Zach Evans ARC
BA-ZH1 Zach Harrison ARC
BA-ZF1 Zay Flowers ARC

2021 Leaf Memories – 1991 Base Auto Set

1991 Base Auto Gold Spectrum Chris Olave MOCK UP
77 Cards
Spectrum Parallels: Bronze #/99 or Less; Platinum #/50 or Less; Green #/35 or Less; Red #/30 or Less; Purple #/25 or Less; Black #/10 or Less; Silver #/5 or Less; Gold 1/1

GLR-AH2 Agiye Hall ARC
GLR-AH1 Aidan Hutchinson ARC
GLR-AA2 Andre Anthony ARC
GLR-BG1 Braden Galloway ARC
GLR-BT1 Brandon Thomas ARC
GLR-BK1 Brant Kuithe ARC
GLR-BRJ Brian Robinson Jr. ARC
GLR-BY1 Bryce Young ARC
GLR-CO2 Cade Otton ARC
GLR-CO1 Chris Olave ARC
GLR-CRJ Chris Rodriguez Jr. ARC
GLR-CH1 Christian Harris ARC
GLR-CT1 Cole Turner ARC
GLR-DP1 D’Vonte Price ARC
GLR-DB1 David Bell ARC
GLR-DH1 Daxton Hill ARC
GLR-DR1 Desmond Ridder ARC
GLR-DD1 Dontario Drummond ARC
GLR-DW1 Duece Watts ARC
GLR-EE1 Emeka Egbuka ARC
GLR-EE2 Emeka Emezie ARC
GLR-EE3 Erik Ezukanma ARC
GLR-GM1 Ga’Quincy McKinstry ARC
GLR-GSJ Gee Scott Jr. ARC
GLR-GM2 Grayson McCall ARC
GLR-GB1 Greg Bell ARC
GLR-HB1 Hank Bachmeier ARC
GLR-IS1 Isaiah Spiller ARC
GLR-JC1 Jacob Copeland ARC
GLR-JH1 Jadon Haselwood ARC
GLR-JH3 Jaivon Heiligh ARC
GLR-JW1 Jalen Wydermyer ARC
GLR-JB2 Javon Baker ARC
GLR-JR1 Jeremy Ruckert ARC
GLR-JE1 Jerrion Ealy ARC
GLR-JM2 Joe Montana
GLR-JL1 John Lovett ARC
GLR-JM1 John Metchie III ARC
GLR-JA1 Josh Ali ARC

GLR-KB1 Kayshon Boutte ARC
GLR-KT1 Kayvon Thibodeaux ARC
GLR-KR1 Keilan Robinson ARC
GLR-KH1 Kevin Harris ARC
GLR-KE1 Kingsley Enagbare ARC
GLR-KH2 Kyle Hamilton ARC
GLR-KM1 Kyle McCord ARC
GLR-LH1 Layne Hatcher ARC
GLR-MM1 Malachi Moore ARC
GLR-MW1 Malik Willis ARC
GLR-MT1 Master Teague III ARC
GLR-MC1 Matt Corral ARC
GLR-MB1 Max Borghi ARC
GLR-MM2 McKenzie Milton ARC
GLR-MM3 Michael Mayer ARC
GLR-MPJ Michael Penix Jr. ARC
GLR-MT2 Michael Trigg ARC
GLR-ND1 Nakobe Dean ARC
GLR-NS1 Nick Starkel ARC
GLR-NS2 Noah Sewell ARC
GLR-PC1 Pierce Clarkson ARC
GLR-QE1 Quinn Ewers ARC
GLR-RJ1 Rakim Jarrett ARC
GLR-RR1 Reggie Roberson Jr. ARC
GLR-SH1 Sam Huard ARC
GLR-SC1 Sean Clifford ARC
GLR-SR1 Spencer Rattler ARC
GLR-TT1 Taulia Tagovailoa ARC
GLR-TH1 Traeshon Holden ARC
GLR-TL1 Trevor Lawrence XRC
GLR-TF1 Troy Franklin ARC
GLR-TO1 Troy Omeire ARC
GLR-TA1 Tyler Allgeier ARC
GLR-TS1 Tyler Shough ARC
GLR-TS2 Tyreke Smith ARC
GLR-VJJ Velus Jones Jr. ARC
GLR-ZH1 Zach Harrison ARC
GLR-ZF1 Zay Flowers ARC

