2016 Leaf Metal Perfect Game All-American Baseball – Full Checklist

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Making its debut as a stand alone product Leaf Metal Perfect Game All-American Baseball was previously only an insert set in the other Leaf Metal Perfect Game sets. The product is made up entirely of autographs and is dedicated to the young stars of the high school circuit. These are the players most likely to turn pro in the coming years, and Perfect Game All-American offers fans an early shot at some nice autographs. Each box offers 8 autos for fans to collect. Collectors should note that all printing plates are limited to promotional events only. Perfect Game All-American Baseball has a print run limited to 125 cases.

All-American – Product Breakdown

Release Date: December 22, 2016
Price: Approx. $75USD Per Hobby Box
Configuration: 8 Cards Per Pack; 1 Pack Per Box; 15 Boxes Per Case
Box Break: 6-7 Metal Autographs; 1-2 Patch Autographs

All-American – Metal Autographs Set

Base Autographs DL Hall
52 Cards
Parallels: Blue Prismatic #/50 or #/25; Purple Prismatic #/25 or #/20; Pink prismatic #/20 or #/15; Black Prismatic #/15 or #/10; Green Prismatic #/10 or #/7; Red Prismatic #/5; Gold Prismatic 1/1; Gold Super Prismatic 1/1; Printing Plates 1/1

BA-AH1 Adam Hall
BA-AS1 Alex Scherff
BA-AT1 Alejandro Toral
BA-BE1 Blayne Enlow
BA-BJ1 Ben Jordan
BA-BM1 Brady McConnell
BA-BR1 Ben Ramirez
BA-CB1 Cole Brannen
BA-CC1 Cash Case
BA-CM1 Calvin Mitchell
BA-CS1 Caleb Sloan
BA-CT1 Cole Turney
BA-CU1 Conner Uselton
BA-DLH D.L. Hall
BA-DW1 Drew Waters
BA-GHR Garrett “Hunter” Ruth
BA-GM1 Garrett Mitchell
BA-HC1 Hans Crouse
BA-HG1 Hunter Greene
BA-JA1 Jordan Anderson
BA-JA2 Jordon Adell
BA-JB1 Joe Boyle
BA-JCW Je’Von Carrier-Ward
BA-JE1 Jeremiah Estrada
BA-JG1 Jacob Gonzalez
BA-JG2 Jayson Gonzalez

BA-JH1 Jacob Heatherly
BA-JP1 Jacob Pearson
BA-JR1 Johnathan Rodriguez
BA-KH1 Kyle Hurt
BA-KJ1 Kyle Jacobsen
BA-LA1 Logan Allen
BA-LC1 Luis Campusano
BA-MG1 Mackenzie Gore
BA-MJM Mervyl “MJ” Melendez
BA-MS1 Mitchell Stone
BA-MV1 Mark Vientos
BA-NA1 Nick Allen
BA-NS1 Nicholas Storz
BA-PC1 Philip Clarke
BA-QH1 Quentin Holmes
BA-RDT Ricardo De La Torre
BA-RL1 Royce Lewis
BA-RV1 Ryan Vilade
BA-SB1 Shane Baz
BA-SC1 Seth Corry
BA-SW1 Steven Williams
BA-TB1 Tanner Burns
BA-TE1 Tim Elko
BA-TF1 Terriez Fuller
BA-TF2 Tyler Freeman
BA-TR1 Trevor Rogers

All-American – Metal Autograph Star Etch Set

Star Etch Autographs Hunter Greene
52 Cards – MSP = Mega Short Printed
Parallels: Blue Etched Wave Foil #/12; Purple Etched Wave Foil #/10; Pink Etched Wave Foil #/7; Black Etched Wave Foil #/5; Green Etched Wave Foil #/3; Red Etched Wave Foil #/2; Gold Wave Foil 1/1; Gold Super Prismatic w/Black Etched Foil 1/1; Printing Plates 1/1

