2023 Topps Dynasty Formula 1 – Racing Card Checklist

2023 Topps Dynasty Formula 1

2023 Topps Dynasty Formula 1 Racing is a premium release that offers just 1 card per box. All cards are auto relics, with signatures appearing to all be hard signed. The set includes some of the best names in F1 racing, including Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, and Max Verstappen. Relics consist of patches from driver uniforms, including national flag patches. A full driver-by-driver breakdown can be found at Breakninja.com.

Matt’s Opinion: This is an amazing set. If you are a F1 fan and can afford it than it is a must have release. Formula 1 cards are highly collectable, with only limited sets being available in recent years. If I could afford it I would definitely get in on this.

2023 Topps Dynasty Formula 1 – Product Breakdown

Release Date: March 8, 2024
Price: Approx $1150USD Per Hobby Box
Configuration: 1 Card Per Pack; 1 Pack Per Box; 5 Boxes Per Case
Box Break: 1 Auto Relic

2023 Topps Dynasty Formula 1 – Dynasty Auto Patch Set

Dynasty Auto Patch Fernando Alonso MOCK UP
80 Cards – Serial Numbered #/10 or Less
Parallels: Red #/5; Black #/2; Gold 1/1

DAP-AA Alexander Albon
DAP-AAB Alessandro Alunni Bravi
DAP-AABI Alessandro Alunni Bravi
DAP-AABII Alessandro Alunni Bravi
DAP-AAI Alexander Albon
DAP-AAIII Alexander Albon
DAP-AS Andrea Stella
DAP-ASI Andrea Stella
DAP-ASII Andrea Stella
DAP-CH Christian Horner
DAP-CHI Christian Horner
DAP-CHII Christian Horner
DAP-CL Charles Leclerc
DAP-CLII Charles Leclerc
DAP-CS Carlos Sainz
DAP-CSI Carlos Sainz
DAP-CSII Carlos Sainz
DAP-CSIII Carlos Sainz
DAP-EO Esteban Ocon
DAP-EOI Esteban Ocon
DAP-EOII Esteban Ocon
DAP-EOIII Esteban Ocon
DAP-FA Fernando Alonso
DAP-FAII Fernando Alonso
DAP-FTI Franz Tost
DAP-FV Frédéric Vasseur
DAP-FVI Frédéric Vasseur
DAP-FVII Frédéric Vasseur
DAP-GR George Russell
DAP-GRI George Russell
DAP-GRII George Russell
DAP-GRIII George Russell
DAP-GS Guenther Steiner
DAP-GSI Guenther Steiner
DAP-GSII Guenther Steiner
DAP-JV James Vowles
DAP-JVI James Vowles
DAP-JVII James Vowles
DAP-KM Kevin Magnussen
DAP-KMII Kevin Magnussen

DAP-LH Lewis Hamilton
DAP-LHI Lewis Hamilton
DAP-LHII Lewis Hamilton
DAP-LHIII Lewis Hamilton
DAP-LN Lando Norris
DAP-LNI Lando Norris
DAP-LNII Lando Norris
DAP-LS Lance Stroll
DAP-LSG Logan Sargeant
DAP-LSGI Logan Sargeant
DAP-LSGII Logan Sargeant
DAP-LSI Lance Stroll
DAP-LSII Lance Stroll
DAP-MK Mike Krack
DAP-MKI Mike Krack
DAP-MKII Mike Krack
DAP-MV Max Verstappen
DAP-MVI Max Verstappen
DAP-MVII Max Verstappen
DAP-MVIII Max Verstappen
DAP-NH Nico Hulkenberg
DAP-NHII Nico Hulkenberg
DAP-NM Nigel Mansell
DAP-OP Oscar Piastri
DAP-OPI Oscar Piastri
DAP-OPII Oscar Piastri
DAP-PGI Pierre Gasly
DAP-SP Sergio Perez
DAP-SPII Sergio Perez
DAP-SPIII Sergio Perez
DAP-TW Toto Wolff
DAP-TWI Toto Wolff
DAP-TWII Toto Wolff
DAP-VB Valtteri Bottas
DAP-VBII Valtteri Bottas
DAP-YT Yuki Tsunoda
DAP-YTI Yuki Tsunoda
DAP-YTII Yuki Tsunoda
DAP-ZG Zhou Guanyu
DAP-ZGI Zhou Guanyu

Auto Relic Sets

2023 Topps Dynasty Formula 1 – Dynasty Auto Flag Set

18 Cards – Serial Numbered #/2

DAF-AA Alexander Albon
DAF-CL Charles Leclerc
DAF-CS Carlos Sainz
DAF-EO Esteban Ocon
DAF-FA Fernando Alonso
DAF-GR George Russell
DAF-KM Kevin Magnussen
DAF-LH Lewis Hamilton
DAF-LN Lando Norris

DAF-LS Lance Stroll
DAF-LSG Logan Sargeant
DAF-MV Max Verstappen
DAF-NH Nico Hulkenberg
DAF-OP Oscar Piastri
DAF-SP Sergio Perez
DAF-VB Valtteri Bottas
DAF-YT Yuki Tsunoda
DAF-ZG Zhou Guanyu