2021 Leaf Memories – 1992 Base Auto Set

1992 Base Auto Purple Kayvon Thibodeaux MOCK UP
77 Cards
Spectrum Parallels: Bronze #/99 or Less; Platinum #/50 or Less; Green #/35 or Less; Red #/30 or Less; Purple #/25 or Less; Black #/10 or Less; Silver #/5 or Less; Gold 1/1

BG-ABJ Anthony Brown Jr. ARC
BG-AR1 Anthony Richardson ARC
BG-AS2 Arian Smith ARC
BG-AS1 Austin Stogner ARC
BG-BRJ Brian Robinson Jr. ARC
BG-BY1 Bryce Young ARC
BG-CO2 Cade Otton ARC
BG-CR1 Cameron Rising ARC
BG-CT1 Casey Thompson ARC
BG-CO1 Chris Olave ARC
BG-CH1 Christian Harris ARC
BG-CB1 Connor Bazelak ARC
BG-DP1 D’Vonte Price ARC
BG-DWE D’Wayne Eskridge XRC
BG-DB1 David Bell ARC
BG-DL1 DeMarvin Leal ARC
BG-DR1 Desmond Ridder ARC
BG-DL2 Devin Lloyd ARC
BG-DL3 Drake London ARC
BG-DC1 Dustin Crum ARC
BG-EE1 Erik Ezukanma ARC
BG-FGJ Frank Gore Jr. ARC
BG-FL1 Frank Ladson Jr. ARC
BG-GSJ Gee Scott Jr. ARC
BG-GB1 Greg Bell ARC
BG-IS1 Isaiah Spiller ARC
BG-JC1 Jacob Copeland ARC
BG-JH1 Jadon Haselwood ARC
BG-JT1 Jalen Tolbert ARC
BG-JW1 Jalen Wydermyer ARC
BG-JR1 Jaquarii Roberson ARC
BG-JB1 Javon Baker ARC
BG-JD1 Jayden Daniels ARC
BG-JS1 Jeff Sims ARC
BG-JM3 Joe Montana
BG-JEJ John Emery Jr. ARC
BG-JM1 John Metchie III ARC
BG-JJ1 Johnny Johnson III ARC
BG-JE1 Jojo Earle ARC

BG-JW3 Josh Whyle ARC
BG-JM2 Joshua Moore ARC
BG-JF1 Julian Fleming ARC
BG-KB2 Kayshon Boutte ARC
BG-KT1 Kayvon Thibodeaux ARC
BG-KR1 Kelee Ringo ARC
BG-KB1 Kennedy Brooks ARC
BG-KH1 Kevin Harris ARC
BG-KH2 Kyle Hamilton ARC
BG-KW1 Kyren Williams ARC
BG-MM1 Malachi Moore ARC
BG-MC1 Malik Cunningham ARC
BG-MD1 Mataeo Durant ARC
BG-MB1 Max Borghi ARC
BG-MM2 McKenzie Milton ARC
BG-MP2 Micah Parsons XRC
BG-MI1 Mohamed Ibrahim ARC
BG-MP1 Mycah Pittman ARC
BG-NS1 Nolan Smith ARC
BG-QE1 Quinn Ewers ARC
BG-RW1 Rachaad White ARC
BG-RD1 Romeo Doubs ARC
BG-RR1 Ronnie Rivers ARC
BG-SH1 Sam Huard ARC
BG-SB1 Slade Bolden ARC
BG-SS1 Spencer Sanders ARC
BG-TD2 Travis Dye ARC
BG-TL1 Trevor Lawrence XRC
BG-TF1 Troy Franklin ARC
BG-TF2 Ty Fryfogle ARC
BG-TD3 Tyler Davis ARC
BG-TS2 Tyler Shough ARC
BG-TD1 Tyrion Davis-Price ARC
BG-VM1 Vavae Malepeai ARC
BG-WL1 Will Levis ARC
BG-XW1 Xavier Worthy ARC
BG-ZF1 Zay Flowers ARC

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