2021 Pro Set Baseball Blaster – Baseball Card Checklist

2021 Pro Set Baseball Blaster

2021 Pro Set Baseball Blaster is a limited release that plays off the main Pro Set Baseball release. Much like the Leaf Baseball Blaster, the release offers a full base set, as well as 3 signed cards in every hobby box. Autographed cards are all sticker signed, but the set is affordable, which makes for an attractive release. Players included are mostly draft prospects, but there are a few already drafted players included. A full player-by-player breakdown can be found at Breakninja.com.

2021 Pro Set Baseball – Product Breakdown

Release Date: March 8, 2022
Price: Approx. $30USD Per Blaster Box
Configuration: 53 Cards Per Box; 20 Boxes Per Case
Box Break: 3 Autos

2021 Pro Set Baseball – Base Set

Base Jack Leiter MOCK UP
50 Cards – Full Set Per Box
Parallels: Green; Red

PS01 Adley Rutschman
PS02 Bobby Witt Jr.
PS03 Brett Baty
PS04 Cristian Hernandez
PS05 Grayson Rodriguez
PS06 Jasson Dominguez
PS07 Jordan Walker
PS08 Luis Matos
PS09 Marco Luciano
PS10 Mick Abel
PS11 Nick Gonzales
PS12 Noelvi Marte
PS13 Nolan Gorman
PS14 Orelvis Martinez
PS15 Oswald Peraza
PS16 Riley Greene
PS17 Robert Hassell
PS18 Triston Casas
PS19 Zac Veen
PS20 Andrew Painter XRC
PS21 Benny Montgomery XRC
PS22 Blaze Jordan XRC
PS23 Brady House XRC
PS24 Bryan Acuna XRC
PS25 Colson Montgomery XRC

PS26 Colton Cowser XRC
PS27 Frank Mozzicato XRC
PS28 Gabriel Moreno XRC
PS29 Gunnar Hoglund XRC
PS30 Harry Ford XRC
PS31 Hedbert Perez XRC
PS32 Jack Leiter XRC
PS33 Jackson Jobe XRC
PS34 Jairo Pomares XRC
PS35 Jordan Lawlar XRC
PS36 Jordan Wicks XRC
PS37 Jose Miranda XRC
PS38 Jose Rodriguez XRC
PS39 Jose Salas XRC
PS40 Kahlil Watson XRC
PS41 Marcelo Mayer XRC
PS42 Matt McLain XRC
PS43 Michael Harris II XRC
PS44 Oscar Colas XRC
PS45 Owen Caissie XRC
PS46 Sal Frelick XRC
PS47 Sam Bachman XRC
PS48 Trey Sweeney XRC
PS49 Will Bednar XRC
PS50 Wilman Diaz XRC

Autograph Sets

2021 Pro Set Baseball – Auto Sets

Base Auto Jordan Lawler MOCK UP
144 Cards
Parallels: Green; Red

PS-AA2 Andrew Abbott XRC
PS-ADC Adrian Del Castillo XRC
PS-AG1 Anthony Gutierrez XRC
PS-AH1 Alejandro Hidalgo XRC
PS-AJS AJ Smith-Shawver XRC
PS-AM1 Angel Martinez XRC
PS-AP1 Andrew Painter XRC
PS-AS1 Anthony Solometo XRC
PS-AV1 Alexander Vargas XRC
PS-AV2 Alexander Vizcaino XRC
PS-AZ1 Aaron Zavala XRC
PS-BA1 Bryan Acuna XRC
PS-BB1 Brett Baty
PS-BB2 Brendan Beck XRC
PS-BC1 Bubba Chandler XRC
PS-BH1 Brady House XRC
PS-BJ1 Blaze Jordan XRC
PS-BK1 Ben Kudrna XRC
PS-BM1 Benny Montgomery XRC
PS-BR1 Brayan Rocchio XRC
PS-BS1 Brock Selvidge XRC
PS-BWJ Bobby Witt Jr.
PS-CC1 Colton Cowser XRC
PS-CC2 Cameron Cauley XRC
PS-CH2 Cristian Hernandez
PS-CJ1 Carter Jensen XRC
PS-CK1 Cooper Kinney XRC
PS-CM1 Cody Morissette XRC
PS-CM2 Colson Montgomery XRC
PS-CP1 Chase Petty XRC
PS-CS1 Cristian Santana XRC
PS-CW1 Carson Williams XRC
PS-DC1 Derek Curiel ARC
PS-DG1 Drew Gray XRC
PS-DL1 Daylen Lile XRC
PS-DN1 Doug Nikhazy XRC
PS-DS1 Dylan Smith XRC
PS-EG1 Eduardo Garcia XRC
PS-EL1 Eddys Leonard XRC
PS-ES1 Eric Silva XRC
PS-EW1 Ethan Wilson XRC
PS-FM1 Frank Mozzicato XRC
PS-GH1 Gunnar Hoglund XRC
PS-GM1 Gabriel Moreno XRC
PS-GR1 Grayson Rodriguez
PS-GW1 Gavin Williams XRC
PS-HF1 Harry Ford XRC
PS-HP1 Hedbert Perez XRC
PS-IC1 Irving Carter XRC
PS-IL1 Ian Lewis Jr. XRC
PS-IP1 Izaac Pacheco XRC
PS-JA1 Jay Allen XRC
PS-JB1 Joshua Baez XRC
PS-JB2 Jose Butto XRC
PS-JD1 Jasson Dominguez – Full Redemption
PS-JF1 Jake Fox XRC
PS-JF2 Jesse Franklin
PS-JH1 Jaden Hill XRC
PS-JJ1 Jackson Jobe XRC
PS-JL1 Jack Leiter XRC
PS-JL2 Jordan Lawlar XRC
PS-JM1 Joe Mack XRC
PS-JM2 Jordan McCants XRC
PS-JM3 Jose Miranda XRC
PS-JP1 Jairo Pomares XRC
PS-JP2 Jose Perdomo XRC
PS-JQ1 Jeferson Quero XRC
PS-JR1 Jose Ramos XRC
PS-JR2 John Rhodes XRC
PS-JR3 Joe Rock XRC
PS-JR4 Jose Rodriguez XRC
PS-JS1 Jose Salas XRC

