Ninja Update: 2003-04 SP Game Used

2003-04 SP Game Used

2003-04 SP Game Used is a memorabilia heavy product that offers a wide selection of game-used relics, as well as a limited selection of autographs. The popular product is one of the SP brands most recognized products, and is among the most anticipated Upper Deck products produced. Each hobby box of 2003-04 SP Game Used […]

Ninja Update: 2005-06 SP Game Used

2005-06 SP Game Used Box

2005-06 SP Game Used is a memorabilia oriented product that also provides collectors with the opportunity to grab some big name autographs. Each pack promises to produce at least one hit, and every box should, on average, give 6 memorabilia cards, one of which will be #/100 or less, as well as oner autograph #/100 […]

Ninja Update: 2006-07 SP Game Used

2006-07 SP Game Used

2006-07 SP Game Used is a memorabilia focused product that offers 6 memorabilia cards per box, that’s one per pack. Additionally there will be 1 autograph per box, and at least 1 of the memorabilia cards will have a serial number less than 100. Upper Deck also revealed that 1 in 3 boxes is a […]

Ninja Update: 2007-08 SP Game Used

2007-08 SP Game Used Box

2007-08 SP Game Used is a memorabilia and autograph heavy product that features 6 hits per box, one per pack. With no real insert sets, the focus is on game-used relics and autos of big name players. The included rookie set also allows collectors to hunt big names such as Kane, Toews, and Price. Overall […]

Ninja Update: 2008-09 SP Game Used

2008-09 SP Game Used Box

2008-09 SP Game Used is Upper Deck’s yearly salute to memorabilia cards. With an average of 6 mem cards per box, this product packs a punch and remains popular with collectors. The multiple Letter and Number sets remain big sellers on ebay and other secondary markets, while the collection of Authentic Fabrics sets can be […]

Ninja Update: 2010-11 SP Game Used

2010-11 SP Game Used Box

2010-11 SP Game Used is a shining example of why SPGU continues to be one of Upper Deck’s most popular products. The memorabilia heavy brand also features some stunning autographs of both rookies and legends. The 2010-11 edition also featured signed letter Championship Marks from the 2009-10 Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks. Even after 6 […]