2024 Parkside NTT IndyCar Series – Racing Card Checklist

2024 Parkside NTT IndyCar Series Racing Hanger Pack

2024 Parkside NTT IndyCar is a racing release that makes its debut, with this being the first full Indy card set being released in over 15 years. Parkside offers the release in both hobby and retail formats, with hobby releases offering 2 signed cards each. The set offers base, autos, relics, and inserts, as well as some redemptions for memorabilia or race ticket packages. The checklist includes top drivers, their cars, teams, and race events. A full breakdown of the release can be found at Breakninja.com.

Matt’s Opinion: Great to see an Indy series release. The cards appear fairly average, but considering Indy hasn’t had a release in over 15 years, it will likely prove popular. Although Indy isn’t as popular as F1 or NASCAR, the iconic Indy 500 is still one of the biggest events in racing and proves popular across the racing fan base.

2024 Parkside NTT IndyCar – Product Breakdown

Release Date: February 8, 2024 (Shipping March 2024)
Price: Approx. $93USD Per Hobby Box
Hobby Configuration: 8 Cards Per Pack; 20 Packs Per Box
Retail Configuration: 25 Cards Per Pack; 1 Pack Per Box; 50 Boxes Per Case
Hobby Box Break: 2 Autos
Retail Box Break: 2 Marquee Moments; 1 Pit Pass; 1 Race Events; 2 Foil Parallels

2024 Parkside NTT IndyCar – Base Set

162 Cards

1 Alex Palou
2 Alex Palou
3 Scott Dixon
4 Scott Dixon
5 Scott McLaughlin
6 Scott McLaughlin
7 Pato O’Ward
8 Pato O’Ward
9 Josef Newgarden
10 Josef Newgarden
11 Marcus Ericsson
12 Marcus Ericsson
13 Will Power
14 Will Power
15 Christian Lundgaard
16 Christian Lundgaard
17 Alexander Rossi
18 Alexander Rossi
19 Colton Herta
20 Colton Herta
21 Kyle Kirkwood
22 Kyle Kirkwood
23 Felix Rosenqvist
24 Felix Rosenqvist
25 Romain Grosjean
26 Romain Grosjean
27 Rinus VeeKay
28 Rinus VeeKay
29 Graham Rahal
30 Graham Rahal
31 Callum Ilott
32 Callum Ilott
33 David Malukas
34 David Malukas
35 Helio Castroneves
36 Helio Castroneves
37 Santino Ferucci
38 Santino Ferucci
39 Marcus Armstrong
40 Marcus Armstrong
41 Agustin Canapino
42 Agustin Canapino
43 Devlin DeFrancesco
44 Devlin DeFrancesco
45 Sting Ray Robb
46 Sting Ray Robb
47 Jack Harvey
48 Jack Harvey
49 Conor Daly
50 Conor Daly
51 Ryan Hunter
52 Ryan Hunter
53 Benjamin Pedersen
54 Benjamin Pedersen
55 Simon Pagenaud
56 Simon Pagenaud
57 Takuma Sato
58 Takuma Sato
59 Ed Carpenter
60 Ed Carpenter
61 Linus Lundqvist
62 Linus Lundqvist
63 Tony Kanan
64 Tony Kanan
65 Juri Vips
66 Juri Vips
67 Tom Blomqvist
68 Tom Blomqvist
69 Marco Andretti
70 Marco Andretti
71 R.C. Enerson
72 R.C. Enerson
73 Katherine Legge
74 Katherine Legge
75 Marcus Ericsson
76 Josef Newgarden
77 Kyle Kirkwood
78 Scott McLaughlin
79 Alex Palou
80 Josef Newgarden
81 Alex Palou

