Tear-iffic Tuesday: Cryptozoic Big Bang Theory Seasons 6 and 7

They say it all started with a big bang, and so does our Tuesday.  The latest edition of Cryptozoic Big Bang Theory is out and this year’s cards feature content from seasons 6 and 7 of the hit show. Capitalizing on the comedy’s rabid fan base Cryptozoic has created a fun and eclectic product for fans to enjoy. With a variety of memorabilia and autographs to collect, this is a great way to get closer to Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, and the whole gang.

Inside the Cryptozoic Big Bang Theory

Cryptozoic Big Bang TheoryBreaking down the box we find a 73 card base set that depicts scenes from both season 6 and 7. With memorable scenes including “Cello Apology” and “Fishing Lessons” fans will be able to walk down memory lane without even turning on the TV. These full colour base cards are sure to be a hit and seem like they could be more collectible than your average sports themes base card. Collectors can also look for silver foil base (1:4 packs) and 1/1 base printing plates.

Cryptozoic Big Bang Theory Inserts

Cryptozoic Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory Algorithm

We all know that the show’s writers love to insert hidden jokes into the scenes, and in that spirit Cryptozoic Big Bang Theory has come up with some inserts of its own. Taking a page out of Sheldon’s playbook, we have the Algorithm Puzzle inserts (1:4 packs). This 9 card set reminds us of the inner workings of Sheldon’s socially challenged brain. Featuring images such as flow charts for friendship, these should be a fun little set to put together. For fans who want to go a step further there is also a silver foil version of the set that also falls at 1:4 packs.

Cryptozoic Big Bang Theory

Artists Series

The second insert set is entitled the Artist Series, which features artistic renderings of the shows scenes and characters. These cards fall at 1:4 packs and with only 7 cards on the list it should be a quick one to collect. With an additional silver foil version (1:4 packs) and a Cryptomium version (1:48 packs) there is plenty of motivation for fans who want a bigger challenge.

Cryptozoic Big Bang Theory

Portraits Series

For fans of the show’s characters the Portraits set is sure to be of interest. Falling at 1:4 packs, this 7 card set features portraits of each of the show’s 7 main characters. Unfortunately Cryptozoic keeps with the show’s long running gag and fails to give us a last name for Penny (will we ever know??). Each card gives a very short character bio, listing traits in short blurbs around the characters image. Again there is a silver foil version at 1:4 for the fans who want an extra challenge.

Cryptozoic Big Bang Theory Autographs

Cryptozoic Big Bang Theory

Bob Newhart

Premium hits in this product fall at an average of 1 per box and a have a wide variety of different layouts for fans to chase. Cryptozoic provides us with one main autograph set (plus a small auto/mem set) that features a variety of actors autographs. These include main stars, as well as the supporting cast, and various guest stars. The 32 card set features 16 different characters, each with 2 different layouts. Falling at an overall average of 1:15 packs fans can look for stars such as Mayim Bialik (Amy) and Simon Helberg (Howard) , as well as guests such as Bob Newhart (Arthur Jeffries) and Laurie Metcalf (Mary Cooper). This should be an interesting set for fans, and one that shouldn’t be too hard to finish.

As a quick side project for autograph seekers there is a short auto/mem set to hunt. With only 3 cards to chase fans can look for autos of Mayim Bialik (Amy), Melissa Rauch (Bernadette), and Simon Helberg (Howard). Each of these autographs is accompanied by an authentic piece of wardrobe, allowing fans to get that much closer to the trio. Unfortunately neither autograph set includes Jim Parson (Sheldon), John Galecki (Leonard), Kunal Nayyar (Rajesh), or Kaley Cuoco (Penny). While this is disappointing both sets remain interesting and should be fun to put together.

Cryptozoic Big Bang Theory Memorabilia

Cryptozoic Big Bang Theory

Single Character Prop/Mem

The big draw for this product’s premium hits is its memorabilia. In addition to the usual wardrobe pieces Cryptozoic has, for the first time, added set used prop relics to the checklist. Props include pieces of Sheldon’s rubber gloves, jigsaw puzzle pieces, and model train felt. These cards will have fans smiling whenever episodes featuring these items air, knowing that what they are seeing on screen are now sitting in their hands.

Fans who feel let down by the missing characters from the autograph set can take solace knowing that the mem set more than makes up for it. Falling at 1:15 packs the main Prop/Wardrobe set features 37 cars with memorabilia from the show’s entire main cast. These are set against a bright and colourful background that is sure to make fans smile.

Cryptozoic Big Bang Theory

Dual Character Mem

In addition to single character mem, Cryptozoic Big Bang Theory has added multi swatch cards to chase. The Dual Relics set falls at 1:96 packs and the 9 card set includes combinations such as Melissa Rauch/Simon Helberg (Bernadette & Howard) as well as Mayim Bialik/Kaley Cuoco (Amy & Penny). These cards are a tribute to the interpersonal relationships what exist between the show’s main characters.

Cryptozoic Big Bang Theory

Ladies of BBT /25


For fans who want a real challenge there are 2 cast cards to chase. The first features mem from Mayim Bialik, Kaley Cuoco, and Melissa Rauch, while the second features Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Kunal Nayyar, and Simon Helberg. Each of these two multi mem cards are limited to only 25 copies, so fans wanting a master set are going to have to hunt for these.

Cryptozoic Big Bang Theory Specialty Cards

Cryptozoic Big Bang Theory

Artist Sketch Cards

Outside the normal categories of cards are two small sets of specialty cards. The first are artist sketch cards. These 6 cards each feature hand drawn art that reflects the show and its characters. Artists include Amber Shelton, Mitch Ballard, and Raz Ortiz. These cards fall at 1:576 packs, giving them the longest odds in the set. The second specialty category features a single card. This is simply a promo card commemorating the NSCC and Philly NS card shows of August and October of 2015.


As a fan of the show Cryptozoic Big Bang Theory intrigues me. At a reasonable average price of $75usd it provides fans and collectors with a fun distraction from the competitive world of sports cards. Each box promises 24 packs, each with 5 cards. This works out to an average of 1 auto, 1 mem, 8 Algorithm inserts, 8 Artist inserts, and 6 portraits per box. While this product doesn’t offer much for box breakers, it should be a fun single pack product and works for fans young and old.



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Right now on Ebay:
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