2023 Topps Dynasty Formula 1 – Dynasty Auto Flag Jumbo Patch Set

Dynasty Auto Flag Jumbo Patch Logan Sargeant MOCK UP
18 Cards – Serial Numbered 1/1

DAFJP-AA Alexander Albon
DAFJP-CL Charles Leclerc
DAFJP-CS Carlos Sainz
DAFJP-EO Esteban Ocon
DAFJP-FA Fernando Alonso
DAFJP-GR George Russell
DAFJP-KM Kevin Magnussen
DAFJP-LH Lewis Hamilton
DAFJP-LN Lando Norris

DAFJP-LS Lance Stroll
DAFJP-LSG Logan Sargeant
DAFJP-MV Max Verstappen
DAFJP-NH Nico Hulkenberg
DAFJP-OP Oscar Piastri
DAFJP-SP Sergio Perez
DAFJP-VB Valtteri Bottas
DAFJP-YT Yuki Tsunoda
DAFJP-ZG Zhou Guanyu

2023 Topps Dynasty Formula 1 – F1 Dynasty Constructor Team Dual Auto Patch Set

F1 Dynasty Constructor Team Dual Auto Relic Lewis Hamilton, George Russell MOCK UP
4 Cards – Serial Numbered #/10
Parallels: Red #/5; Gold 1/1

CTDRA-AM Lance Stoll / Fernando Alonso
CTDRA-MAMG George Russell / Lewis Hamilton
CTDRA-RBR Max Verstappen / Sergio Perez
CTDRA-SF Carlos Sainz / Charles Leclerc

2023 Topps Dynasty Formula 1 – F1 Dynasty Single Driver Dual Relic Auto Set

Dynasty F1 Single Driver Dual Relic Auto Oscar Piastri MOCK UP
10 Cards – Serial Numbered #/10
Parallels: Red #/5; Black #/2; Gold 1/1

SDDRA-AA Alexander Albon
SDDRA-KM Kevin Magnussen
SDDRA-LN Lando Norris
SDDRA-LSG Logan Sargeant
SDDRA-NH Nico Hulkenberg

SDDRA-OP Oscar Piastri
SDDRA-PG Pierre Gasly
SDDRA-VB Valtteri Bottas
SDDRA-YT Yuki Tsunoda
SDDRA-ZG Zhou Guanyu

2023 Topps Dynasty Formula 1 – F1 Dynasty Single Driver Triple Relic Auto Set

62 Cards – Serial Numbered #/10
Parallels: Red #/5; Black #/2; Gold 1/1

SDTRA-AA Alexander Albon
SDTRA-AAB Alessandro Alunni Bravi
SDTRA-AABI Alessandro Alunni Bravi
SDTRA-AAII Alexander Albon
SDTRA-AS Andrea Stella
SDTRA-ASI Andrea Stella
SDTRA-CH Christian Horner
SDTRA-CHI Christian Horner
SDTRA-CL Charles Leclerc
SDTRA-CLI Charles Leclerc
SDTRA-CS Carlos Sainz
SDTRA-CSI Carlos Sainz
SDTRA-EO Esteban Ocon
SDTRA-EOI Esteban Ocon
SDTRA-FA Fernando Alonso
SDTRA-FAI Fernando Alonso
SDTRA-FT Franz Tost
SDTRA-FTI Franz Tost
SDTRA-FV Frédéric Vasseur
SDTRA-FVI Frédéric Vasseur
SDTRA-GR George Russell
SDTRA-GRI George Russell
SDTRA-GS Guenther Steiner
SDTRA-GSI Guenther Steiner
SDTRA-JV James Vowles
SDTRA-JVI James Vowles
SDTRA-KM Kevin Magnussen
SDTRA-KMI Kevin Magnussen
SDTRA-KMII Kevin Magnussen
SDTRA-LH Lewis Hamilton
SDTRA-LHI Lewis Hamilton

SDTRA-LHII Lewis Hamilton
SDTRA-LN Lando Norris
SDTRA-LNI Lando Norris
SDTRA-LNII Lando Norris
SDTRA-LS Lance Stroll
SDTRA-LSG Logan Sargeant
SDTRA-LSGI Logan Sargeant
SDTRA-LSGII Logan Sargeant
SDTRA-LSI Lance Stroll
SDTRA-MK Mike Krack
SDTRA-MKI Mike Krack
SDTRA-MV Max Verstappen
SDTRA-MVI Max Verstappen
SDTRA-MVII Max Verstappen
SDTRA-NH Nico Hulkenberg
SDTRA-NHII Nico Hulkenberg
SDTRA-NM Nigel Mansell
SDTRA-OPI Oscar Piastri
SDTRA-OPII Oscar Piastri
SDTRA-PGII Pierre Gasly
SDTRA-SPI Sergio Perez
SDTRA-TW Toto Wolff
SDTRA-TWI Toto Wolff
SDTRA-VBI Valtteri Bottas
SDTRA-VBII Valtteri Bottas
SDTRA-YT Yuki Tsunoda
SDTRA-YTI Yuki Tsunoda
SDTRA-YTII Yuki Tsunoda
SDTRA-ZG Zhou Guanyu
SDTRA-ZGI Zhou Guanyu
SDTRA-ZGII Zhou Guanyu

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2023 Topps Dynasty Formula 1


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