82 Alex Palou
83 Alex Palou
84 Christian Lundgaard
85 Josef Newgarden
86 Josef Newgarden
87 Kyle Kirkwood
88 Scott Dixon
89 Scott Dixon
90 Alex Palou
91 Scott Dixon
92 NICS Logo Card
93 2023 I500 Logo Card
94 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 1
95 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 1
96 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 1
97 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 2
98 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 2
99 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 2
100 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 3
101 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 3
102 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 3
103 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 4
104 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 4
105 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 4
106 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 5
107 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 5
108 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 5
109 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 6
110 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 6
111 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 6
112 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 7
113 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 7
114 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 7
115 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 8
116 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 8
117 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 8
118 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 9
119 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 9
120 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 9
121 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 10
122 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 10
123 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 10
124 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 11
125 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 11
126 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Row 11
127 I500 Driver Qualifier Cards – Bumped
128 Josef Newgarden
129 Marcus Ericsson
130 Santino Ferrucci
131 Alex Palou
132 Alexander Rossi
133 Scott Dixon
134 Takuma Sato
135 Conor Daly
136 Colton Herta
137 Rinus VeeKay
138 Ryan Hunter
139 Callum Ilott
140 Devlin DeFrancesco
141 Scott McLaughlin
142 Helio Castroneves
143 Tony Kanaan
144 Marco Andretti
145 Jack Harvey
146 Christian Lundgaard
147 Ed Carpenter
148 Benjamin Pedersen
149 Graham Rahal
150 Will Power
151 Pato O’Ward
152 Simon Pagenaud
153 Agustin Canapino
154 Felix Rosenqvist
155 Kyle Kirkwood
156 David Malukas
157 Romain Grosjean
158 Sting Ray Robb
159 R.C. Enerson
160 Katherine Legge
161 I500 Honors Cards
162 I500 Honors Cards

Autograph Sets

2024 Parkside NTT IndyCar – Americana Auto Set

1 Card

Alex Palou


2024 Parkside NTT IndyCar – Signatures Set

Signatures Josef Newgarden MOCK UP
27 Cards
Parallels: Blue #/99; Black #/10; Gold 1/1

SS-AC Agustin Canapino
SS-AP Alex Palou
SS-AR Alexander Rossi
SS-CD Conor Daly
SS-CH Colton Herta
SS-CI Callum Ilott
SS-CL Christian Lundgaard
SS-DD Devlin DeFrancesco
SS-DM David Malukas
SS-EC Ed Carpenter
SS-FR Felix Rosenqvist
SS-GR Graham Rahal
SS-HC Helio Castroneves
SS-JH Jack Harvey

SS-JN Josef Newgarden
SS-KK Kyle Kirkwood
SS-MA Marcus Armstrong
SS-ME Marcus Ericsson
SS-PO Pato O’Ward
SS-RG Romain Grosjean
SS-RV Rinus VeeKay
SS-SD Scott Dixon
SS-SF Santino Ferrucci
SS-SM Scott McLaughlin
SS-SRR Sting Ray Robb
SS-TK Tony Kanaan
SS-WP Will Power

Memorabilia Sets

2024 Parkside NTT IndyCar – Relics Set

3 Cards

1 Josef Newgarden
2 Romain Grosjean
3 Grandstand Flag


Insert Sets

2024 Parkside NTT IndyCar – Helmet Hardware Set

Helmet Hardware Pato O'Ward MOCK UP
22 Cards

HH-PO O’Ward
HH-JN Newgarden
HH-SM Mclaughlin
HH-AP Palou
HH-ME Ericsson
HH-FR Rosenqvist
HH-SF Ferrucci
HH-AR Rossi
HH-SD Dixon
HH-CD Daly
HH-RV Veekay

HH-WP Power
HH-EC Carpenter
HH-HC Castroneves
HH-DM Malukas
HH-KK Kirkwood
HH-RG Grosjean
HH-DD Defrancesco
HH-JH Harvey
HH-CL Lundgaard
HH-CI Illott
HH-GR Rahal

2024 Parkside NTT IndyCar – Iconic Images Set

14 Cards

II-1 Thermal Club
II-2 Sebring International Raceway
II-3 Barber Motorsports Park
II-4 Indianapolis Motor Speedway
II-5 Indianapolis Motor Speedway
II-6 Indianapolis Motor Speedway
II-7 Portland International Raceway
II-8 Streets of Long Beach

II-9 Indianapolis Motor Speedway
II-10 Indianapolis Motor Speedway
II-11 Streets of Long Beach
II-12 Gateway Worldwide Technology Raceway
II-13 Scott Dixon
II-14 Weathertech Laguna Raceway

2024 Parkside NTT IndyCar – INDY NXT Set

10 Cards
Parallels: Blue #/10; Gold 1/1

NXT-CR Christian Rasmussen
NXT-HM Hunter McElrea
NXT-NS Nolan Siegal
NXT-LF Louis Foster
NXT-JA Jacob Abel

