Upper Deck Redemption Central 2017-18

Redemption Central 2017-18

Redemptions suck, we all know that, but I’m here to help. The Upper Deck Redemption Central 2017-18 is your go to place for all redemption information. This page will be added to whenever new mystery redemptions are added to checklists, and will reveal player identities as they become available. Both Upper Deck MVP and Artifacts have these mystery redemptions that must be tracked. Check back in the coming weeks and months as these redemptions are revealed.

Redemption Central 2017-18 – Upper Deck MVP

Release Date: August 9, 2017; ePack: September 20, 2017

2017 NHL Draft Pick #1 Redemption

MVP #1 Draft Pick
1 Card
Overall Odds: 1:1250 Hobby/ePack; 1:12,500 Retail/Blaster; 1:3000 Fat Pack
Parallels: Gold (1:12,500 Hobby/ePack)

DP-1 Redemption Card

Rookie Redemption Set

MVP Atlantic Division Rookie Redemption
4 Cards – Each For a Division Set
Overall Odds: 1:400 Hobby/ePack; 1:4000 Retail/Blaster; 1:960 Fat Pack

RR1 Atlantic Division
RR2 Central Division
RR3 Metropolitan Division
RR4 Pacific Division

Checkout Breakninja for a Full Team-by-Team checklist

Redemption Central 2017-18 – Upper Deck Artifacts

Artifacts Logo
Release Date: September 27, 2017

Base Rookie Redemptions Set

Artifacts Base Redemption Philadelphia
40 Cards
Overall Odds: 1:8 Hobby; 1:60 Retail/Blaster
Parallels: Emerald (1:56 Hobby)

RED181 Anaheim Ducks
RED182 Arizona Coyotes
RED183 Boston Bruins
RED184 Buffalo Sabres
RED185 Calgary Flames
RED186 Carolina Hurricanes
RED187 Chicago Blackhawks
RED188 Colorado Avalanche
RED189 Columbus Blue Jackets
RED190 Dallas Stars
RED191 Detroit Red Wings
RED192 Edmonton Oilers
RED193 Florida Panthers
RED194 Los Angeles Kings
RED195 Minnesota Wild
RED196 Montreal Canadiens
RED197 Nashville Predators
RED198 New Jersey Devils
RED199 New York Islanders
RED200 New York Rangers

RED201 Ottawa Senators
RED202 Philadelphia Flyers
RED203 Pittsburgh Penguins
RED204 San Jose Sharks
RED205 St. Louis Blues
RED206 Tampa Bay Lightning
RED207 Toronto Maple Leafs
RED208 Vancouver Canucks
RED209 Washington Capitals
RED210 Winnipeg Jets
RED211 Wild Card
RED212 Wild Card
RED213 Wild Card
RED214 Wild Card
RED215 Wild Card
RED216 Wild Card
RED217 Wild Card
RED218 Wild Card
RED219 Wild Card
RED220 Wild Card

Rookie Autographs Redemptions Set

18 Cards – 1:81 Hobby Packs
Auto-Relic Parallels (III-VII Only): Silver (1:893); Emerald (1:1750); Gold (1:4374); Black (1:43,744)

III TBD Rookie*
IV TBD Rookie*
V TBD Rookie*
VI TBD Rookie*
VII TBD Rookie*
IX TBD Rookie
X TBD Rookie
XI TBD Rookie

XII TBD Rookie
XIV TBD Rookie
XV TBD Rookie
XVI TBD Rookie
XIX TBD Rookie
XX TBD Rookie

Rookie Relic Redemptions Set

Artifacts Rookie Relic Redemption
5 Cards – Hobby Exclusive
Versions I and II: Jsy-Jsy (1:1105); Jsy-Patch (1:7291); Patch-Patch (1:21,872); Patch-Tag (1:109,360)
Versions III, IV, and V: Silver (1:183); Emerald (1:736); Gold (1:1488); Black (1:414, 581)

I TBD Rookie
II TBD Rookie
III TBD Rookie

IV TBD Rookie
V TBD Rookie

For a Full Team-by-Team Checklist Please Checkout Breakninja.com

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