Indiana Jones Movie Poster Funko Pop Vinyl

Released Today Funko Pop! Vinyl – Indiana Jones Movie Poster


Indiana Jones Movie Poster 30 Funko Pop! Vinyl

Indiana Jones Movie Poster #30 – Funko Pop! Vinyl


Indiana Jones Movie Poster #30 – Released June 5th, 2023

This Pop is from the Movies section and the main character is Indiana Jones, an archaeologist and adventurer in this first movie in the series from 1981 and one of our favorites of all time. This Indiana Jones Movie Poster Funko Pop! Vinyl numbered 30 in that category and are an Entertainment Earth Exclusive and you can find it on their Official Site. Remember that exciting scene where Indiana gets chased by the big booby trap boulder inside the treasure cave? Well now you can own it in Pop! Vinyl form, check out the amazon listing below.



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Did You Know?

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark was originally just titled Raiders of the Lost Ark and became a bit of a cult classic. With a budget of 20 million to make this great adventure film it returned a huge 380 million back in the box office. The lead role and stepping stone to a great acting career was played by Harrison Ford.


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Funko Pop! Vinyl Variations:

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These colors really pack a punch! Painted with a vibrant coating, these collectibles transform your favorite characters using a multicolored, eye-catching design. Shine a black light over these items and you’ll see them emit a florescent glow – but don’t worry, they look great in normal lighting as well! Who will illuminate your collection?


By purchasing a “CHANCE OF CHASE” item, there is a chance that you will receive the chase, or limited quantity variation of the item as your purchase. Chase variants are shipped at random. Receiving a chase with purchase is not guaranteed.


Something catch your eye? Our Diamond Collection designs include an extra sprinkling of sparkles that shine in the light. Unlike our glitter variants, which inject glitter into the vinyl, these collectibles feature a dusting of glitter that appears with a figure’s paint. Some Diamond Collection items will use external glitter on specific areas of their design while others take on an all-over glittered look. Whatever the case, these dazzling collectibles are sure to stand out in your collection!


Show off a new side to your collection! Our facet collectibles are built with a geometric structure to give them a gemstone-inspired look. Turn this collectible in the light and you’ll see a metallic sheen that reflects off of its edges. Whether you prefer to display your figures out of the box or in its original packaging, these stunning designs add some extra glam to your collection.


It’s easy to develop a soft spot for our flocked creations! Instead of the usual smooth, vinyl texture for a figure, we use a special soft, fuzzy texture for coating the outside. Sometimes the whole figure is flocked; sometimes, only part of the figure is flocked, but the distinct texture adds a special touch of fun.


It’s what’s on the inside that counts! Look closely at our glitter collectibles and you’ll see small sparkly specs that glimmer in the light. Unlike our Diamond Collection figures, these variants have glitter injected into the vinyl during the molding process. Some figures will only use glitter fill on specific areas of their design, while other characters take on an all-over translucent, glitter-filled look. Either way, our glitter collectibles are sure to dazzle your collection!

Glow in the Dark:

Ready, set, glow! Turn down the lights to join in the fun with our glow-in-the-dark collectibles. Though these figures may look similar to our regular designs, a flip of the light switch makes all the difference. A special coating allows these collectibles to shine brightly in low-light settings, illuminating their surroundings. Some figures have glow details on specific areas of their design while others glow all over to create a unique silhouette, making your collection look great at any time of night or day!


Jumbo Pops! are 10 inches tall. The characters chosen to be made into Jumbo size collectibles are usually larger than their mainline counterparts within their source material or would make a near-life-sized companion to collectors. Stage your own adventures and quests with some of your favorite companions as Jumbo Pops!.


This is the largest size of Pop! which offers the smallest selection of characters. At a whopping 18 inches tall, Mega Pops! are sure to be the center of your collection. The few but mighty Mega Pops! that are available make powerful and eye-catching display pieces for the most dedicated collectors. Mega Pop! collectibles are usually special edition, exclusive items.


It’s your time to shine! Our metallic collectibles use a polished paint coating that reflects in the light. Sometimes, a figure will have metallic highlights on specific areas of its design. Other times, a figure will be covered in a single metallic color giving them a sleek look and feel. Either way, this bright and shining treatment is sure to elevate your collection.


Activate your super senses! Our scented collectibles add an air of fun to any collection. Unbox these figures and you’ll find a scent that matches the character’s design. Maybe a character will feature a fresh and fruity fragrance, or maybe a character will include a more nefarious smell. Whatever aroma you prefer, our scented treatments are sure to make a memorable impression.


Clear some space for our Super Pops! They’re a bit taller than our regularly sized Pops! which are about 4 inches tall. Super Pops! are approximately 6 inches tall, and they create a unique and fun contrast as they “tower” over some of our standard-sized Pops! We hope you have a super-duper amazing time adding at least one Super Pop! to your collection.

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