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2020-21 SPA – Hockey Card Odds Sheet

2020-21 SP Authentic Hockey

2020-21 SPA Hockey is a popular release that is best known for its Future Watch Rookie cards, as well as several autograph sets. Hobby boxes offer 2 signed cards each, as well as several inserts. This year’s release doesn’t offer the traditional Upper Deck Update set, which has moved to the Upper Deck Extended set. […]

2021 SP Authentic Golf – Golf Card Checklist

2021 SP Authentic Golf

2021 SP Authentic Golf is the latest release from Upper Deck’s newly revived Golf department. The SP Authentic brand is one that has previously been seen by golf card collectors, and indeed this release pays respects to some of these previous releases. Like its hockey counterpart, SP Authentic Golf offers 2 signed cards, as well […]

2018-19 SPA – Hockey Card Odds Sheet

2018-19 SP Authentic

2018-19 SPA Hockey is an Upper Deck release that has become an annual favorite among fans, especially collectors of rookie autographs. The Future Watch Rookie Autos are some of the most sought after sets in hockey collecting and this years release should be no different. However, the FWAs are not the only set that is […]

2017-18 SP Authentic Odds Sheet

2017-18 SP Authentic Odds

Just in time for the product release, the 2017-18 SP Authentic Odds Sheet breaks down the pack odds for all relevant sets. The popular Upper Deck brand returns for another year, offering fans the much sought after Future Watch Autographs, as well as the always loved Sign of the Times Autographs sets, which is one […]