2024 Leaf Metal St. Patty’s Day – MultiSport Card Checklist

2024 Leaf Metal St. Patty's Day

2024 Leaf Metal St. Patty’s Day is a multisport release that is meant to celebrate the annual Irish themed holiday. As an online exclusive release, Leaf’s website is the sole place to order boxes from. All cards in the release are signed and no card is serial numbered higher than 3. The checklist itself consists of an auto set and a dual auto set, both of which include a selection of parallels, with varying St. Patrick’s Day themes. Hobby boxes offer 2 cards each, and a full name-by-name breakdown can be found at Breakninja.com.

Matt’s Opinion: This looks like a fun little release. The checklist certainly offers some big names to chase and the overall look of the cards is fun, especially considering the theme. It is little wonder that the release sold out quickly.

2024 Leaf Metal St. Patty’s Day – Product Breakdown

Release Date: March 11, 2024
Configuration: 2 Cards Per Box
Box Break: 2 Autographs

2024 Leaf Metal St. Patty’s Day – St. Patty’s Day Auto Set

St. Patrick's Day Auto 4 Leaf Clover Lionel Messi
150 Cards
Versions: Rainbow #/3; 4 Leaf Clover #/2; Leprechaun 1/1; Super Prismatic Pot of Gold 1/1

SPA-AW2 Adrian Wojnarowski
SPA-AR1 Alex Rodriguez
SPA-AI1 Allen Iverson
SPA-AS1 Amar’e Stoudemire
SPA-AB2 Anna Bright
SPA-ALW Anna Leigh Waters
SPA-AF1 Ansu Fati
SPA-AE1 Anthony Edwards
SPA-AR2 Anthony Richardson
SPA-AG1 Antoine Griezmann
SPA-AW1 Antoine Walker
SPA-AB1 Armando Bacot
SPA-AS2 Aryna Sabalenka
SPA-BJ2 Ben Johns
SPA-BM1 Bennedict Mathurin
SPA-BJ1 Bo Jackson
SPA-BN1 Bo Nix
SPA-BB1 Bobby Bonilla
SPA-BH1 Bobby Hull
SPA-BS2 Borje Salming
SPA-BF1 Brett Favre
SPA-BH2 Brett Hull
SPA-BP1 Brock Purdy
SPA-BS1 Bruce Smith
SPA-CW1 Cameron Ward
SPA-CA1 Carlos Alcaraz
SPA-CF1 Carlton Fisk
SPA-CP1 Catherine Parenteau
SPA-CL1 Charles Leclerc
SPA-CMG Conor McGregor
SPA-CJ1 Curtis Joseph
SPA-DJL D.J. Lagway
SPA-DK1 Dalton Kincaid
SPA-DB1 Dee Brown
SPA-DR1 Dennis Rodman
SPA-DB3 Dick Butkus
SPA-DH1 Dominik Hasek
SPA-DC1 Don Chaney
SPA-DE1 Donovan Edwards
SPA-DM1 Donovan McNabb
SPA-DG2 Doug Gilmour
SPA-DA1 Drew Allar
SPA-DB2 Drew Brees
SPA-DP1 Drew Pearson
SPA-DG1 Dwight Gooden
SPA-EC3 Earl Campbell
SPA-EB1 Ed Belfour
SPA-EM1 Eli Manning
SPA-EC1 Elly De La Cruz
SPA-EH2 Erling Haaland
SPA-EH1 Ethan Holliday
SPA-EC2 Evan Carter
SPA-EF1 Evan Ferguson
SPA-FP1 Felix Potvin
SPA-FM1 Floyd Mayweather Jr.
SPA-FT1 Frank Thomas
SPA-GP1 Gary Payton
SPA-GS1 Gary Sheffield
SPA-G1 Gavi
SPA-GSP Georges St-Pierre
SPA-GC1 Gerry Cheevers
SPA-GA1 Giannis Antetokounmpo
SPA-GM1 Greg Maddux
SPA-HO1 Hakeem Olajuwon
SPA-H1 Hasbulla
SPA-JM1 Ja Morant
SPA-JC3 Jackson Chourio
SPA-JG2 Jalen Green
SPA-JH1 James Harden
SPA-JR2 Jeremy Roenick
SPA-JW1 Jerry West
SPA-JR1 Jim Rice
SPA-JM2 Joe Montana
SPA-JM3 Joe Montana
SPA-JN1 Joe Namath

