2022 Zerocool Jackass – Entertainment Card Checklist

2022 Zerocool Jackass

2022 Zerocool Jackass is an entertainment card release that features the best of the Jackass brand. The release is rated 18+ and features a mix of base, inserts, and autographs. The base set includes a few short prints and has multiple parallel versions, including the Card Zero parallel which is serial numbered /0 on the card, but are actually 1/1s. The release shows many of the franchise’s top stars and scenes, as well as several guest stars including hockey’s PK Subban, and Mythbuster’s Tory Belleci. Hobby boxes offer 50 cards each and a full breakdown can be found at Breakninja.com.

2022 Zerocool Jackass – Product Breakdown

Release Date: April 5-7, 2022
Price: Dutch Auction
Configuration: 5 Cards Per Pack; 10 Packs Per Box; 8 Boxes Per Case
Box Break: 50 Cards

2022 Zerocool Jackass – Base Set

Base Johnny Knoxville MOCK UP
50 Cards – Short Prints SP Noted
Parallels: Silver (250 Copies); Holo #/100; Blue #/50; Red #/25; Gold #/10; Player #/5 (Cards 15-45); Black Ice 1/1; Card Zero #/0
SP Parallels: Silver (250 Copies); Card Zero #/0

1 Johnny Knoxville
2 Johnny Knoxville SP
3 Steve-O
4 Steve-O SP
5 Chris Pontius
6 Chris Pontius SP
7 Dave England
8 Dave England SP
9 Danger Ehren
10 Danger Ehren SP
11 Wee Man
12 Wee Man SP
13 Preston Lacy
14 Preston Lacy SP
15 Eric Manaka
16 Eric Manaka SP
17 Jasper
18 Jasper SP
19 Poopies
20 Poopies SP
21 Rachel Wolfson
22 Rachel Wolfson SP
23 Zach Holmes
24 Zach Holmes SP
25 Sean Cliver

26 Dimitry Elyashkevich
27 Rick Kosick
28 Lance Bangs
29 Loomis Fall
30 Spike Jonze
31 Jeff Tremaine
32 Butterbean
33 Danielle O’Toole
34 Dark Shark
35 DJ Paul
36 Eric André
37 Jalen Ramsey
38 Mat Hoffman
39 Machine Gun Kelly
40 Francis Ngannou
41 P.K. Subban
42 Rob Dyrdek
43 Tony Hawk
44 Tory Belleci
45 Tyler the Creator
Group Shots
46 Full Cast – Beach
47 Full Cast – Beach Pyramid
48 Jackass Forever Group Opening
49 Jackass OG Cast
50 Jackass Rookie Cast

Autograph Sets

2022 Zerocool Jackass – Auto Set

Signatures Black Ice Johnny Knoxville MOCK UP
30 Cards
Versions: Holo #/100; Blue #/50; Red #/25; Gold #/10; Player #/5; Black Ice 1/1; Card Zero 1/1

js-bb Butterbean (Eric Esch) – Cameos
js-cp Chris Pontius – Cast
js-de Dave England – Cast
js-dj DJ Paul (Paul Beauregard) – Cameos
js-dm Dimitry Elyashkevich – Legends
js-do Danielle O’Toole – Cameos
js-ds Dark Shark (Compston Wilson) – Cameos
js-ea Eric Andre – Cameos
js-em Ehren McGhehey – Cast
js-em Eric Manaka – Rookies
js-fn Francis Ngannou – Cameos
js-jd Jasper Dolphin (Davon Wilson) – Rookies
js-jk Johnny Knoxville – Cast
js-jt Jeff Tremaine – Legends
js-lb Lance Bangs – Legends

js-lf Loomis Fall – Legends
js-mh Mat Hoffman – Cameos
js-p Sean “Poopies” McInerney – Rookies
js-pl Preston Lacy – Cast
js-ps PK Subban – Cameos
js-rd Rob Dyrdek – Cameos
js-rk Rick Kosick – Legends
js-rw Rachel Wolfson – Rookies
js-sc Sean Cliver – Legends
js-sj Spike Jonze – Legends
js-so Steve-O – Cast
js-tb Tory Belleci – Cameos
js-th Tony Hawk – Cameos
js-wm Weeman (Jason Acuna) – Cast
js-zh Zach Holmes – Rookies

