2023 Leaf Pickleball Premier Edition – Pickleball Card Checklist

2023 Leaf Pickleball Premier Edition

2023 Leaf Pickleball Premier Edition is dedicated to the fastest growing sport in America. The release marks the first standalone set for Pickleball, with previous offerings from Leaf and Topps being individual cards. The set offers a total of 5 cards per box, with one of these cards being signed. The big hits in the release include the “Queen” and “King” of Pickleball autos, as well as cards signed by former NFL superstar Drew Brees, who is a partial team owner and has participated in multiple tournaments. A full player-by-player breakdown of the release can be found at Breakninja.com.

2023 Leaf Pickleball – Product Breakdown

Release Date: October 18, 2023
Price: Approx. $75USD Per Hobby Box
Configuration: 5 Cards Per Pack; 12 Boxes Per Case
Box Break: 1 Auto

2023 Leaf Pickleball – Base Silver Foil Set

Base Red Foil Riley Newman MOCK UP
40 Cards – No #31 Listed
Foil Parallels: Gold #/30; Red #/25; Blue #/20; Green #/15; Holo Green #/11; Holo Silver #/10; Holo Gold #/5; Holo Platinum #/3; Holo Black 1/1

1 Anna Leigh Waters
2 Catherine Parenteau
3 Drew Brees
4 AJ Koller XRC
5 Alex Neumann XRC
6 Alix Truong XRC
7 Allyce Jones XRC
8 Andrei Daescu XRC
9 Anna Bright XRC
10 Ben Johns XRC
11 Brendon Long XRC
12 Callie Jo Smith XRC
13 Collin Johns XRC
14 Connor Garnett XRC
15 Dave Fleming XRC
16 Dylan Frazier XRC
17 Federico Staksrud XRC
18 Hannah Johns XRC
19 Hayden Patriquin XRC
20 Hunter Johnson XRC

21 Irina Tereschenko XRC
22 James Ignatowich XRC
23 Jessie Irvine XRC
24 Jill Braverman XRC
25 Jorja Johnson XRC
26 Julian Arnold XRC
27 JW Johnson XRC
28 Kamryn Blackwood XRC
29 Lea Jansen XRC
30 Leigh Waters XRC
32 Matt Wright XRC
33 Meghan Dizon XRC
34 Parris Todd XRC
35 Rachel Rettger XRC
36 Riley Newman XRC
37 Ryan Sherry XRC
38 Travis Rettenmaier XRC
39 Tyson McGuffin XRC
40 Yates Johnson XRC
41 Zane Navratil XRC

Autograph Sets

2023 Leaf Pickleball – Base Auto Set

Base Auto Drew Brees Holo Black MOCK UP
41 Cards
Foil Versions: Gold #/30; Red #/25; Blue #/20; Green #/15; Holo Green #/11; Holo Silver #/10; Holo Gold #/5; Holo Platinum #/3; Holo Black 1/1

BA-AB1 Anna Bright
BA-AD1 Andrei Daescu
BA-AJ1 Allyce Jones
BA-AJK AJ Koller
BA-ALW Anna Leigh Waters
BA-AN1 Alex Neumann
BA-AT1 Alix Truong
BA-BJ1 Ben Johns
BA-BL1 Brendon Long
BA-CG1 Connor Garnett
BA-CJ1 Collin Johns
BA-CJS Callie Jo Smith
BA-CP1 Catherine Parenteau
BA-DB1 Drew Brees
BA-DF1 Dave Fleming
BA-DF2 Dylan Frazier
BA-FS1 Federico Staksrud
BA-HJ1 Hunter Johnson
BA-HJ2 Hannah Johns
BA-HP1 Hayden Patriquin
BA-IT1 Irina Tereschenko

BA-JA1 Julian Arnold
BA-JB1 Jill Braverman
BA-JI1 Jessie Irvine
BA-JI2 James Ignatowich
BA-JJ1 Jorja Johnson
BA-JWJ JW Johnson
BA-KB1 Kamryn Blackwood
BA-LJ1 Lea Jansen
BA-LK1 Lucy Kovalova
BA-LW1 Leigh Waters
BA-MD1 Meghan Dizon
BA-MW1 Matt Wright
BA-PT1 Parris Todd
BA-RN1 Riley Newman
BA-RR1 Rachel Rettger
BA-RS1 Ryan Sherry
BA-TMG Tyson McGuffin
BA-TR1 Travis Rettenmaier
BA-YJ1 Yates Johnson
BA-ZN1 Zane Navratil

2023 Leaf Pickleball – King of Pickleball Auto Gold Foil Set

King of Pickleball Auto Gold Foil Ben Johns MOCK UP
1 Card – Serial Numbered #/11

KP-BJ1 Ben Johns


2023 Leaf Pickleball – Queen of Pickleball Auto Gold Foil Set

Queen of Pickleball Auto Gold Foil Anna Leigh Waters MOCK UP
1 Card – Serial Numbered #/11

QP-ALW Anna Leigh Waters


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