SPA-JD1 John Daly
SPA-JE1 John Elway
SPA-JB1 Johnny Bench
SPA-JB2 Johnny Bucyk
SPA-JP1 Jonathan Papelbon
SPA-JH2 Jordan Hawkins
SPA-JC2 Jose Canseco
SPA-JL1 JuJu Lewis
SPA-JC1 Junior Caminero
SPA-KM1 Keegan Murray
SPA-KA1 Keenan Allen
SPA-KD1 Kevin Durant
SPA-KG1 Kevin Garnett
SPA-KT1 Kyle Teel
SPA-LB1 Larry Bird
SPA-LD1 Lenny Dykstra
SPA-LM1 Lionel Messi
SPA-LM2 Luka Modrić
SPA-MJ1 Magic Johnson
SPA-MN1 Malachi Nelson
SPA-MW1 Mark Wahlberg
SPA-MT1 Marty Turco
SPA-MB2 Matas Buzelis
SPA-MB3 Michael Buffer
SPA-MP2 Michael Phelps
SPA-MV1 Michael Vick
SPA-MW2 Micky Ward
SPA-MM1 Mike Modano
SPA-MP1 Mike Piazza
SPA-MS1 Mike Schmidt
SPA-MT2 Mike Tyson
SPA-MB1 Mookie Betts
SPA-NO1 Naomi Osaka
SPA-NJ1 Nikola Jovic
SPA-OD1 Olivia Dunne
SPA-OB1 Omaha Biliew
SPA-PS1 Paul Skenes
SPA-PM1 Pedro Martinez
SPA-PR1 Pete Rose
SPA-PF1 Peter Forsberg
SPA-RJ1 Randy Johnson
SPA-RB1 Raymond Bourque
SPA-RF1 Ric Flair
SPA-RL1 Riley Leonard
SPA-RG1 Rob Gronkowski
SPA-RK1 Robbie Keane
SPA-RH1 Robert Horry
SPA-RL2 Robert Lewandowski
SPA-RC1 Roger Clemens
SPA-RA1 Roman Anthony
SPA-RD1 Romeo Doubs
SPA-RJ2 Ron Jaworski
SPA-RAJ Ronald Acuña Jr.
SPA-RR1 Rudy Ruettiger
SPA-SH2 Sam Hartman
SPA-SS1 Sammy Sosa
SPA-SH1 Scoot Henderson
SPA-SR1 Scott Rolen
SPA-SOM Sean O’Malley
SPA-SO1 Shaquille O’Neal
SPA-SW1 Shaun White
SPA-SK1 Shawn Kemp
SPA-SC1 Stephen Curry
SPA-SS2 Sterling Sharpe
SPA-SS3 Steven Stamkos
SPA-SB1 Sue Bird
SPA-TB2 Toni Breidinger
SPA-TP1 Tony Parker
SPA-TB1 Travis Bazzana
SPA-TH3 Travis Hunter
SPA-TH1 Tyler Herro
SPA-TH2 Tyreek Hill
SPA-VJ1 Vinícius Júnior
SPA-WB1 Wade Boggs
SPA-YT1 Yuki Tsunoda

2024 Leaf Metal St. Patty’s Day – St. Patty’s Day Dual Auto Set

St. Patrick's Day Dual Auto Rainbow Conor McGregor, Sean O'Malley
26 Cards
Versions: Rainbow #/3; 4 Leaf Clover #/2; Leprechaun 1/1; Super Prismatic Pot of Gold 1/1

SPB-1 Barry Larkin / Elly De La Cruz
SPB-2 Brett Hull / Ed Belfour
SPB-3 Bruce Buffer / Hasbulla
SPB-4 Conor McGregor / Sean O’Malley
SPB-5 D.J. Lagway / JuJu Lewis
SPB-6 James Harden / Kevin Durant
SPB-7 Jason Giambi / Jose Canseco
SPB-8 Jim Rice / Roman Anthony
SPB-9 Joe Montana / Tim Brown
SPB-10 Jonathan Papelbon / Mariano Rivera
SPB-11 Larry Bird / Paul Pierce
SPB-12 Larry Bird / Raymond Bourque
SPB-13 Lionel Messi / Cristiano Ronaldo
SPB-14 Michael Buffer / Mike Tyson
SPB-15 Michael Vick / Donovan McNabb
SPB-16 Omaha Biliew / Matas Buzelis
SPB-17 Paul Skenes / Rhett Lowder
SPB-18 Riley Leonard / CJ Carr
SPB-19 Rob Gronkowski / Mark Wahlberg
SPB-20 Robbie Keane Evan Ferguson
SPB-21 Roger Clemens / Pedro Martinez
SPB-22 Shaquille O’Neal / Kevin Garnett
SPB-23 Shaun White / Sean O’Malley
SPB-24 Shawn Kemp / Sue Bird
SPB-25 Stephen Curry / Anthony Edwards
SPB-26 Sterling Sharpe / Romeo Doubs


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