Insert Sets

2022 Zerocool Jackass – Behind the Lens Set

30 Cards – 1 Per Pack
Parallels: Silver (250 Copies); Holo #/100; Blue #/50; Red #/25; Gold #/10; Black Ice 1/1; Card Zero #/0

btl-1 Bayou Obstacle
btl-2 Beehive Tetherball
btl-3 Clipper Cam
btl-4 Cup Pogo
btl-5 Dave Toilet
btl-6 Johnny Dildo
btl-7 Dildo Explosion
btl-8 Flamingo
btl-9 Gloria
btl-10 Grenade
btl-11 Jasper and Dark Shark
btl-12 The Lube Slide
btl-13 Milkshake
btl-14 The Longjump
btl-15 Open Rainbow

btl-16 Pedal Power
btl-17 Pontiusaurus 1
btl-18 Pontiusaurus 2
btl-19 Pontiusaurus 3
btl-20 Puppet Show
btl-21 Sabotage
btl-22 Saloon
btl-23 Spike and Tony
btl-24 Steve-O Opening
btl-25 Sweatsuit
btl-26 Jeff and Irving
btl-27 Jeff and Preston
btl-28 Vulture
btl-29 Weeman Opening
btl-30 WeemanTank

2022 Zerocool Jackass – Movie Posters Set

10 Cards – 1:3 Packs
Parallels: Silver (250 Copies); Holo #/100; Blue #/50; Red #/25; Gold #/10; Black Ice 1/1; Card Zero #/0

mp-1 Jackass Forever: Bullfighter
mp-2 Jackass Forever: Kite Flight
mp-3 Jackass Forever: Cannon Shot
mp-4 Jackass Forever: Toilet Explosion
mp-5 Jackass Number Two: Rocket

mp-6 Jackass 3D: Jet Ski
mp-7 Jackass 3D: Dog Bite
mp-8 Jackass Number Two: Finnish Poster
mp-9 Jackass Number Two: Japanese Poster
mp-10 Jackass 3D: Russian Poster

2022 Zerocool Jackass – Stunts Set

70 Cards – 1 Per Pack
Parallels: Silver (250 Copies); Holo #/100; Blue #/50; Red #/25; Gold #/10; Black Ice 1/1; Card Zero #/0

s-1 the baby alligator
s-2 the bottle rocket
s-3 the butt x-ray
s-4 department store boxing
s-5 golf course air horn
s-6 the anaconda ball pit
s-7 the butt chug
s-8 the fart mask
s-9 the fire hose rodeo
s-10 the fish hook
s-11 irving and gloria
s-12 the mini loop
s-13 the puppet show
s-14 the big red rocket
s-15 party boy
s-16 the tiny toilet
s-17 the toro totter
s-18 men in underpants
s-19 the yak charge
s-20 beauty and the beast
s-21 the bed of nails
s-22 the poof
s-23 the field goal
s-24 the helicockter
s-25 the high five
s-26 the invisible man
s-27 the exploding room
s-28 the jet ski
s-29 pin the tail on the donkey
s-30 the poocano
s-31 the poo cocktail supreme
s-32 the sweatsuit cocktail
s-33 tee-ball
s-34 wee lacy
s-35 european vacation

s-36 the woodpecker
s-37 the backdrop
s-38 the boarkake
s-39 the bull magician
s-40 the bush of bees
s-41 the coffee truck prank
s-42 the cup test: pogo
s-43 the cup test: hockey
s-44 the cup test: mma
s-45 the cup test: softball
s-46 the dum dum game
s-47 the electric tap dance
s-48 the human ramp
s-49 the hurricane slide
s-50 the flight of icarus
s-51 tackled by jalen ramsey
s-52 the marquee explosion
s-53 slimed by the pontiusaurus
s-54 zackass
s-55 scorpion lip injections
s-56 the milkshake
s-57 the mush
s-58 musical chairbags
s-59 pontiusaurus
s-60 the quiet game: poopies
s-61 the quiet game: rachel
s-62 the quiet game: steve-o
s-63 the speed ballbag
s-64 the tarantula helmet
s-65 the toilet geyser
s-66 the triple wedgie
s-67 underwater fire farts
s-68 the vulture
s-69 down the clown
s-70 the bathing beauty

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