2023-24 Topps Transcendent FC Bayern München – Soccer Card Checklist

2023-24 Topps Transcendent FC Bayern Munchen Soccer

2023-24 Topps Transcendent FC Bayern München is a premium team set that salutes the popular Bundesliga team. The set uses the ultra high-end Transcendent product as its template and offers 19-20 signed cards per box, as well as an invitation to an exclusive event, which usually includes meeting with players. The set includes no parallels and is available in 2 different versions. A full breakdown of the release can be found at Breakninja.com.

Matt’s Opinion: These are cool cards, but Transcendent is always an expensive set. The release undoubtedly features big name players such as Harry Kane and Alphonso Davies. The resale value should be good but the initial cost of the set could be hard for many to handle.

2023-24 Topps Transcendent FC Bayern München – Product Breakdown

Release Date: May 31, 2024
Price: £4260 Per Box
Configuration: 44 Cards Per Box; 1 Box Per Case
Box Break: 19-20 Autos; 5 Mia San Mia Chrome; 20 Base; 1 VIP Event Invite

2023-24 Topps Transcendent FC Bayern München – Base I Set

Base I Manuel Neuer MOCK UP
20 Cards

FCB-1 Manuel Neuer
FCB-2 Frans Krätzig
FCB-3 Dayot Upamecano
FCB-4 Matthijs de Ligt
FCB-5 Minjae Kim
FCB-6 Tarek Buchmann
FCB-7 Noussair Mazraoui
FCB-8 Alphonso Davies
FCB-9 Aleksandar Pavlović
FCB-10 Joshua Kimmich

FCB-11 Leon Goretzka
FCB-12 Jamal Musiala
FCB-13 Konrad Laimer
FCB-14 Kingsley Coman
FCB-15 Serge Gnabry
FCB-16 Thomas Müller
FCB-17 Mathys Tel
FCB-18 Leroy Sané
FCB-19 Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting
FCB-20 Harry Kane

2023-24 Topps Transcendent FC Bayern München – Base II Set

Base II Kingsley Coman MOCK UP
20 Cards

BAY-1 Manuel Neuer
BAY-2 Frans Krätzig
BAY-3 Dayot Upamecano
BAY-4 Matthijs de Ligt
BAY-5 Minjae Kim
BAY-6 Tarek Buchmann
BAY-7 Noussair Mazraoui
BAY-8 Alphonso Davies
BAY-9 Aleksandar Pavlović
BAY-10 Joshua Kimmich

BAY-11 Leon Goretzka
BAY-12 Jamal Musiala
BAY-13 Konrad Laimer
BAY-14 Kingsley Coman
BAY-15 Serge Gnabry
BAY-16 Thomas Müller
BAY-17 Mathys Tel
BAY-18 Leroy Sané
BAY-19 Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting
BAY-20 Harry Kane

Autograph Sets

2023-24 Topps Transcendent FC Bayern München – Auto I Set

20 Cards

FCBA-AD Alphonso Davies
FCBA-AP Aleksandar Pavlović
FCBA-DU Dayot Upamecano
FCBA-HK Harry Kane
FCBA-JK Joshua Kimmich
FCBA-JM Jamal Musiala
FCBA-KC Kingsley Coman
FCBA-KL Konrad Laimer
FCBA-LG Leon Goretzka
FCBA-LS Leroy Sané

FCBA-MD Matthijs de Ligt
FCBA-MK Minjae Kim
FCBA-MN Manuel Neuer
FCBA-MT Mathys Tel
FCBA-NM Noussair Mazraoui
FCBA-RG Raphaël Guerreiro
FCBA-SG Serge Gnabry
FCBA-SU Sven Ulreich
FCBA-TB Tarek Buchmann
FCBA-TM Thomas Müller

2023-24 Topps Transcendent FC Bayern München – Auto II Set

Auto II Alphonso Davies MOCK UP
20 Cards

BAYA-AD Alphonso Davies
BAYA-AP Aleksandar Pavlović
BAYA-DU Dayot Upamecano
BAYA-HK Harry Kane
BAYA-JK Joshua Kimmich
BAYA-JM Jamal Musiala
BAYA-KC Kingsley Coman
BAYA-KL Konrad Laimer
BAYA-LG Leon Goretzka
BAYA-LS Leroy Sané

BAYA-MD Matthijs de Ligt
BAYA-MK Minjae Kim
BAYA-MN Manuel Neuer
BAYA-MT Mathys Tel
BAYA-NM Noussair Mazraoui
BAYA-RG Raphaël Guerreiro
BAYA-SG Serge Gnabry
BAYA-SU Sven Ulreich
BAYA-TB Tarek Buchmann
BAYA-TM Thomas Müller

Insert Sets

2023-24 Topps Transcendent FC Bayern München – Mia San Mia Chrome Set

Mia San Mia Thomas Muller MOCK UP
20 Cards

MSM-1 Manuel Neuer
MSM-2 Frans Krätzig
MSM-3 Dayot Upamecano
MSM-4 Matthijs de Ligt
MSM-5 Minjae Kim
MSM-6 Tarek Buchmann
MSM-7 Noussair Mazraoui
MSM-8 Alphonso Davies
MSM-9 Aleksandar Pavlović
MSM-10 Joshua Kimmich

MSM-11 Leon Goretzka
MSM-12 Jamal Musiala
MSM-13 Konrad Laimer
MSM-14 Kingsley Coman
MSM-15 Serge Gnabry
MSM-16 Thomas Müller
MSM-17 Mathys Tel
MSM-18 Leroy Sané
MSM-19 Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting
MSM-20 Harry Kane

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