NXT-KS Kyffin Simpson
NXT-JC Jamie Chadwick
NXT-EF Ernie Francis, Jr.
NXT-RG Reece Gold
NXT-JR James Roe

2024 Parkside NTT IndyCar – Marquee Moments Set

Marquee Moments Scott McLaughlin 50 Starts MOCK UP
72 Cards

MM-1 17 Races. 1 Astor Challenge Cup.
MM-2 Milestone Day for Simon Pagenaud.
MM-3 You Ready, Texas Motor Speedway?
MM-4 Four NTT P1 Awares. Two Tracks.
MM-5 Stay Icy, Scott Dixon
MM-6 Had to Update the Graphic. 🤷‍♂️🎨
MM-7 Continuing to Rewrite the Record Book. ✍️
MM-8 Dominance.
MM-9 Nbd.
MM-10 Etched in History.
MM-11 Welcome to Triple Digits, Conor Daly!
MM-12 The Big 5️⃣0️⃣, Alex Palou!
MM-13 Another Broken Record.
MM-14 The Drama Begins Before the Flag Flies and Continues Well After the Finish Line.
MM-15 Milestone Moment for Rinus Veekay.
MM-16 The Numbers Speak for Themselves.
MM-17 Who Will Be Next?
MM-18 Busy Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
MM-19 Fastest Woman in Indy 500 History. Have a Day, Katherine Legge!
MM-20 Showin’ Out on the Ims Oval. Not Bad for a Rookie, Benjamin Pedersen.
MM-21 Fro 👀
MM-22 Records Are Meant to Be Broken. 🚀🤯
MM-23 Fastest Front Row. Enough Said.
MM-24 What? Like It’s Hard? – the Field of 33, Probably.
MM-25 .103 Mph – Closest Front Row in Indy 500 History.
MM-26 Josef Newgarden Is Him.
MM-27 Legendary.
MM-28 Alex Palou Said He and the No. 10 Crew Were on a Roll. He May Have a Point. 😮‍💨
MM-29 Chip Ganassi Racing’s Dynamic Duo. 👀
MM-30 Made a Few Notes in the History Books Today at Road America ✍️
MM-31 The Big 5️⃣0️⃣ for Josef Newgarden!
MM-32 Get the Brooms Out 🧹
MM-33 Back to Back Like Herta in Road America and Mid-ohio 🕺
MM-34 🤩 Back-to-Back-to-Back 🤩
MM-35 Pato Doing Pato Things 😮‍💨
MM-36 It’s Giving ✨Consistency✨
MM-37 Bye Bye Mustache. 👋 Christian Lundgaard Said Goodbye to the Mustache in Victory Lane After Scoring His First Indycar Race Win.
MM-38 King of the Corn 🌽👑
MM-39 Will ‘pole’ Power 😮‍💨
MM-40 That’s a Lot, Right? Asking for a Friend.
MM-41 The. Oval. King. 👑
MM-42 The Big 2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ for Ed Carpenter!
MM-43 Josef Newgarden Joined Some Elite Company 💪
MM-44 Clean 🧹💨
MM-45 Another Milestone Achievement for the Ice Man.
MM-46 Street Course Master in the Making? 🤔
MM-47 Cheers to the Next Chapter, Helio Castroneves. 🍾
MM-48 Core Memory Unlocked. 🍾 Best Career Qualifying Result for Devlin Defrancesco at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
MM-49 Have a Weekend, Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing. Graham Rahal and Christian Lundgaard Will Roll Off from the Front Row for the Gallagher Gp.
MM-50 Continuing to Cement His Legacy.
MM-51 Just Scott Dixon Doing Scott Dixon Things.
MM-52 Gallagher Gp +bommarito 500
MM-53 Scott Dixon Is Just That Good 🤌
MM-54 2️⃣ Bommarito 500’s. 2️⃣ Podiums.
MM-55 Just Gonna Leave This Here 🫳
MM-56 6️⃣6️⃣9️⃣9️⃣ Scott Dixon Passes Michael Andretti for Second All-Time in Laps Led Following the Bommarito 500.
MM-57 Time Flies When You’re Having Fun! Here’s to 5️⃣0️⃣ Starts and Counting for Scott Mclaughlin and the Thirsty 3’s 👏
MM-58 Twas a Good Day in Portland 🥰
MM-59 Clinched 🔒 Alex Palou Has Secured the 2023 Ntt Indycar Series Championship With One Race to Go.
MM-60 Alex Palou Continues to Cement His Name Among the Greatest 😮‍💨
MM-61 Mr. Consistency’ Continues to Do His Thing. 50th Top 10 Finish for Marcus Ericsson 💪
MM-62 23 Years Later, There’s a New Indycar Record at Weather Tech Raceway 💨
MM-63 Add Another Accomplishment to an Already Illustrious Career, Helio Castroneves! 👏
MM-64 What a Finale!
MM-65 Safe to Say Alex Palou’s 2023 Season Will Be One to Remember 🤯
MM-66 The 2023 Season Was Big…like Biggest Ever!
MM-67 Makin’ Moves All Season Long. 😮‍💨
MM-68 Nbd 💁‍♀️
MM-69 Leaders of the Pack (Literally)
MM-70 The 3’s Were Thirsty.
MM-71 A Young Start in the Ntt Indycar Series. 🤩
MM-72 Scott Dixon Appreciation Post

