Connor Bedard Card Checklist

Connor Bedard Card Checklist – Ist Overall Pick to the Chicago Blackhawks


And you know what that means, they have already drafted to get the Phenom as first overall pick. If you want to see all of his cards please check the Connor Bedard Card Checklist.

Base Premium Material Auto Patch Connor Bedard MOCK UP

Bedard Young Gun to release on March 6th


The buzz around town is that if you can find a box of 23-24 Upper Deck Series 2 for a decent price you should really try and buy it, on eBay there has been some case sales for well over 3k per 12 box case which is insane. f you can snag a box from your local LCS for around 150, you will be doing well. However, then the big question is, do you hang onto the box, or rip it yourself? That box could double in price quickly and who knows what it will bring in coming years. Check out the Full Checklist for 23-24 Upper Deck Series 2 where Bedard has Young Gun cards with Chicago and some Team Canada cards as well.


2024 Update for Connor Bedard Card Checklist


Now that 23-24 O-Pee-Chee is released, Connor Bedard will finally have a bunch of cards to collect as there is 27 different cards for him for the Chicago Blackhawks and an additional 13 cards in a Team Canada Jersey, if you can grab a case break spot for a decent price you may do very well.

Bedard Rookie Card

Connor Bedard Marquee Rookie Card with an Incredible 27 Parallels


Rookie Card Update


With the release of 23-24 Upper Deck Artifacts Hockey comes one of the first popular products to have plenty of Bedard Rookie cards. First off he has some Team Canada Cards featuring Signature Apparel, Aurum Bounty Rookies and the 2005-06 Clear Cut Retro Rookies which is an acetate card based off the older artifacts design. And then you have the rookie redemptions, it is a given that Connor will be the Roman Numeral I Redemption card, these will be case hits. Additionally, recent Artifacts redemptions now come with a greater variety of parallels, increasing the likelihood of obtaining one of these valuable hits.



His Cards have been on the rise since he was seen widely in the  World Junior Hockey Tournament. Additionally, he set several records and was simply dominant.

Base Gold Patch Connor Bedard

The card shown above is a great example of a patch card from Upper Deck SP Game Used CHL Edition, there is few products now with cards featuring Bedard and all of them hold and maintain a good value and really everyone expects them to increase. The time to buy his cards is now and as much as you can safely afford, that is if you plan to resell later on. Even if you hold them for descendants, you simply cannot go wrong by amassing his cards right now. In fact, the value of his cards may increase over time.


Connor Bedard Card Checklist

Keep an eye on the newest cards with his Checklist Page on Breakninja, it updates as soon as new cards are made and available. You can check out the page here and bookmark it to browse at will:

Full Checklist of Trading Cards

Full Checklist of Trading Cards



New Style Blue Auto Connor Bedard

Connor Bedard Autograph


At the time of this post on May 8th 2023, You could only find his card in 21-22 Upper Deck CHL Hockey, 21-22 SPGU CHL Hockey, 2022 Canada Juniors Hockey, 20-21 Expo Hockey and 20-21 Canada Jr Hockey. But despite that, that will change soon enough, He will be in every product made. Normally, card companies can only make cards once they have stepped on the ice for their NHL team at least once. When that first step on the ice happens, afterwards pictures can be taken to be used for their cards. Upper Deck holds the sole license for the NHL and only they can make cards that show team logos.

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