PS-JT1 James Triantos XRC
PS-JV1 Jake Vogel
PS-JV2 Jordany Ventura XRC
PS-JW1 James Wood XRC
PS-JW2 Jordan Wicks XRC
PS-JW3 Jordan Walker
PS-KB1 Ky Bush XRC
PS-KW1 Kahlil Watson XRC
PS-LM2 Luis Matos
PS-LW1 Lonnie White XRC
PS-MA1 Mick Abel
PS-MA2 Miguel Amaya XRC
PS-MB1 Maddux Bruns XRC
PS-MB2 Mitchell Bratt XRC
PS-MH1 Michael Harris II XRC
PS-ML1 Marco Luciano
PS-MM1 Manuel Mercedes XRC
PS-MM2 Matt McLain XRC
PS-MM3 Max Muncy XRC
PS-MM4 Michael McGreevy XRC
PS-MM5 Michael Morales XRC
PS-MM6 Matt Mikulski XRC
PS-MM7 Marcelo Mayer XRC
PS-MN1 Mat Nelson XRC
PS-MS1 Mitch Spence XRC
PS-NG1 Nolan Gorman
PS-NG2 Nick Gonzales
PS-NM1 Noelvi Marte
PS-NM2 Noah Miller XRC
PS-OC2 Oscar Colas XRC
PS-OM1 Orelvis Martinez
PS-OM2 Orlando Martinez XRC
PS-OP1 Oswald Peraza
PS-PH1 Peter Heubeck XRC
PS-PP1 Pedro Pineda XRC
PS-PW1 Peyton Wilson XRC
PS-RC2 Ryan Cusick XRC
PS-RC3 Roberto Campos XRC
PS-RG1 Riley Greene
PS-RG2 Robert Gasser XRC
PS-RH1 Robert Hassell
PS-RH2 Ryan Holgate XRC
PS-RP1 Robert Puason
PS-RP2 Reginald Preciado XRC
PS-RS1 Russell Smith XRC
PS-RS3 Ryan Spikes XRC
PS-RT1 Reed Trimble XRC
PS-SB1 Sean Burke XRC
PS-SB3 Sam Bachman XRC
PS-SF1 Sal Frelick XRC
PS-SH1 Steve Hajjar XRC
PS-SM1 Samuel Munoz XRC
PS-SM2 Simon Muzziotti XRC
PS-SO1 Shohei Ohtani
PS-SS1 Spencer Strider
PS-SS2 Spencer Schwellenbach XRC
PS-TB1 Tyler Black XRC
PS-TC1 Triston Casas
PS-TM1 Ty Madden XRC
PS-TM2 Tommy Mace XRC
PS-TM3 Tanner McDougal XRC
PS-TM4 Tyler McDonough XRC
PS-TS1 Trey Sweeney XRC
PS-TT1 Tahnaj Thomas XRC
PS-TW1 Tyler Whitaker XRC
PS-VM1 Victor Mesia XRC
PS-WB1 Will Bednar XRC
PS-WB2 William Bergolla XRC
PS-WD1 Wilman Diaz XRC
PS-WK1 Wes Kath XRC
PS-YS1 Yolbert Sanchez
PS-ZG1 Zack Gelof XRC

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