BA-AH1 Adam Hall – MSP
BA-AS1 Alex Scherff – MSP
BA-AT1 Alejandro Toral – MSP
BA-BE1 Blayne Enlow – MSP
BA-BJ1 Ben Jordan – MSP
BA-BM1 Brady McConnell – MSP
BA-BR1 Ben Ramirez – MSP
BA-CB1 Cole Brannen – MSP
BA-CC1 Cash Case
BA-CM1 Calvin Mitchell – MSP
BA-CS1 Caleb Sloan – MSP
BA-CT1 Cole Turney – MSP
BA-CU1 Conner Uselton – MSP
BA-DLH D.L. Hall – MSP
BA-DW1 Drew Waters – MSP
BA-GHR Garrett “Hunter” Ruth – MSP
BA-GM1 Garrett Mitchell – MSP
BA-HC1 Hans Crouse – MSP
BA-HG1 Hunter Greene – MSP
BA-JA1 Jordan Anderson – MSP
BA-JA2 Jordon Adell – MSP
BA-JB1 Joe Boyle – MSP
BA-JCW Je’Von Carrier-Ward – MSP
BA-JE1 Jeremiah Estrada – MSP
BA-JG1 Jacob Gonzalez – MSP
BA-JG2 Jayson Gonzalez – MSP

BA-JH1 Jacob Heatherly – MSP
BA-JP1 Jacob Pearson – MSP
BA-JR1 Johnathan Rodriguez – MSP
BA-KH1 Kyle Hurt – MSP
BA-KJ1 Kyle Jacobsen – MSP
BA-LA1 Logan Allen – MSP
BA-LC1 Luis Campusano – MSP
BA-MG1 Mackenzie Gore – MSP
BA-MJM Mervyl “MJ” Melendez – MSP
BA-MS1 Mitchell Stone – MSP
BA-MV1 Mark Vientos – MSP
BA-NA1 Nick Allen – MSP
BA-NS1 Nicholas Storz – MSP
BA-PC1 Philip Clarke – MSP
BA-QH1 Quentin Holmes – MSP
BA-RDT Ricardo De La Torre – MSP
BA-RL1 Royce Lewis – MSP
BA-RV1 Ryan Vilade – MSP
BA-SB1 Shane Baz – MSP
BA-SC1 Seth Corry – MSP
BA-SW1 Steven Williams – MSP
BA-TB1 Tanner Burns – MSP
BA-TE1 Tim Elko – MSP
BA-TF1 Terriez Fuller – MSP
BA-TF2 Tyler Freeman – MSP
BA-TR1 Trevor Rogers

All-American – Patch Autographs Set

Patch Autographs Ricardo de la Torre
52 Cards – Serial Numbered #/30
Parallels: Gold Foil #/15; Red Foil #/10; Blue Rainbow #/5; Silver Rainbow #/3; Gold Rainbow 1/1; Gold Rainbow (Game-Used Relic) #/2; Printing Plates 1/1

PA-AH1 Adam Hall
PA-AS1 Alex Scherff
PA-AT1 Alejandro Toral
PA-BE1 Blayne Enlow
PA-BJ1 Ben Jordan
PA-BM1 Brady McConnell
PA-BR1 Ben Ramirez
PA-CB1 Cole Brannen
PA-CC1 Cash Case
PA-CM1 Calvin Mitchell
PA-CS1 Caleb Sloan
PA-CT1 Cole Turney
PA-CU1 Conner Uselton
PA-DLH D.L. Hall
PA-DW1 Drew Waters
PA-GHR Garrett “Hunter” Ruth
PA-GM1 Garrett Mitchell
PA-HC1 Hans Crouse
PA-HG1 Hunter Greene
PA-JA1 Jordan Anderson
PA-JA2 Jordon Adell
PA-JB1 Joe Boyle
PA-JCW Je’Von Carrier-Ward
PA-JE1 Jeremiah Estrada
PA-JG1 Jacob Gonzalez
PA-JG2 Jayson Gonzalez

PA-JH1 Jacob Heatherly
PA-JP1 Jacob Pearson
PA-JR1 Johnathan Rodriguez
PA-KH1 Kyle Hurt
PA-KJ1 Kyle Jacobsen
PA-LA1 Logan Allen
PA-LC1 Luis Campusano
PA-MG1 Mackenzie Gore
PA-MJM Mervyl “MJ” Melendez
PA-MS1 Mitchell Stone
PA-MV1 Mark Vientos
PA-NA1 Nick Allen
PA-NS1 Nicholas Storz
PA-PC1 Philip Clarke
PA-QH1 Quentin Holmes
PA-RDT Ricardo De La Torre
PA-RL1 Royce Lewis
PA-RV1 Ryan Vilade
PA-SB1 Shane Baz
PA-SC1 Seth Corry
PA-SW1 Steven Williams
PA-TB1 Tanner Burns
PA-TE1 Tim Elko
PA-TF1 Terriez Fuller
PA-TF2 Tyler Freeman
PA-TR1 Trevor Rogers

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