2024 Parkside NTT IndyCar – Pit Pass Set

Pit Pass Katherine Legge MOCK UP
37 Cards

PP-AP Palou
PP-SD Dixon
PP-SM Mclaughlin
PP-PO O’ward
PP-JN Newgarden
PP-ME Ericsson
PP-WP Power
PP-CL Lundgaard
PP-AR Rossi
PP-CH Herta
PP-KK Kirkwood
PP-FR Rosenqvist
PP-RG Grosjean
PP-RV Veekay
PP-GR Rahal
PP-CI Ilott
PP-DM Malukas
PP-HC Castroneves
PP-SF Ferrucci

PP-MA Armstrong
PP-AC Canapino
PP-DD Defrancesco
PP-JH Harvey
PP-CD Daly
PP-RHR Hunter-reay
PP-BP Pedersen
PP-SP Pagenaud
PP-TS Sato
PP-EC Carpenter
PP-LL Lundqvist
PP-TK Kanaan
PP-JV Vips
PP-TB Blomqvist
PP-MAR Andretti
PP-RCE Enerson
PP-KL Legge

2024 Parkside NTT IndyCar – Podiums Set

16 Cards

PF-1 Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg presented by RP Funding
PF-2 PPG 375 | Texas Motor Speedway
PF-3 Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach
PF-4 Children’s of Alabama Indy Grand Prix | Barber Motorsports Park
PF-5 GMR Grand Prix | IMS
PF-6 Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix presented by Leaf
PF-7 Sonsio Grand Prix of Road America presented by AMR
PF-8 The Honda Indy 200 at Mid-Ohio presented by the 2023 Accord Hybrid
PF-9 Honda Indy Toronto
PF-10 Hy-Vee Homefront 250 presented by Instacart | Iowa Speedway
PF-11 Hy-Vee One Step 250 presented by Gatorade | Iowa Speedway
PF-12 Big Machine Music City Grand Prix | Nashville
PF-13 Gallagher Grand Prix | IMS
PF-14 Bommarito Automotive Group 500 | Gateway Worldwide Technology Raceway
PF-15 Bitnile.com Grand Prix of Portland
PF-16 Firestone Grand Prix of Monterey | WeatherTech Laguna Raceway


2024 Parkside NTT IndyCar – Race Events Set

Race Events Josef Newgarden Texas Motor Speedway MOCK UP
17 Cards

RE-1 Streets of St. Pete
RE-2 Texas Motor Speedway
RE-3 Streets of Long Beach
RE-4 Barber Motorsports Park
RE-5 Indianapolis Motor Speedway
RE-6 Indianapolis Motor Speedway
RE-7 Streets of Detroit
RE-8 Road America
RE-9 Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

RE-10 Streets of Toronto
RE-11 Iowa Speedway
RE-12 Iowa Speedway
RE-13 Streets of Nashville
RE-14 Indianapolis Motor Speedway
RE-15 Gateway Worldwide Technology Raceway
RE-16 Portland International Raceway
RE-17 Weathertech Laguna Raceway

Redemption Sets

2024 Parkside NTT IndyCar – Redemption Set

4 Cards

1 2023 INDY 500 Signed Flag
2 2024 INDY 500 Signed Helmet
3 2024 INDY 500 Signed Milk Jar
4 2024 INDY 500 4 Pack Tickets


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