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2019-20 UD O-Pee-Chee

2019-20 UD O-Pee-Chee

2019-20 UD O-Pee-Chee is a low-end release that traditionally comes early in the collecting season. While the set has no autographs, it is a perfect release for set builders and young collectors who are just getting into the hobby. Available hits are all manufactured patch relics, such as Trophy Relics, and Team Logos. Lucky collectors […]

2018-19 OPC Platinum – Hockey Card Checklist

2018-19 OPC Platinum

2018-19 OPC Platinum is an annual favorite among hockey card collectors, especially on the ePack platform. The set is well known for its flashy cards and assortment of hard signed autographs. As expected, this years release includes all of the top rookies, including Hart, Pettersson, and Kotkaniemi. Like last year’s release, 2018-19 OPC Platinum offers […]

2017-18 OPC – Hockey Card Checklist

2017-18 OPC

2017-18 OPC is an early season Upper Deck release. It falls decidedly on the low-end but is popular with set collectors due to it’s large and varied base set, which comes with a variety of parallels. Additionally there is a strong assortment f inserts, including the popular OPC Manufactured Patch Cards and the OPC Playing […]