Tear-iffic Tuesdays – Autos and Mem Galore

Welcome to the inaugural Tear-iffic Tuesday! The hot spot for the coming week’s releases; previews, pricing, and big hit autos and mem all in a one stop shop of awesome. Check back each week as we rundown the coming product and get YOU pumped to tear open some packs!

2016 Topps Tribute Baseball – Hard Autos!


Hank Aaron Auto memLet’s kick off this week’s issue with some Topp’s Tribute Baseball! Scheduled to be released Wednesday July 13th, this high-end release targets autograph and mem collectors alike! Each hobby box contains three of each, as well as a #’d base card in the 7 card box.

Thehighlight of this product is that all autos (and there are lots) are on card, so sticker haters rejoice! With names such as Hank Aaron, Ken Griffey Jr., and David Ortiz, this is looking to be a winner for PC autos! My fellow Expos fans can celebrate a chance at a hard signed Vladimir Guerrero auto, a great way to hold on to our beloved ‘Spos.


On the mem front Tribute produces a healthy mix the includes jerseys, game ball pieces, and patches alike. With two sets of 1/1s to chase, the Black and Tribute SuperFractor rare cards will triumph. The product looks to have a healthy secondary market value as collectors scramble to lock down their favorites. With a hobby box price in the $250usd range this product is aimed at seasoned collectors as well as box breakers.


Full Checklist for 2016 Topps Tribute Baseball is here:


2016 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions – Unique Mem!

Also out on Wednesday is Upper Deck’s Goodwin Champions. This oddball product draws from a number of different sources to create a series that crosses the span of collecting. With this product Upper Deck manages to touch on everything from baseball to bowling, with several culture cardsets jumping in.

2016-Upper-Deck-Goodwin-Champions-Cut-Signatures-mem-Hemingway__1468345257_74.58.214.179The product provides ample material for autograph seekers with several sets, including two cut signature sets with both live cards and redemptions. With names such as Bob Hope, Ernest Hemingway, and Bernie Geoffrion these cut sigs bridge the divide between culture and sport.

Not to be outdone, memorabilia plays a big part in this set. The wide mix of genres make for an interesting mix, to say the least. Included is everything from leotard and jersey pieces to floor and stick mem. Goodwin’s promises to be a nightmare for set collectors, but a potential dream for athlete and celebrity seekers.


2016-Upper-Deck-Goodwin-Champions-Historical-Rhetoric-mem-Churchill__1468345364_74.58.214.179Of great interest in this product is its honouring of the heroes of history, with a special focus on veterans of WWII. The Historical Rhetoric booklets come with embedded audio clips of famous speeches and events. The Museum Collection provides memorabilia from WWII such as flight jackets and ship pieces. The set also provides on card autos of veterans of the war. All in all, a great way to honour true heroes.


2016-Upper-Deck-Goodwin-Champions-World-War-II-Museum-Collection-Booklet-Relic-mem-Pearl-Harbor__1468345930_74.58.214.179For hobby box buyers the product provides 20 packs with 5 cards each for a sure shot at variety. Each box promises 3 auto, mem, or audio cards, as well as 6 minis, 5 black and white high series SPs, and 5 Gaudey inserts. With a price in the $80usd range this eclectic product calls out to lower level collectors looking to have fun. Due to the expansive and varied checklist I’d advise breakers to steer clear and allow pack by pack sales instead.

15-16 Upper Deck Champs Hockey

2015-16-Upper-Deck-Champs-Hockey-Conn-Smythe-Trophies-Autographs-mem-Roy-215x300__1468346030_74.58.214.179Finally Wednesday is also release day for Champ’s Hockey which mixes hockey with oddball cards for product that will get collectors talking. As Subterfuge has already posted about this one (check it out), I’ll be brief. The product promises one on card auto and two mem cards per hobby box, as well as an eclectic mix of inserts featuring titles such as “fish” and “famous foods”. The base set provides some rare AP cards and a variety of NHL names, stretching from Connor McDavid to Patrick Roy. With a hobby box price hovering around $95usd the product is perfect for casual collectors and breakers alike.2015-16-Upper-Deck-Champs-Hockey-Canadiana-Oversized-Vintage-Fishing-mem-Redemptions__1468346071_74.58.214.179








For the Full Champs Hockey Checklist visit Breakninja:






Next Week

That’s it for this week’s products, check back next week for a preview of Donruss Optic Baseball, Panini Clear Vision Football, Panini Noir Basketball, Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball, and Leaf Genesis Hockey. Until then stay safe, have fun, and tear those packs!







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