2023 Leaf PBA League – Bowling Card Checklist

2023 Leaf PBA League Bowling

2023 Leaf PBA League is a bowling release that marks Leaf’s first PBA pack release. The set draws key names from the Professional Bowlers Association, with all cards being signed. The release offers just a single set, but does include a 1/1 Black Border parallel. Packs are priced at $30usd each and include a single signed card. A full bowler-by-bowler breakdown of the release can be found at Breakninja.com.

2023 Leaf PBA League – Product Breakdown

Release Date: October 7, 2023
Price: Approx. $30USD Per Pack
Configuration: 1 Card Per Pack
Pack Break: 1 Auto

2023 Leaf PBA League – Base Auto Red Border Set

Base Auto Black Border Jason Belmonte MOCK UP
28 Cards – Serial Numbered #/25
Parallels: Black Border 1/1

BA-AJ1 AJ Johnson
BA-AJC AJ Chapman
BA-BO1 Bill O’Neill
BA-CB1 Chris Barnes
BA-CV1 Chris Via
BA-DB1 Dom Barrett
BA-EJT EJ Tackett
BA-FL1 Francois Lavoie
BA-JB1 Jason Belmonte
BA-JB2 Jakob Butturff
BA-JC1 Jason Couch
BA-JP2 Johnny Petraglia
BA-KM1 Kevin McCune
BA-KP1 Kristopher Prather

BA-KT1 Kyle Troup
BA-KW1 Keven Williams
BA-MO1 Matt Ogle
BA-MR1 Matthew Russo
BA-ND1 Norm Duke
BA-PB1 Parker Bohn III
BA-PH1 Patrick Hanrahan
BA-RT1 Richie Teece
BA-SLS Sean Lavery-Spahr
BA-SM1 Shawn Maldonado
BA-SR1 Sean Rash
BA-SW1 Stuart Williams
BA-TD1 Tom Daugherty
BA-TL1 Thomas Larsen

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