Davis Schneider Card Guide and Checklist

Davis Schneider Card Guide and Checklist

The Davis Schneider Card shown below is basically his only major league card as of this post, but have no fear, after his recent play it will be very hard for the Toronto Blue Jays to send him anywhere but into the starting lineup.


Davis Schneider 2021 Bowman 1st Prospects Autograph

Davis Schneider 2021 Bowman 1st Prospects Autograph


2024 Update

Finally after 3 years we will have a pile of new cards to collect from Davis Schneider because looking at the checklist for 2024 Topps Series 1 Baseball there will be 92 different cards to chase after. Look for the release of Series 1 around February 14th of 2024 to grab a box or two or maybe just get the Blue Jays in a case break and you should get plenty of his cards. Personally we believe he did wonderful last season but it would have been nice if the coach actually let him play in a game in the playoffs.

First Homer was on his very first at Bat for the Blue Jays.

Davis Schneider Cards will be sought after in the near future as he basically already has a cult following based on his excellent start, already with 2 home runs in his first 3 games and batting nearly .700. I have watched his every at bat and he has really hit a lot of solid knocks and looks very composed at the MLB level, his time at the plate looks very much like his Triple A swings all year.



Average Looking Autograph.

The Autograph of Davis Schneider is pretty much just a big D and a scribble, but then again so is most athletes who have to sign often.


Davis Schneider's Autograph Example

Davis Schneider’s Autograph Example


Full Trading Card Checklist.

To Visit the Auto Updating Baseball Card Checklist click this link or the Picture Below.

Full Checklist of Trading Cards

Visit the Full Trading Card Checklist Page for Davis Schneider


Topps Now Davis Schneider card.


Topps has an online only digital card site that allows you to collect cards of your favorite players and Davis has card number 655 available.

Davis Schneider 2023 Topps Now Card 655

Davis Schneider 2023 Topps Now Card #655



Minor League cards are a cheaper way to grab some cards for players you like or want to prospect, below is an example of his Minor League Card..


Davis Schneider Card with the Buffalo Bisons

Davis Schneider Card with the Buffalo Bison’s



Ties a Major League Record!


With 9 Hits in his first 3 games, Davis has tied a long standing record from 1938 by Coaker Triplett of the Chicago Cubs.


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Did You Know?

Davis Schneider was born on 1999 in New Jersey and was drafted a massive 849th overall in 2017. It is not very often when a player is picked so late and makes the big leagues but Schneider did the near impossible and kept at it and got stronger and improved each year in the minors. His solid play this year with 21 homers and composed at bats for the Buffalo Bison’s made him get noticed. Interesting fact is that he is not related to his coach John Schneider but amazingly has played sports with his son. The box below will show his cards with bids currently on eBay and will be a good way to browse his cards or use the link to his full checklist above.


Davis Schneider Cards on eBay


Find all Styles of Davis Schneider Cards on a Single Page


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