2017-18 SPGU – Hockey Card Checklist

2017-18 SPGU

2017-18 SPGU is a memorabilia focused product that offers fans great potential. although there is undoubtedly a fair few plain jersey cards, there is also a very healthy dose of big patch cards, and some nice looking player autographs. SPGU again offers its unique base set, serial numbered to the player’s jersey number, with the […]

Ninja Update: 2000-01 SP Game Used

2000-01 SP Game Used

2000-01 SP Game Used offered fans a memorabilia focused product, as well as the chance at some big name autographs. Each pack promised one jersey card, as well as 2 base cards, with the chance that one would be a serial numbered rookie card. Some lucky collectors could find that they also received and autographed […]

2017-18 SP Game Used – Odds Sheet

2017-18 SP Game Used

2017-18 SP Game Used is a memorabilia based product that offers 4 hits per box. While the product focuses on the memorabilia aspect, there autographs included, especially the base parallel sets. These, as well as a host of other sets all require pack odds. Many sets operate on an overall odds format, but there are […]

Ninja Update: 2003-04 SP Game Used

2003-04 SP Game Used

2003-04 SP Game Used is a memorabilia heavy product that offers a wide selection of game-used relics, as well as a limited selection of autographs. The popular product is one of the SP brands most recognized products, and is among the most anticipated Upper Deck products produced. Each hobby box of 2003-04 SP Game Used […]